All the Spring Vegetables Are Planted!

Do you remember a few weeks ago we planted the first (ever!) plants on the land?  Well now all the Spring vegetables are planted!

A week after the first vegetables went into the ground, the broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy and potatoes were planted.  None of it went stress free through.  We are still getting used to our new Upstate growing calendar (much colder than NYC, especially at nights) and with that comes a little heart break.   The weather said we were in the clear at nights, but after everything was planted we had 2 sudden days below freezing which sadly killed a few of the plants.  Thankfully we covered the seedlings up with row cover fabric adding in a extra 4-8 degrees protecting most of them.  Although I don’t want to lose any plants, I’d rather lose 10 than lose 200, so I guess we lucked out as a few other people in town didn’t fair as well.

So now… let’s check out the rest of the plants that will complete the Spring season!

First up, the broccoli.  This year we have a lot of broccoli growing and we’ve grown some of our best looking seedlings ever.  Aren’t they handsome?

The broccoli takes up about 3/4 of a long bed.  Hopefully we’ll have broccoli to eat soon!

After it’s planted they get a little rain shower.  I bet it feels great in the sun.

And here’s the cauliflower.  We plant a little less cauliflower than broccoli.  We’re interested in seeing how it grows in the ground instead of the containers we’re used to.

And now the bok choy.  How many bok choy plants does one woman need? I’m glad you asked. 94 plants!  


How many bok choy plants does one woman need? I'm glad you asked. 94 plants! Living #yolo in the garden! #bokchoy #brooklynfarmgirl #pandmupstateadventure

 I admit we went a little crazy this year with the amount of bok choy plants but that’s what I get from telling Matthew I love it so much.


The bok choy is sharing a bed with the potatoes, which we’re experimenting with.

And some more pictures to share….

Here’s the broccoli and cauliflower bed.

Here’s a selfie with all the seedlings.

And then the fabric goes on, the plants go to sleep and we drive back to NYC!


We’ll be heading back to the land this weekend to get the rest of the beds prepared for the next batch of plants.  It won’t be long until the tomatoes and peppers are planted!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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