Easy Leftover Turkey Dinner Ideas

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a great day full of plenty of stuffing and pies!  

We celebrated with a sea salt overnight brined turkey, stuffing, roasted carrots, creamy mashed potatoes, soft potato rolls and a oreo chocolate mousse pie (recipe coming soon!).     We had a nice dinner, lit a few candles, cats each had their own bowl and we got down to business.    Essy who has the best nose in the business, smelled the Butterball turkey as soon as it was unwrapped the night prior.  Essy would eat turkey every single day of her life if she could, it really is the greatest day for her.  She begins to pace the kitchen as soon as she gets the first whiff of the turkey (cooked or not), then she starts meowing (or howling in excitement), then she finally jumps up to our table and watches every single recipe step we do with her nose wiggling and tongue licking her lips.    Essy has been celebrating Thanksgiving since 1994 – she is the Turkey Queen.
Big Mom Is Ready To Rumble!

Because we will be having turkey in different forms for the next few days I wanted to share some of our favorite recipes to feature some yummy ways to use left-overs!  

Mexican Pumpkin Chili – a delicious chili with green chiles, salsa verde and corn.  Shred the turkey up, or throw in the food processor to make it ground turkey.

Turkey and Gravy Sandwich – it doesn’t get easier than this, doesn’t it look super delicious? I love this open faced sandwich.

Easy Turkey Tacos – throw in some  taco seasoning mix and you got a easy and delicious meal!

Creamy Corn & Turkey Soup – creamy soup and corn? Sounds like heaven to me.

White Bean and Turkey Chili – I love white beans so I’m all over this chili.  You could use canned beans, throw on a pot on the stove to make it super quick.

Healthy Baked Penne with Turkey, Tomatoes and Basil – I love a baked pasta dish!
turkey penne casserole 027 (2) (533x800)blog

Leftover Nachos – does this not look like the best meal right now?

Breakfast Sandwich – why not have breakfast for dinner?

Turkey Potpie – great for using leftover vegetables too.

Apple, Turkey Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Instead of using deli turkey, use up shredded turkey.  If  you have no apple butter, just go with the apples.  My mouth is watering just thinking about this combination.

Lemon Pesto Turkey Pasta Dish – I love a great smelling lemon pasta.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to leave in the comments!  Have a great weekend everyone!

 Easy Leftover Turkey Dinner Ideas


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