This Week’s Harvest – Bok Choy, Broccoli, Peas and More!

Hi guys!  Happy Wednesday! In today’s post I’m going to show you some of the yummy green harvest we’ve been picking!

The season usually starts with lots of green and then it’ll lead into more colors… the reds with tomatoes, the pinks with watermelon, the oranges with pumpkins… but first up the bushy green friends that make my heart pitter patter!  Right now it’s all about bok choy, broccoli, peas and cauliflower!  Because of these harvests we’ve been having some pretty delicious dinners… I just can’t say enough great things about a simple pasta dinner with fresh veggies! It’s always the best!   And if you want to take it to the next step, you can always make the dish creamier.  Who doesn’t love that? 

Last week we picked our first cauliflower.  Since then we picked a few more!  Cauliflower is one of those extra special plants that always gets you excited to see grow.  As soon as I see the small white head start to poke out I always let out a big sigh of happy relief.
Also, I’m totally living in black linen dresses this Summer!  
First big multi vegetable harvest of the year!  Sugar snap peas, broccoli, bok choy and the first cauliflower! HAPPINESS! #sugarsnap #sugarsnappeas #broccoli #cauliflower #bokchoy #basket #yum #green #freshfood #vegetablegarden #rooftop #NYC #Brooklyn #ve

Garden Harvest 6_5_14


Right next to the cauliflower is the broccoli, also a winner of hearts and sighs.   Right now our refrigerator is filled with broccoli, there’s no greater sight than that!  
Garden May 30_2

Garden May 30_3

I love a good basket full of broccoli!  I’ll soon have a whole post dedicated to broccoli.. just because I love it so much!

Garden Harvest 6_5_14_1

Garden Harvest 6_5_14_2

Want to see something silly and sweet? This broccoli here had a leaf guarding one side so it left him with a half tanned design!
Garden May 30_1

Next up is the Sugar Snap Peas!  We’re about to enter into a world full of Sugar Snap peas as the pounds we’re picking a day has quickly increased.  We tripled our sugar snap pea plants this year so it’s about to get intense!  One day it’s just plants… the next day it’s flowers.. then suddenly it’s peas everywhere!

Garden Harvest 6_5_14_3

Garden Harvest 6_5_14_7

Lastly we have the bok choy!  The bok choy plants grew amazing this year, pretty much we never expected them to grow this big or well.  What we’re left with is big bags full of bok choy!  Last night I made a delicious garlic bok choy noodle recipe that left me with ultimate harvest happiness!  I’ll be sharing the recipe on the blog next week!
Garden Harvest 6_5_14_8

Garden Harvest 6_5_14_10

Garden Harvest 6_5_14_6

Garden Harvest 6_5_14_5

Garden Harvest 6_5_14_4

I hope you guys enjoyed a look at this week’s harvest!  

I also want to thank this little bee who keeps stopping by the garden.  It always makes my day when a bee somehow finds it’s way up to the roof and lives in the garden.  The same goes for ladybugs.   You guys are always invited in the garden!
Pretty much makes my day when a bee finds its way up to the rooftop and hangs out in the garden.  This bee has been back for a few days now, I totally they want to be friends! #bee #pollen #flower  #rhododendron #friends #bff #vegetablegarden #garden #gar

Don’t forget to check out our Garden Yield Chart where we’ll be weighing all the vegetables we pick this year!


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