What are we picking? It’s a green harvest!

Look at all the green vegetables we picked this week on our NYC rooftop garden!

We’re picking tomatoes like wild people but we’re also picking a ton of other vegetables.  Right now there’s tomatillos, peppers (jalapeno and bell), soy beans, green beans, yellow beans, watermelon, cantaloupes, cucumbers, radishes and carrots growing.  As soon as the soybeans are picked, broccoli will make it’s way to their bins.  Once the carrots and radishes are harvested, a quick seed refresh will be planted to hope we can get them regrown by first frost. In our previous onion 4×4 containers a new batch of sugar snap peas were just planted in hopes they will make it before frost as well, although every year they seem to miss it by a week or two.

What’s growing and what are we picking in the garden that’s green? Let’s dive in.

Beans! Yellow beans, green beans, they’re everywhere!  In the beginning years of the garden we didn’t have much luck with pole and bush beans but starting last year we tried it again and it worked. This year we decided to expand to pole beans and they are growing awesome.  We added new fresh compost fertilizer to the soil and these beans took off.  Matthew is 6 feet so check out how big they’ve gotten.  The right side won with getting to the top first. :D)

We have multiple gallon sized bags full of green beans in the fridge with us picking more every day.  We’ve been enjoying them for dinner sauteed and in vegetable soup (recipe coming soon) and I’ve been freezing a few bags to save until Winter.
Its a Green Harvest

Its a Green Harvest_2

 Its a Green Harvest_1  

Tomatillos! One of our favorite garden plants because we are salsa verde fanatics.  I’m not even going to admit with how much we smother our Mexican dishes in salsa verde.
Its a Green Harvest_4

If you’ve never seen a tomatillo, each one comes in it’s own husk which you peel apart.  Tomatillos are extremely sticky so after handling a big hand soap soak is needed!
Its a Green Harvest_5

There’s plenty of other greens to go along with the tomatillos.
Its a Green Harvest_3

Not only can my dad grow peppers, but we can too.  Stuffed pepper casserole is our favorite right now for dinner.
Its a Green Harvest_7

And because I can’t resist dressing peppers up.
Its a Green Harvest_9

We’re in our last few pickings of cucumbers so I’ve been making Half Sours, Dills and I’ve been freezing pickles.  If anyone wants to know more about freezing pickles let me know and I’ll do a recipe post.
Its a Green Harvest_6

This is the year of the jalapeno.  We have picked so many jalapenos that I see them in my dreams.  I’ve been relying on using these for candied jalapenos and throwing them in tomato sauces for some kick. 
Its a Green Harvest_10

For a size comparison… lots of peppers!
Its a Green Harvest_8

Its a Green Harvest_11

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our green veggies we’re picking!
Its a Green Harvest_12

And after I took these pictures I looked in the basket and spotted a few more jalapenos…. they keep appearing!
Its a Green Harvest_13



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