How to Build Cat Shelves That Your Cat Will Love
Here comes the onions and kale… more Spring planting!
Is Your Laptop Your Best Friend? Meet My YOGA 3 Pro + I’m giving away one! (Worth $1499!)
Planting Sugar Snap Peas for Spring!
Chocolate Lovers Cocoa Banana Mug Cake
Spring Cleaning the Tea Cabinet, Tea Party With teapigs
First Planting In The Garden This Year….
Betty’s Swedish Meatballs Recipe – Mad Men Post!
Meet Me In the Kitchen For Creamy Ranch Potato Salad (With Video!) + $100 Visa giftcard giveaway!
SNICKERS Cracker Sandwiches – Great for snacking!
Vanilla PB Donuts with Matcha Green Tea Frosting
Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup
Staying Connected with Family and Clients When Traveling
PHIN & PHEBES Ice Cream Love (aka your new love affair)
Homemade Ginger Ale Soda with SodaStream (Made in 10 minutes)
Time to Get Your Pizza On With Newman’s Own! (Plus video!)
Get Ready for Goblin’s Furry Legs (VIDEO!) + Win a $100 Visa gift card!
Tour of Disney World’s Behind The Seeds Greenhouse!
Fruity Pebbles Chocolate Pudding Cookies
Moist Banana White Chocolate Chip Muffins, Perfect With a Citrus Kick!

How to Build Cat Shelves That Your Cat Will Love

If you have a cat your goal in life is to probably wow them.   If it isnt, then you should get on it right away.  There’s a cat waiting!

Ways to wow them? You can try:
Singing and dancing to them, or even better with them. Most likely they won’t be wow’d at all and will ask you to put them down.
Buying them a new toy.  They might get wow’d, but most likely they are going to like the box it came in better.
Buying them a new bowl.  They don’t care, it only matters what goes in it.
Dressing up like a cat. Ok, I did this over the weekend and the cats were just weirded out by it.

Mom and babies.


What I found is that the best way to wow them is to make them feel special.  Rub their bellies when they provide it, rub under their chin for a few seconds longer than expected, or next time you’re reading snuggle up with your cat and let them sprawl out as big as they want.

What else do they love? Entertainment that doesn’t involve a human.  Sure, they love when you play “chase the fly” with them but you aren’t always home.   They love to sleep while you’re going (so they can store up all their energy for when you’re trying to sleep)  but they also love to play by themselves.   Instead of a cat tree, we decided that we were going to build cat shelves on our wall.  This would be a spot for the cats to climb, sleep and let the cats show each other who’s boss (answer always: Xanadu).

The outcome is a series of brightly colored shelves for our kitties to climb up.  Goblin loves relaxing on the shelves.  He’s a little guy so he doesn’t go very high.
How to Build Cat Shelves_13


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Here comes the onions and kale… more Spring planting!

Every time it rains I remind myself I need to get a raincoat.  Then the raining stops and I forget.  Then it rains again and I remind myself I need to get a raincoat. Then the raining stops…  Does this happen to anyone else?   April showers bring May flowers they say and this week is a rainy one.   

On Saturday it was near 80 degrees (too soon!).  We no longer have to worry about frost during the night.  Now it’s the usual garden business to worry about.   One thing that is looking good is all the Spring seedlings.  Besides the carrots and radishes, the Spring garden is officially planted.  We were able to get the onions, kale and pak choi planted a day after we planted the broccoli and friends.  It feels nice to be back up on the roof everyday checking on the plants and watering the containers.  

So the Spring garden is: broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, onions, kale, pak choi, sugar snap peas, carrots and radishes.    Don’t forget you can follow along with planting dates in my seed calendar too.  

Now to the planting, first up, the onions.  Like the sugar snap peas, we went a bit crazy with onions this year.  We planted 68 onions this year, which is about 48 more than we were planning.  What happens is you plant what you were going to, and then you look at the sad leftover onion seedlings and know they will just go to waste if you don’t plant them.  So you save those onions and make room in other containers.  The funny part of all this is that onions are one thing in the garden I don’t eat. I’ve never been a onion fan so I’m going to leave it to Matthew to eat all those onions, good luck! 
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015

Onion seeds are itty bitty tiny little things, so when you see how big this little seeds roots are already before you plant, you need to smile.
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_5

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Is Your Laptop Your Best Friend? Meet My YOGA 3 Pro + I’m giving away one! (Worth $1499!)

