What’s Growing Now In Our Vegetable Garden

We’re in the middle of August – what are we growing and picking in the garden? Well I’m glad you asked! 

What we’re picking in the garden!

Here’s the main cast of characters in August – tomatoes, peppers, kale, beans and onions!

Full Guide on what vegetables you can pick and grow in your vegetable garden in August. This guide is for Northeast USA gardens.

Matthew decided it was time to pick all the onions from the garden so we could plant a 2nd crop of sugar snap peas in that space.  This weekend we made Slow Cooker Caramelized Onions which is one of his favorite recipes!  
Fresh Garden Onions

The kale we planted in the Spring is still in full harvesting period.  Our kale plants usually last us through Winter so fingers crossed we have a few more months left! I usually have kale (sauteed in olive oil) for lunch everyday, along with some potatoes or rice! Potatoes and kale is one of my favorite kale recipes!
Fresh Kale from the Garden

Do I need you to remind you again how CRAZY our Anaheim Pepper plants are?  They are out of control! If you want peppers, grow these plants!  I’ve been making batches of Diced Green Chiles with our peppers.
Anaheim Peppers from Johnny Seeds

A few days ago we were excited to see our first green beans appear crawling up our fence!
Green Bean on Fence
And then a few days later we had half a pound of beans ready to be picked!  Do you have any favorite green bean recipes? I’d love to hear!
Fresh Garden Green Beans

It’s hard to compete against the Anaheim Peppers, but our bell peppers have been doing ok this Summer.  Matthew has been worried that someone in the Community garden has been sneaking a few of our peppers because he say we’re missing some!

I haven’t been making anything new with the peppers, I make a few batches of Stuffed Pepper Casserole to freeze, and I call it a day.  Why mess with a great recipe?
Garden Green Bell Pepper

What’s Summer without tomatoes, right?  This year we’re only growing Roma tomatoes, most of which I’ve been making into a creamy Roma Tomato Sauce – I’m so happy you guys have been loving this recipe!
Fresh Roma Tomatoes

What’s Growing in the Garden?

Now a quick look around the garden…

First of all – look at this beautiful plant we’ve been growing for a year!  Her name is Enceladus and she’s growing so quickly!
I’m SO HAPPY to have her “help” me in the garden!
Enceladus in Garden, 1 Year Old in Vegetable Garden

Here’s our new batch of sugar snap peas.  This is where the onions used to be.  This year we’re hoping for 2 batches of sugar snap peas, so fingers crossed they grow quick this Fall!
Sugar Snap Peas Growing in 4x4 Box

A look at those Anaheim Pepper plants…!  
Anaheim Pepper Plant

I wanted to show you guys a surprise tomato plant.  Somehow this tomato plant started growing in our bed of kale, my guess is that some of our compost made it’s way over.  We could never kill a tomato plant, so we just let it grow… and now it’s taking over the kale and climbing up our beans fence!
Surprise Tomato Plant

It did start producing tomatoes, so I can’t be mad at it! What a happy surprise!
Green Cherry Tomatoes

I hope you enjoyed a look at what’s growing in our Brooklyn garden!

Make sure to tell me in the comments what you’re growing and picking right now! 

Full Guide on what vegetables you can pick and grow in your vegetable garden in August. This guide is for Northeast USA gardens.

Talk to you soon,

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