Greens and Radishes Salad with Lime Dressing

Do you know what I think we all need? Pizza Night!
How many times do you have pizza night? For how much we love pizza,  we don’t have it nearly enough.  Homemade pizza is the best, especially since Matthew is a pizza crust making master. 

But unfortunately homemade pizza takes time to make, and we don’t always have those extra minutes to let the dough rise and roll it out.  That’s how I fell in love with a new frozen pizza, made a salad straight from our garden and started to declare it pizza night in our house once a week!



Do you want to hear about the pizza or salad first? Hahahaha, the pizza, of course!
I am loving the pizza that is new to my frozen section called  Bon Appétit Pizza.  It comes in 5 delicious flavors including Mozzarella & Pesto, Roasted Vegetable and Pepperoni and Pesto, featuring 100 percent real cheese and sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes.    I find it hard to find a pizza that isn’t just cheese, but yet doesn’t have meat, so I love this pesto, mozzarella and tomato version they have.    The pizza is thin, has artisan crust and flavorful ingredients that pair perfectly with a glass of wine and a salad.  Better yet, the pizza takes 11-13 minutes in the oven, or you can throw on the grill for a fast meal, which is great especially on weeknights or lazy Summer evenings.

Because I always judge a frozen pizza before it’s cooked, I wanted to show you how great looking it before it goes into the oven.  Look at those chunks of mozzarella cheese!

And when it comes out of the oven.. again, look at those chunks of melted mozzarella cheese! Oh baby baby.


For the meat eaters, don’t worry, there’s plenty of pizza for you too.  Matthew loves the pepperoni kind and when we first tried it he kept complimenting on how good it was.  For some reason he really liked the pizza more than the salad… can you imagine?

What are the best things to serve with your pizza party? Wine and salad!


This salad is 100% picked from the garden which I always love. It’s a mixture of kale, lettuce and radishes with a simple lime dressing that has a bit of sugar added in.  It’s the perfect blend of sour and sweet.  I am a big fan of lime dressings and I wish they were more popular in restaurants, but for now I’ll just keep making my own!

Before the dressing, let’s admire these roof grown veggies… ooooh…ahhh!

Now here comes the lime dressing.  

Mix it up… shake it sister.

Now take a big spoonful and serve it up alongside some pizza!


Greens and Radishes Salad with Lime Dressing


  • 2 cups kale chopped
  • 2 cups lettuce chopped
  • 1 large radish sliced
  • 5 tablespoons lime juice
  • 6 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 garlic clove minced
  • salt + pepper to taste


  1. Pour greens and radishes into bowl.
  2. Mix lime juice, olive oil, sugar, garlic and salt + pepper together until sugar is dissolved.
  3. Pour over salad and mix so greens are covered in the dressing.
  4. Enjoy.
 How often do you have pizza nights in your home? Let me know in the comments!


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