First, I’m so happy to make this post because I’m giving away a Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro Laptop (worth 1,499.99) to one of my readers.   Please make sure to enter because I know you’ll love it as much as I do!  Now keep reading….

There’s a photo of me taken once.  I’m at a party, dressed like Hello Kitty sitting on a couch.  Sitting on my lap isn’t a drink, it’s a laptop.  I’m on a laptop at a party dressed like Hello Kitty.  If we had some cats sprawled out on my lap too it would be the perfect description of my life.

My laptop is one of my best friends, I can’t live without it.   It goes to work with me, it travels with me on flights, it goes to bed with me, it helps me in the kitchen, it inspires me, it lets me create films and animations and it lets me communicate with you guys on Brooklyn Farm Girl.  It’s the perfect fit for my artist + blogger + cat  mama lifestyle. 

If my laptop is reading this, because it totally is because I’m typing this on it, then this is for you.

 Are you guys ready to meet my BFF? Ok, here she is (yes, it’s a girl).  Her name is Computer!  She enjoys tea and cats too.  Of course my beloved Essy is on my desktop photo. :)
Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro _16


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Planting Sugar Snap Peas for Spring!

It’s that time of the year again… a sugar snap pea planting post!
Every year I post about them with pretty much the same pictures and details, and every single year I post about them with crazy enthusiasm.  I mean there’s no garden without sugar snap peas growing!  

Last year we grew a bunch of sugar snap pea plants but this year (as always) we kicked it up a bit.  There will be 93 sugar snap pea plants!  There’s 22 in one 4×4 box in the back, 22 in another 4×4 box in the back and then 49 plants that will take up a entire 4×4 box.   We’re one sugar snap pea loving family as you can tell. 

About a week ago we started pre-sprouting the peas inside.  Pre-sprouting will make sure your peas will grow once they’re in the soil as you’ll visually see they have already started.   This makes growing more stress free as if it’s already pre-sprouted you can be pretty sure it will pop through the soil in a few days and that it’s not rotting underneath.  Here’s a how to pre-sprout your peas tutorial I made a couple years ago.

After they sit in their plastic baggy for a few days, you’ll take them out and see they’ve all sprouted.  That means they’re ready for the ground!

Sugar Snap Pea Planting Spring 2015

Sugar Snap Pea Planting Spring 2015_1

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Chocolate Lovers Cocoa Banana Mug Cake

Do you ever have that moment where you make something but you aren’t sure if it’s going to turn out that amazing?  And then you take a bite and you’re like “hot diggity dog, this is incredible”. Yup, that’s what happened with this Cocoa Banana Mug Cake.

I’ve had some success with making cakes in mugs, but sometimes they turned out on the dry side which caused me to silently curse myself for wasting my chocolate chips on it.  So when I began making this mug cake I crossed my fingers and anxiously awaited for the microwave to beep.

Banana bread is the best way to use ripe bananas, but I like to push it even further and use ripe frozen bananas.  If bananas are ripe and I know there’s no bread making in my near future I will throw the bananas whole in my freezer. In fact if you open up my freezer now you’ll see a few frozen bananas hanging out with frozen herbs and a pint of ice cream. Bananas stay great frozen for a long time.  The banana I’m using in this recipe is months old.   So don’t waste bananas.  Freeze them and then make cake. Everyone wins.
Chocolate Lovers Cocoa Banana Mug Cake_1
(My frozen banana, to defrost I just let it sit out for a few minutes). 

Chocolate Lovers Cocoa Banana Mug Cake_5

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Spring Cleaning the Tea Cabinet, Tea Party With teapigs

With the garden ready for Spring, I set my sights on something that needed cleaning.  No, not the windows, or floors or closet, this was a big job…

THE TEA CABINET! (insert detective drama music here).

I have a tea cabinet.  Actually, I have 2.  Actually I have 2 tea cabinets and a place on top of the countertop that is visible that is storing my new tea treasures.  When I took over the bottom cabinet Matthew was ok with it, after all, I love tea. When I took over the 4 shelf cabinet next to the stove with tea, he gave me a side glance and a little mumble under his breath.  When he noticed the tea boxes sitting next to the cooking utensils on the counter a few days ago he said “Really?”.  Ok, Ok! I will clean it up.  But I have so much tea.  And it’s so pretty! And why are you making me do this! It’s so unfair.  Can’t I fill the kitchen with tea?  

