Here Comes the Plant Car…. Berries Being Planted!

Beep, Beep,  the plant car is here! Jump on it if you can find a spot.  And be careful for the rose bushes!


While the vegetables are growing in the garden, this past weekend we headed to Lowe’s to pretty much buy all their fruit bushes and Rhododendron plants that they had.   We had 5 big garden carts filled with berries, trees and flowers going down the checkout aisle, while people marveled on how we were going to fit it into our tiny little car.  Our small neon yellow Honda Fit has carried quite a lot since we got it in the Fall, people are always amazed by how much it can carry!    I’m not sure if we could have fit any more plants in it,  branches were literally reaching out and tickling our noses in the front seat.

Do you think we got enough plants?
I don't know, do you think we got enough plants? Even better we fit them all in to our tiny car. ???


Surprisingly none of the plants even broke a branch being tucked in to the car.  Gently I pulled them out of the car and wheeled them over to the area of grass that Matthew just mowed so we could begin plotting out our berry patch.

Here’s 12 raspberry plants.   Raspberries are my favorite berry so I got a bunch of them!

And one by one, Matthew dug up holes for the raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and grapes!  

The morning was full of pouring rain (we had to take cover once!) which made digging and planting not as enjoyable as it could have been, but free water is always welcomed on the land.

The berry patch is laid out that each berry has it’s own row, with raspberries to the right, strawberries to the left and other berries in between.  This picture doesn’t look like much but this is almost 50 berry plants!  Let’s see how it looks at the end of Summer.


The grapes (2 green, 2 purple) were planted outside the garden. We hope to have the grapes climb up the fence with time.

Besides that we also planted Rhododendrons (varieties: PJM, Anah Kruschke, Boursault, English Roseum) and Roses (Knock Out and Flamingo Kolorscape) all along the outside of the garden on 3 sides.   Can’t wait to see them bloom to add some color to the super green landscape.

Lastly, we added this beautiful Sky Trails Serbian Spruce to the land.  He’s shaggy and beautiful!



And speaking of trees… remember when we planted our Christmas tree?  We were worried it wasn’t going to survive but check out all the new growth we spotted on it! *Dances* I’m so happy!
Out Christmas tree we planted survived Winter. Look at the new growth! ??

Now comes the task of trying to keep the deer away from the berries!  

Wish us luck because there are LOTS of deer hanging out on land.   I’m trying to make some type of truce with them, but they always stick their tongue out at me when I talk to them.


What types of fruit are you growing this year? Let me know in the comments!


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