Our trip to Doha, Qatar Part 1 – Food and friends!

I have been waiting to make a trip post for weeks but I was unsure how to do it, so I’ve decided to break it up into sections.  The first part – food and animal friends!

In March, Matthew and I were traveled on a  journey across the world to Doha, Qatar.  While there we would be teaching a GIF, VIDEO, ANIMATION, EVERYTHING COOL workshop to students at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.  The trip was amazing and so much more. We were in Doha for almost 2 weeks so got to see alot which means I have a ton of pictures to share.  Instead of making one looooooong post, I’m going to break it up into sections which will be more concentrated.  

The flight to Doha was about 13 hours and thankfully nonstop.  We flew with Qatar Airways which had a night flight which worked nice to sleep on.  On the flight there and back our row of 3 only had 2 (us!) so I was able to take up to  2 seats, eat some decent airplane food and catch up on nearly the entire season of Downton Abbey.   

Almost there…

Our flight landed at around 7PM their time so we got to the hotel around 9PM.  I’ll share more about the hotel (Al Bidda in Souq Waqif) in another post, but it was just straight out pimp. On checking in they served us watermelon juice and had us sit down.   Already I was in love.

Because we were starving we headed to the hotel’s restaurant La Piazza which specialized in Italian cuisine and had for our first meal…. pizza.   I wasn’t expecting my first meal in the Middle East to be pizza but I can’t complain because it was good.  

What was amazingly good was this olive dip and variety of breads they served with it.  I could eat that dip with a spoon which I might have done.

Breakfast was served everyday at the hotel. It was just a circle arrangement of spices and happiness.IMG_20150307_082832619


Let’s zoom in so you can see the bowl of Nutella. 


Some of the lunches served at the event:
Chili out of tin cans!
Doha, Qatar March 2015

Shawarma is where the magic is at.  Just taking one of every kind…
Doha, Qatar March 2015_11

Sandwiches for lunch.
Doha, Qatar March 2015_9

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza..
Doha Qatar 2015_15

Qatar Airways arranged lunch one day to look like we were eating in airplanes, along with stewardesses serving.
Doha Qatar 2015_30

Pretty fancy airplane lunch.
Doha Qatar 2015_29

One morning we walked into the school and this is what I saw.  That’s right umbrellas full of donuts, with screens showing rain in the background.
Doha Qatar 2015_31

Doha Qatar 2015_32

Even though I already ate 3 croissants at the hotel for breakfast, what’s another chocolate donut before 9AM?
Doha Qatar 2015_33

Dinner served on the beach of the Persian Gulf one night.
Doha, Qatar March 2015_110

Dinner at some place I forget.
Doha Qatar 2015_20

A large tray of pieces of cake afterwards..
Doha Qatar 2015_21

We had to find a noodle shop.. can’t go 2 weeks without noodles!

Coke for breakfast? Why not.

I tried Ketchup Pringles.  They were pretty good.
Doha, Qatar March 2015_10

On our off day we ventured to one of the large malls (there’s a ice rink inside!) and found good ol fashioned food from home. Hello Arby’s, it tasted amazing, like always (don’t hate on Arby’s!).

Now friends…
There were tortoises walking around.
Doha Qatar 2015_22

And bunnies..
Doha Qatar 2015_23

And cats that I would just snuggle with.
Doha Qatar 2015_24

Here, kitty, kitty… let me love you. (Cat was totally not devoted to me as I was to it).
This cat came to me and was very unsure of me when I picked it up and gave it kisses. I will take any cat love I can get at this point. #cats #catsofinstagram #catlady #meow #doha #qatar #bluehair

But this snuggle bunny loved me.

Thankfully it lived across the street from our hotel so I could get my share of cat hugs in.


And parrots…

Oh yeah, I rode a camel y’all!
Doha, Qatar March 2015_94

Here’s some other camels I fell in love with and visited everyday.
Doha, Qatar March 2015_13


Hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our Qatar adventure!


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