Tea Party With teapigs_2

So muttering under my own breath, talking sweetly to my teas, I ventured into the kitchen yesterday to finally straighten out the tea area.  Boxes were recycled, teas were sorted by green and black, loose tea that is seasonal was moved to the back, teas that I will never learn to love were boxed up for tea loving friends and memories were had with each smell of the leaves.  

If you’re a tea lover, then you probably know the feeling, which is why it’s a great time of the year to clean out your teas!   By cleaning out your shelves you might find that special jasmine tea that you loved last Spring but totally forgot was there.  Also, the more you clean out the more room it leaves to try new brands and varieties. No, I’m not saying fill up those cabinets again with tea, but when you’re browsing the tea aisle maybe you won’t feel as bad buying that one new box.

Tea Party With teapigs_13

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First Planting In The Garden This Year….

With the weather slowly transitioning to Spring we decided to make use of the 55 degree temperatures (but windy!) this weekend and get the garden rolling out.  In January we planted our Spring seeds and they have anxiously been waiting to move outside.  The broccoli grew so tall inside that we couldn’t raise our grow lights anymore.  Besides the sugar snap peas, carrots and radishes that will be planted directly into the soil, here’s the lineup of the Spring garden.

This year we planted many more broccoli plants then cauliflower.   We use broccoli in so many more dishes and it freezes great so it seemed like the best choice to take advantage of the container space.  We also have a ton of onions for Matthew to enjoy.   We are going to be trying to grow collard greens for the first time this year and I’m hoping for success so I can make this recipe every single day.

The seedlings were moved outside a few days ago to slowly transition.  We do this so they can harden off and not get shocked by the new weather they’re experiencing.  For the first week we’ll throw fabric on top of the seedlings to protect then from the sun. Everyday they’ll be exposed to the sun a bit longer so by the time the week is over they will be able to hand it completely.
First Planting of the Year 2015 Broccoli

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Betty’s Swedish Meatballs Recipe – Mad Men Post!

“Hot or cold? Swedish meatballs or chicken salad” asks Betty Draper when Don comes home late from work one evening.  Don chooses the chicken salad, but in my opinion he misses out. Betty’s Swedish Meatballs are where the magic is at.

If you’re reading this and wondering who Betty Draper or Don it, let me grab you for a quick hug and tell you what you’re missing out on.   The Drapers (or previously were – no spoilers!) are 2 of the main characters on the hit show Mad Men which I’ve been obsessed with since the beginning.   On Sunday night they will air the first episode from the final season – weep weep.   If you’re a Mad Men fan, do you have predictions?  How’s it going to end?  How’s Don going to end up?  Are you rooting for him?  Do you think Don Draper is amazingly sexy no matter what horrible things he does?  Me too, I can’t help it.  Smoking, drinking, overtly sexual, heart breaker, etc. “Don Draper cheats on his wife, never does any housework, hardly spends time with his kids—he shouldn’t be sexy, but he is.”    All the things that your mother told you to stay way from.  Except with Don he chases you in and you’re like “Ok”. Why do you have to be so complicated Mr. Draper?


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Meet Me In the Kitchen For Creamy Ranch Potato Salad (With Video!) + $100 Visa giftcard giveaway!

I feel like I’ve been starting out every recipe lately by talking about the weather.  This winter has been very cold in NYC and we’re all looking forward to the spring.  When it comes summer, I will probably be complaining about how hot it is, but right now I could use some warmth and comfort. Creamy Ranch Potato Salad_3
Potato salad is a family staple at so many events, but especially at picnics.  Maybe it’s for a graduation, or a family get together, or a bbq; most likely there is a big bowl of potato salad there.  I love how versatile potato salad can be.  When chilled in the summer, it’s the perfect food to cool off with next to your hot dog.  In the winter time, you can serve it right off the stove to warm you up.
Creamy Ranch Potato Salad_2  

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SNICKERS Cracker Sandwiches – Great for snacking!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

Do you know who I am when I’m hungry?  I’m this person here who thinks a delicious SNICKERS® Almond (yum) bar should be plated and be called dinner.  Forget about a full meal.  I’m hungry and therefor cranky.   Have you ever tried to decide what to have for dinner while hungry?  Do you end up sitting on the kitchen floor banging your head against the cabinet because you just want food to magically appear?  Ok, me too.
Snickers Cracker Sandwiches

Because I don’t want you to turn all cranky on me,  I’m giving you a nice little snack.  This is perfect for a afternoon pick me up and super perfect for a fun party appetizer. Chocolate + Peanut Butter + Salt = Yes, please.  Hi Snickers Cracker Sandwiches, say hi to my friends.
Snickers Cracker Sandwiches_9

You only need 3 things to make these little irresistible sandwiches, SNICKERS Peanut Butter Squares, crackers and a little bit of salt.  

