Strawberries Showing Signs of Spring

Although some people cover their strawberries up in the winter, we don’t.  We don’t feel like it affects the berries either way so we just let them be their natural selves and collect the snow on top of them.
Here’s all the strawberry buckets now with their crisp leaves.  Each bucket has 3-4 strawberry plants, aged from 1 year to 3 years.  There’s about 40 strawberry plants here total.

We started to see signs of green spring in the younger plants…
And then finally some green in the older plants this past week.
Hopefully I will have some plump berries in my hands in a few months.  They truly are the sweetest strawberries I have tasted!
If are you thinking about growing strawberries, I would definitely recommend trying the bucket method.  We’ve had great results.  I talk more about growing strawberries in this video (starts around 0:35).


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  • Aw yay! Planting posts make me so happy. It’s coming into winter here in Perth now… more oranges, apples and chestnuts than strawberries. We live in a tiny apartment with a 0.5×2 metre balcony so I can only have pots at present. I’m dreaming about the day when I can plant my own little self-sufficient, organic edible garden. Ah, I need to win the lottery! Thanks for this gorgeous post.

    • Thanks Laura, happy gardening! I’m a bit jealous as I don’t have oranges, apples and chestnuts here… maybe we can trade?

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