Crispy Peanut Butter Fudge

You might have seen on Twitter, but I was demanding that people remove this fudge from me.   Demanding as in “Please take this fudge away from me!”.  I told Matthew “Get it out of here”, so he tried and I held the fudge pan so tight with tears in my eyes moaning “Don’t take the fudge from me”.  So he didn’t, and I ate more.  And then I said “Please take this fudge away from me!”.  This cycle happens every single night.

Last night after a yummy green pepper lasagna it was dessert time.  So we got out the fudge pan.  Matthew passed me a piece of fudge when innocent little me proclaimed “That’s way too big, please cut it in half”. Oh look at  me, I’m so dainty.   2 minutes later, I was exclaiming “Where’s that other half! Add the crumbs too! I see crumbs on the bottom of the pan! Put them on top! Shovel it in my mouth!”.  From proper to monstrous in 2 minutes, that’s what this fudge will do for you.

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4449

So now that I have told you that you will have a fudge addiction and turn into a after dinner monster, I ask that you please try this fuge, because I believe everyone in life deserves a piece of this fudge.  I am pretty sure after having one piece your life will be changed forever and all good things will happen to you, you will have perfect good luck.  Until the fudge runs out, then you have to make a new batch, then everything will be good again.   Until the fudge runs out, then you have to make a new batch, then everything will be good again.    Trust me though, it’s totally worth it.

I love fudge of all kinds, there’s really not a fudge I don’t like.  And I especially love grandmothers who make fudge.  When I was in Ohio at a flea market this little old lady was selling her fugde (a quarter a piece, of course) and I bought a few.  And then I asked her to adopt me.  So she did.  Now she’s my grandmother and we make fudge together every Sunday.  I’m lying.  I wish.    This fudge is creamy, it’s peanut buttery.. but I also wanted a little crunch, a little bite, a little crisp in this fudge, so I added some rice cereal.  I really love the texture it gives.  Oh my guys, this fudge, it’s unbelievable.     If the fudge had a theme song, this would be it.  

And also this song because I’m totally in love with the fudge. 

However far away
I will always love you
However long I stay
I will always love you
Whatever words I say
I will always love you

Ok enough, please make this fudge.

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4429

Crispy Peanut Butter Fudge
  1. 1/2 cup butter
  2. 2 cups brown sugar
  3. 1/2 cup milk
  4. 1 cup peanut butter
  5. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  6. 3 cups confectioners powdered sugar
  7. 1 cup crispy rice cereal
  1. Heat butter in a saucepan over medium heat until melted. Stir in brown sugar and milk. Bring to a boil and stir for 1 minute. Remove from heat.
  2. Stir in peanut butter and vanilla until smooth.
  3. Stir in confectioners powdered sugar and mix until smooth.
  4. Stir in all crispy rice cereal except 2 tablespoons. Stir so it's all mixed.
  5. Pour in a 8x8 nonstick sprayed pan.
  6. Take the 2 tablespoons of rice cereal you have left and sprinkle on top. Push down lightly with spatula so the cereal sets in the fudge.
  7. Cover and put in refrigerator to chill overnight.
  8. Cut into desired sized squares.
Brooklyn Farm Girl
 Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4333
Here’s your cast of characters, you probably have everything in your pantry already.  If you do, you are entering dangerous fudge territory!

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4339
This is your butter, brown sugar and milk. It smells like perfection.  Seriously.  Go wild if you want.

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4340
Then you add your peanut butter.  1 big cup, this is peanut butter fudge afterall. 

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4337
I used my favorite type of peanut butter for this fudge, Peanut Butter & Co. Smooth Operator.  YUM!

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4342
So add your peanut butter and vanilla.

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4343
Then mix it all together.  Can I use the word perfection again? Please.

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4345
Then add your powdered sugar and whisk it until as smooth as possible.

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4346
Finally add your rice crispy cereal but save 2 tablespoons!  Mix and pour in your 8×8 pan.

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4348
Then with the remaining 2 tablespoons sprinkle on top and press down so it sticks into the fudge.

Now chill…. overnight preferably.  

Here comes the crazy party.

Usually I take a picture as soon as something is done, but with this fudge I had to eat it before I could take a picture. I just couldn’t resist.  And it went an entire day like this.  And then the next day.  And then finally I was like “Pamela, stop the  madness! Take a picture of the final fudge, because if you don’t you will have to make it again”. Which is actually a great idea to be honest, but also kinda horrifying because this cycle would just come continue.  This is how much was left before I could get to final pictures.  Guys, it’s really good.  I can’t even tell you.   

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4383

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4398
Oh perfect fudge, I love you.  

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4408
The crispy cereal adds just a slight crunchy beautiful texture, it really pushes this into the fudge extreme category. 

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4438
It’s really up to you how big you want to cut the fudge.  Small, Big, Whatever.  If you cut it small you probably will go back for seconds, or thirds.  Or if you’re like me, 8ths.

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4410
I am pretty sure I will be making this fudge for every single person I know for the holidays…..

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4419
Including myself.

Crispy Peanut Butter FudgeIMG_4456
So grab a piece, and enjoy! You deserve it, you really do!


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