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Vanilla PB Donuts with Matcha Green Tea Frosting

Green tea is totally my favorite cup of the moment. I go in between green jasmine and jasmine pearl because it’s so hard to pick a favorite.  My tea preference changes on the weather, so with Spring visibly right around the corner (hopefully) my morning cup has changed from dark to a light green tea.  In the Spring I crave freshness, seeing the markets slowly have more fruits gets me excited.  I’ve been buying raspberries and watermelon to get ready for our own garden season (coming soon).  

When Peanut Butter & Co. asked me to be part of their #MYSTERYIngredient Challenge, I accepted right away. Bu when they sent me Matcha Green Tea Powder as my ingredient, I was a bit hestitate.  You see, I love green tea.  Love, Love, Love. But I’ve never done anything with green tea powder.  I know lots of smoothie recipes call for it, but I didn’t want to go that route. I wanted to make something that come be included in a Spring lunch, birthday party or a tea party.  

Vanilla PB Donuts with Matcha Green Tea Frosting

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Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup

I love tortilla soup – love, love love.  

I used to get tortilla soup all the time from a local Mexican restaurant but one day I got some near closing time and it was a big disappointment   It was like they gave me the entire bottom of the pot that was sitting all day long with every ingredient soggy.  I was very upset.  That night I told myself I would match their tortilla soup with my own.  I would set up a table outside their restaurant serving small cups of my own soup and compare it to theirs.  The neighborhood would love mine.  They would put me on their shoulders, parading me down the streets while chanting “tortilla soup, tortilla soup!”.  Well one of those things came true, I came up with a tortilla soup recipe that (dare I say) is better than theirs.  *High Fives*

Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup_7

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Staying Connected with Family and Clients When Traveling

The month of March is has been full of traveling. We started out in London, flew to NYC for a few days, and then flew to Doha, Qatar for 2 weeks.  Traveling is not always luxurious; I always prefer to work and shoot in NYC if at all possible.  One main reason is that I miss my family, friends and most importantly (sorry family) our cats.  We have a live webcam set up in our home that we can tune in and watch the cats throughout the day, but what I need is live interaction.

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PHIN & PHEBES Ice Cream Love (aka your new love affair)

Let me introduce you to PHIN & PHEBES Ice Cream,  better known as your future bff.

I first learned about this new ice cream at NYU’s Women’s Entrepreneur Festival.  We were ready to sit down to hear a investor panel talk and suddenly one of the girls at my table asked me if I tried the ice cream.  What, there’s ice cream?  Turns out I got in the line for “cookies only”, not “cookies and ice cream”.  So I jumped back up, ran to the ice cream line and got 2 nice scoops of creamy ice cream.  Then my ice cream loving heart was changed forever.

Phin and Phebes Ice Cream_19

The next day I contacted PHIN & PHEBES to tell them they were making the best ice cream I ever tasted in my life.    Sometimes people can exaggerate when they say “This is the best (insert food) I ever tasted!” but I’m being 100% honest here that this is “da bomb” (do they still say that?).   The ice cream comes in multiple flavors, all of which I’m reviewing below.    

But first, a little about these awesome ice cream making ladies.   Phin & Phebes (pronounced “Fin” and “Feebes”) make ice cream in Brooklyn, New York. They make unique and interesting flavors with a little something for everyone. All of their flavors start out in their home kitchen and then they produce them on a larger scale to share with you!  Their philosophy about ice cream is simple: it should be fun for adults and kids, unpretentious, delicious (of course) and surprising in the best way possible. 

They made their  first batch of ice cream in February of 2010 when looking for a yummy wintertime hobby. They brainstormed a flavor that was inspired by the Ritz cracker sandwiches filled with marshmallow and peanut butter that they loved as kids. They cranked it up a notch though and covered these in caramel and chocolate and broke them up into a sweet cream base. The results? “Fluffnut” ice cream, their first flavor and also now the name of their dog.

No more waiting, let’s get to the ice cream!

