The ongoing adventure of 2 NYC artists buying land in Upstate NY to escape to.   Follow our journey of building a shipping container home, a large garden, a pond and whatever else we dream up along the way.  Posts will be updated as projects are worked on so keep checking back. 


Post 1: We bought land in Upstate NY! And this is how we closed on it.

Post 2: Removing Grass and Turning Soil for Future Garden

Post 3: Planting Our Christmas Tree!

Post 4:  Planning the 2016 Garden – Check out our layout!

Post 5: Delivery of the first shipping container!

Post 6:  First Vegetables on the Land Planted!

Post 7: All the Spring Vegetables Are Planted!

Post 8: How to Build a Rainwater Catchment On a Shed Roof

Post 9: Planting the Berries!

Post 10: Mid Summer Garden Update – Look at our vegetables!

Post 11:  Here it is: Garden Reveal!

Post 12: Video Tour of the Garden

Post 13: Painting the Interior of the Shipping Container

Post 14: First Garden Year Results – How many pounds of vegetables did we grow?

Post 15: Our New Shipping Container Flooring (DIY post!)

Post 16: Planting our 2016 Christmas Tree!

Post 17: Shipping Container Home Reveal Before and After!

Post 18: We had lots of fun but we sold our land Upstate.  Here’s why.


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