Tomato Season.. Picking By the Bucket!

You guys, it’s raining tomatoes on me!  Send help… bring canning jars and freezer bags, I’ve got tomato sauces lined up and ready for you!

This Summer we planted triple the amount of tomato plants which is resulting in a whole lot of tomatoes.  How many?  We bought a small freezer for our garden goodies that we freeze, mostly tomato sauce.  Already a few racks  in the freezer are full of sauce!  My goal is to go a entire year without having to buy any tomato sauce, so I’ve been stocking up!  Last year I lasted until April and then I had to cave and buy a jar in the store, but I’m hoping to last until next year’s tomato season.  

 We mainly grow 3 types of tomatoes, cherry, roma and beef.  Here’s my original post on when we planted the seeds and moved them outside.  Besides sauces, I’m slicing and dicing salsa like a crazy woman, throwing cherry tomatoes in my mouth and dabbing a touch of salt on a sliced beef tomato and eating it raw.     By the way, my favorite tomato sauce recipe is this one that I use almost every time.  You can substitute cherry tomatoes for your kind, I use it the same way for beef and roma tomatoes.

Here’s some of our plants, all in 27 or 5 gallon containers.  On a rooftop.  Gosh, I love saying that.  Tomato high 5.  Did I mention (I know I didn’t) that we already picked over 120 pounds of vegetables so far this year? On a rooftop.  Garden love high 5 and back flips (careful). 




And now let’s take a look at what’s growing on these plants.
Plenty of big beef tomatoes ready to turn red..

This mammoth of a tomato ready to be picked.

And when I say mammoth, I mean big.  How big? Ok, look at this guy.

Aren’t you in love with that big ol tomato?  So heavy I can finally build up my arm muscles that don’t exist.

Want to see some other big beef tomatoes? Sure you do.
Tomato Season_2

All colors of the rainbow..
Tomato Season_1

This guy has a interesting shape which makes him every interesting. I like to talk about my tomatoes like they are human.  I am not crazy. I am tomato lady.  

Bags and bags of roma tomatoes… who wants salsa?

And hey cherry tomatoes, you guys are crazy and just grow, grow, grow.  Lookie, I’m coming for you!

Gotcha.. hundreds of you guys.


Each one even prettier than the next, but don’t tell the one previously.
Tomato Season_3

So now I surround myself in the kitchen making sauces for hours.  The air conditioner is on full blast because the oven is on at 425 for hours.  But this is all for the love of tomatoes..
Tomato Season_7

Its that time of the year again, where fresh tomato sauce is made nightly.

And then after you make 40 pounds of tomatoes into sauce, you think you’re in the clear, then you go up into the garden the next day and start all over again.  Goodness, help me, I’m in tomato land.

Tomato Lady

How’s your garden going? How’s those tomatoes? Do you like to march tomatoes up your cat’s belly too? 




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  • Your tomatoes are thriving,..ooh yes! That is the way it should be! 🙂
    You are lucky to have a garden on a rooftop!
    We had our tomato plants in our plastic conservatory on our allotment & theory all got the potato disease! We had to throw them out! 🙁

    The rest of our allotment is gowing great! We have had many purple kohlrabi’s, many head of lettuces, many different sorts of beets, chioggia beets too!, many chervil, spring onions, leeks, many herbs, mint, broccolis, etc! 🙂 We also have had + 40 yellow & green zucchinis! 🙂

    • Hey Sophie, seems like your garden is thriving! Can’t wait for Fall to come so we can get more broccoli growing! I’m sorry about your tomato plants, hopefully you’ll have double the amount next year.

  • haha wow that is an awesome amount of tomatoes!! I am slightly jealous since I love them so much!! Although I could see how it could get overwhelming! In a good way! 🙂

  • Wow, wow, triple-wow!! What a bounty! I was just telling myself I haven’t had enough fresh seasonal tomatoes and now I see this. It looks fabulous.

  • What a great harvest, I’m still waiting for mine to ripen. Though the spinach and rainbow chard have been a huge success. I’m also waiting for my broccoli and pumpkins to come into their own. I love autumn veg so much 🙂

  • JEALOUSY! My tomato plants are not doing well this year! ugh.
    Also, I think you need to make some fried green tomatoes with those not-quite-ripe beauties!

  • I’ll be over soon, I freakin HEART the bajinkas out of tomatoes and cannot wait for it to be tomato season in Australia. Yarm! All the Yarm! Your garden is absolutely going off, so much bigger and better than last year. Love that I get to enjoy it too.

    Hope you are well lady! xo

  • Wow!! That’s quite the harvest you have going on there! We always can a lot of crushed tomatoes and also a savory tomato jam (that’s like a fancy ketchup – it’s super good). Both of those end up using up a lot of tomatoes.

  • Oh my! Look at all of those gorgeous tomatoes! Mine are getting there and I know they will all start to ripen at the same time and I’ll have to figure out something other than BLTs for dinner to use them all. It’s not a bad dilemma to have 😉

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