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Homemade Ginger Ale Soda with SodaStream (Made in 10 minutes)

Fizzy water – do you like it? We love it. 

As a kid I drank a ton of soda (too much).  As a adult in my early 20’s I continued on a Diet Coke, Cherry Cola path.  Then I took a shameful look in the mirror after finishing my 5th can of Diet Coke and realized it wasn’t the soda that I loved, it was the carbonated water.   It was that fizzy water burn that I craved.   So we changed to instead of buying 2 liters of soda we bought 2 liters of seltzer water.    Most times it was plain, sometimes it was flavored (I love cherry and  lemon/lime).  The great part was that suddenly I was drinking a ton of water.  I lost a few pounds, the water made me feel fresh and I didn’t even miss the soda at all.    Even to this day, I hardly ever crave soda.  Occasionally on a special date I might order a Diet Coke but even then I’m no longer blown away by the taste.

Homemade Sodastream Ginger Ale Soda_6

Buying 2 liters of seltzer water adds up, so we bought a SodaStream machine years ago (1st generation).  What a great investment it was and still is!    It’s 100% a must have in our kitchen.  A few months ago I noticed that KitchenAid was selling a Sparkling Beverage maker powered By SodaStream in colors aqua, black, cobalt, green, red, silver, orange and white.  What do I love more than great kitchen gadgets? Ones that are colorful and look pretty!  We got a aqua sky one, isn’t it a beauty?

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Time to Get Your Pizza On With Newman’s Own! (Plus video!)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Newman’s Own for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.



Do you love pizza too?  The answer is probably yes (I hope!).  If it’s no then I think we have to take a minute out and talk this through so I can persuade you how delicious pizza is.   Can you imagine my feelings and excitement when I was told I was going to make a fun video for Newman’s Own involving eating pizza?  Sitting on camera and eating pizza?  This is living the dream!  

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Get Ready for Goblin’s Furry Legs (VIDEO!) + Win a $100 Visa gift card!

In this post you’re going to see some furry legs.  I’m talking really furry. I’m talking Chewbacca style.  Whose legs? Goblin’s legs! If you can’t handle the cuteness overload, head to another post now (but I hope you don’t).  For everyone ready to gush, here it comes. Cats Pride_6
I hope this picture made your day because whenever I’m feeling down I look at this picture and laugh hysterically.  Look at his legs!  Look at how small his upper body is!  Look at his Cat’s Pride lab coat!  “Paging Doctor Goblin, please come here to your mama.” Doesn’t he look like he might be Chewbacca’s son?
Woah, breaking news!

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Tour of Disney World’s Behind The Seeds Greenhouse!

Do you remember when we went to Disney World for my birthday in October?  Yes, it was great!
Disney World October 2014_5

We went to Disney a few years ago and we did the automated tour through their greenhouse.  It was fun, but I wanted to get personal with the plants.  Not only did I want to see all the vegetables up close but I also wanted to  learn about their hydroponics system.    When I got home that year I found out they have a behind the scenes tour of their greenhouse so I was sure that on our next visit we scheduled this tour in.  

Was it amazing? Yes.
Should you check it out when you’re in Disney?  Yes!
If you love to garden or cook you will love Disney World’s Behind The Seeds Greenhouse tour.

The tour takes place at Epcot and runs pretty much once an hour from 10AM-5PM.  The price is $20 for adults.  You can make reservations ahead of time, but we just stopped by and signed in and then came back at our time.   Our group was only 8 people so although this tour is amazing it doesn’t seem to get that busy.  

You’ll meet your guide at the time you made your reservation for and will be whisked backstage from a back door. Then you’ll walk through a few more doors and end up directly in the greenhouse.  Your guide will be one of the employees  of the greenhouse who is knowledgeable about hydroponics and can ask answer (almost) all of your questions.   Our guide was Ashley who was great.  
Behind the Seeds Tour at Disney World_2

 And then you’re off on an amazing adventure through their hydroponic garden.  The entire greenhouse is inspiring and when you see how quickly the vegetables grow (and to what size) your jaw will be hanging on the floor. 

Behind the Seeds Tour at Disney World_41

Behind the Seeds Tour at Disney World_36

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Fruity Pebbles Chocolate Pudding Cookies

Is there food in the cats bowl?
Is the cats water fountain filled?
Are all the cats beds spread across the loft?
Did I give them each kisses 6x?
Did I tell the cat sitter that Bofinkles like her ears nibbled on?
Did I tell the cat sitter that if she tries to nibble Bofinkles ears, Bofinkles will bite her?
Is my pillow on our my bed sprawled out so a cat can sleep on it?
Did I give each cat another 6 kisses?

