The Little Jalapeno Plant That Could… Grow All Winter Long!

The Spring garden season has begun already, can you believe that? Seeds have been planted inside that will be transplanted in March. There’s broccoli, cauliflower, kale, onions, bok choy and collard greens planted so far. I’ll be doing a full post on planning soon, so keep a eye out on it!

But for this post, I wanted to celebrate a jalapeno plant. This special jalapeno plant grew all Summer long and somehow as of January 22, in the middle of Winter, it’s still producing jalapeno peppers every single week. How did we do it? Well we didn’t, the plant did it. How did we help it? Well that I an discuss….

The Amazing Jalapeno Plant

First, a little list of dates as you know I love the facts.
Jalapeno seed planted: March 22
Transplanted seedling to the roof: May 1
Moved From Roof to Inside: November 10, 2014
January 21, 2015: Still producing peppers inside…

When cleaning up the garden for Winter in November, we noticed the jalapeno plants were still growing small peppers on them, including producing new flowers.   Knowing that the plant would never survive Winter outside we began thinking how we could save it. I mean wasn’t the plant trying to tell us something?
The Little Jalapeno Plant That Could_1

So we thought, couldn’t we try moving the plant indoors? Sure, there would be shock, but we’d put it near a window, but would there be enough light? Well there’s only one way to try I guess.  So we moved it from it’s 5 gallon bucket to a regular planter bucket.  We did this so bugs wouldn’t come into the house, and also because the 5 gallon bucket has a watering hole in it. 

The Little Jalapeno Plant That Could  

The Little Jalapeno Plant That Could_7

Can we first check out the amazing roots on this one jalapeno plant grown in a bucket?  Amazing!
The Little Jalapeno Plant That Could_2  

So after the meticulous effort of getting the plant from bucket to container without breaking the plant, we finally got it in.
The Little Jalapeno Plant That Could_3

The Little Jalapeno Plant That Could_4

The new planter needed some additional potting mix so we filled it up.
The Little Jalapeno Plant That Could_5 The Little Jalapeno Plant That Could_6  

So then we hulked up and carried this jalapeno plant down to our apartment.
The Little Jalapeno Plant That Could_10

We put him (its a boy, ok?) on our wire shelf at the very top next to the window.  At this time it was all a experiment, would this work at all or would the plant be dead within days?
The Little Jalapeno Plant That Could_9

And then within a few weeks, the plants baby jalapeno peppers started to grow into full size.  The plant itself also slowly starting to change from a yellow plant to a lush green plant. 
The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_12

The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_10

The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_9

And the plant kept growing… even when it was snowing out the window.
The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_8

The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_13

New flowers started to appear on the plant…
The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_3

And then a few days ago, we picked all the jalapeno peppers off.   There was a great mixture of green jalapenos and red jalapenos. 
The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_1

  The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_2  

And then we sat back and thought “Little jalapeno plant, you are the best!” while marveling at our fresh jalapeno peppers in the middle of January when it’s 20 degrees out.

The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_7

The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_4  

The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_6       

The Amazing Jalapeno Plant_5

Did I mention that as of today, there are new flowers growing on the plant? Again?  I don’t think anything can stop this jalapeno plant from growing!

This is something we’ll continue to do every year now, no jalapeno plant will be left behind, they’ll all move indoors with us!
I hope this caused some garden smiles and also will help you bring some of your Fall garden indoors with you!  Sometimes that little plant can just do magical things…



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