Here’s how much we grew in the garden last year!

Each year we track our garden yield by weighing the vegetable after we pick them.  Here’s 2014, 2015, 2016… and finally, 2017!

Let’s talk totals! In 2017 we grew a total of (drum roll please) 363 pounds and 6 ounces of vegetables!  It was quite a drop from our 1147 pound harvest in 2016, but here’s why:

-We didn’t grow any pumpkins. In 2016 we grew almost 400 pounds of pumpkins!
-We didn’t grow any watermelon.
-Oh yeah, we had a baby in July!  Talk about a change in the growing season!

Here’s a before and after…. from mid June to the end of July! 
8 Months Pregnant and Gardening

Now let’s talk about what worked and what didn’t work…


Garden Celery

We grew celery for the first time!  It will now be a staple in the garden!

Remember we were giving cauliflower one last chance this year? Well it must have heard us because we had our biggest cauliflower growing success!

The potatoes did well! We had them grow in half a bed, but next year we’re going to grow an entire bed.

Sugar snap peas produced nicely, giving us over 20 pounds.

Roma tomatoes were the biggest yield from our 3 types of tomatoes we grow.  I think next year we’re just going to grow 1 type of tomato as that’s what we love and can the most.

The tomatillo plants did too good! We got over 50 pounds, which even I admit is too many tomatillos!

The jalapeno plants did great!  But again, we had way too many jalapeno peppers!

Garden Grown Cauliflower



Remember I was so excited to grow peanuts to make my own peanut butter? Yeah, that was a complete bust.  One plant came up.  I need to investigate this more. I shake my fist at you peanuts, I will be back!

CORN! CORN! CORN!  Ok so corn is a success and failure.  Let me explain.  We grew a entire bed of corn this year, it was going amazing, the ears were farmer market size and hands down the best corn we ever grew.  We were feeling pretty excited!  We checked it out one weekend and decided it needed a few more days to sweeten up.  We could have picked it, but no, we had to wait a few more days.  Well in those short few days, animals hopped the fence of our garden and destroyed about 100 ears of corn.  It was a corn apocalypse.  Want to see your husband cry?  Watch him tell you his beloved corn got destroyed.  We think it was raccoons.  Our fence is pretty high, and nothing climbed under the fence.  We at first thought birds, but these critters had some power to knock down the stalks.  Anyways, it was a garden tragedy.  We need to figure out how to solve this next year.
Raccoons ate our corn.

The green peppers weren’t a complete failure. I mean, they did grow.  But we haven’t had a massive green pepper in a few seasons so maybe it’s time to look for a new variety.  When we grew them on the roof in buckets we had some big green peppers, but they haven’t been growing as successfully in the past few years. Does anyone grow in a similar climate and have pepper recommendation?

One of my garden favorites, Brussels Sprouts, just didn’t have enough time to grow this past year.  They did great in 2016 so I’m hoping they’ll be back this year!

Here’s the numbers and full info!

Bok Choy26
Collard Greens
Sugar Snap Peas235
Green Beans49
Yellow Wax Beans
Potatoes (White)2412
Tomatoes (Cherry)30 
Tomatoes (Beef)209
Tomatoes (Roma)1064
Green Peppers410
Brussels Sprouts
Pumpkins (Munchkin)
Pumpkins (Pie)615
Pumpkins (Big Moose)
Pumpkins (Giant/Surprise)
Soy beans 14
Dry beans215


That puts us at 363 pounds and 6 ounces of vegetables (and one 7 pound baby) grown in Summer 2017!

Vegetables in Wheelbarrow


Hope you all enjoyed viewing the numbers… here’s good luck cheers to everyone getting ready to start their 2018 garden season!


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  • Once those pesky raccoons find corn, they’ll be back. We grew corn out here in the country (PA) for years with no issues. Then a few years back the raccoons found our small prosperous garden (beside a huge 10 acre field of field corn–not ours) and nothing deterred them after that so we now get our corn from hubby’s baby brother who has the big farm they grew up on….much less headaches that way.

    Never tried celery. Might explore that one.

  • Hi Pam – it’s Cecile from ‘My Yellow Farmhouse’…. I haven’t been ‘in touch’ for so long that I didn’t even know you were pregnant!! Congratulations!! And, as I’ve said before, WHEN DO YOU SLEEP? You have always been amazing… and you’re even more amazing now my friend!!
    I’m in a condo here in St. Augustine and have been having so much trouble trying to grow anything due to the building’s ‘overhang’.
    Plus, I’ve rotted out a few plants just by watering… because there’s so much humidity here that the plants don’t dry out… or get enough sun.
    The pansies – which didn’t do great in the fall – are happy as hell now. So that makes my heart happy!! ; o )

  • I think raccoones got your corn. Your fence seemed high enough for deer not to get over it. My peppers only do so so each year in central NJ. Last year I used red plastic mulch to increase heat and also every two weeks doses of epsom salt and fish -sea weed emulsion for fertilizing. Just throw a couple of tablespoons of epsom salt into a watering can and poor over plants and buds. It will increase production of buds. I buy plain epsom salt in my local grocery. I also add it when planting and also pour it on tomatoe plants.

  • Hi! I get such a kick reading your blog and seeing how your baby is growing! But I’m going to have to stop reading it because I just can’t see it! I had lazer cataract surgery a couple of years and and in spite of several “tweaking” surgeries I still can’t see well enough to read the lighter type that is becoming so popular. It upsets me so much to open an email to read a new blog post and only be able to see the pics. I could see them fine before all this lighter type began to appear everywhere. Thanks for listening.

    • Hey Jan, do you mind sending me your browser and a screenshot to me via email? I’m not seeing the issue and I’d like to correct it for you! Thanks!

  • As Jan said in the last post can’t read the lighter type I thought it was just me. Glad to know it is not. So many of your I can’t read.

    • Hey Debora, do you mind sending me your browser and a screenshot to me via email? I’m not seeing the issue and I’d like to correct it for you! Thanks!

  • We have been growing peppers in my greenhouse in the summer. They love the 100 degree days in there. I also heard that they like to be crowded with other pepper plants. I think they liked the intenheat of your roof!

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