This is the checklist prior to traveling, except I go over this checklist about 8 times and run around with suitcase in hand just picking up the cats again and again saying “Oh baby, mama is going to miss you, kissy kissy kissy” while they grumble because I just woke them up from a nap (I know they love it though).

The next few weeks are busy with work and traveling and today we’ll be traveling to London.  If anyone is in London and can tell me the best donut, scone and afternoon tea spot – please email me or leave it in the comments.  I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have, but any recommendations you have please send my way!  Last time I was in London I didn’t have one donut, so I really need to change that.

If you’re like me then you might bake something to take with you on a trip.  I love making a batch of banana bread to eat for breakfast in the hotel, or sometimes it’s muffins.  This time though I decided to make Fruity Pebbles Chocolate Pudding Cookies! They are the perfect treat to reach for instead of grabbing a $5 chocolate in the mini bar (candy bar?).

Fruity Pebbles Chocolate Pudding Cookies_9

These cookies are awesome for many reasons:
Fruity Pebbles – who doesn’t love them?  They were a part of almost everyone’s childhood.  Plus they’re colorful and cute.
Pudding – again, who doesn’t love pudding?  This is going to make the cookies moist and creamy and oh so delicious!
Chocolate  – enough said.  When melted, even more creamy.
All formed into a gooey ooey cookie that you’ll fall in love with.

You’re going to need 1 cup Fruity Pebbles. This is added at the very end before you bake them.  Each bite of the cookie is going to have a little of Fruity Pebble.


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Moist Banana White Chocolate Chip Muffins, Perfect With a Citrus Kick!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jamba Juice for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Since the beginning of the year it’s been Go, Go, Go for work.  We’ve never been as busy as we are and the next month is going to kick our butts with traveling and jobs.  I tend to enjoy a sweet (or 4) and if you follow me social media you’ll probably see a donut, croissant, brownie or other baked good usually posted in the afternoon.  I have a sweet tooth and  I know what I’m trying to do is hide the stress with this comfort food.   Those matcha green tea donuts (which are delicious) can add up so I was looking for a juice that I could drink afternoon to crave my snack and give me a boost of energy.   Sometimes it’s apple juice, sometimes it’s pineapple juice (fresh!) but right now it’s the Citrus Kick drink at Jamba Juice.  The juice contains a blend of oranges, apples, pineapples, and ginger to turning any morning or afternoon brighter.  The taste of ginger is a nice kick towards the end of each taste.  

Jamba-Juice-Combo-1 - Copy

These drinks are convenient because they’re already made.  That means you can run into the store, grab a juice out of the fridge and go (after paying!).  Their other Cold Pressed Juices  are:
Orange Reviver: When your day feels like 5 days, revive with an Orange Reviver. They have  taken oranges, apples, bananas and beets and turned them into a spirit-lifting, taste bud-hugging masterpiece of mixology.
Citrus Kick: When you really want to bring up the brightness in your day, try this blend of oranges, apples, pineapples, and ginger. Just don’t forget your sunglasses. 
Tropical Greens:  For a truly tropical flavor, they’ve combined apples, pineapples and Supergreens. This is one island that will never be deserted.
Veggie Harvest:  Take some apples. Then take some carrots, and beets, and super greens and ginger. Then take a minute to drink it all down and wonder how you ever got through your day without it. 

Did I mention they’re Fresh Squeezed Juices, cold pressed, healthy, no preservatives, paleo and 100% juice?  All airports should have this juice because when you’re about to go on a 16 hour flight you need that push of energy!
 Jamba-Juice-Combo-2 - Copy

So along with eating my afternoon high calorie pastry, I’m always pretty bad at breakfast.  Somedays I don’t even eat breakfast which just makes it worse for me at lunch time.  I love muffins, especially because you can just grab one, wrap it up and head to work to eat it at your desk.  That means you don’t have to spend money and it’s always great knowing you breakfast was made by you and your kitchen.  Staying in the tropical citrus mood, I decided to make some banana muffins to go along with the juice.   A Moist Banana White Chocolate Chip Muffin is perfect to go along with a glass of Citrus kick juice. Moist Banana White Chocolate Muffins_3


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