Breakfast Time With Goblin
A Purrfect Valentine For Your Cats
Serving Toes Breakfast (A Post For The Cat Moms)
I’m In Love With Brother Bear
A Day In the Life of Toes
Happy Birthday Xanadu!
Sunday Snuggles With My Crew
Interview with FiFi Bofinkles About Meow Mix®
How Can Cute Cats Be So Stinky Sometimes? Investigative Reporting!
The Best Cat Bed Ever (Seriously) – ComfyCat Cat Cave
Traveling with a Happy Toes.. and a Mad Xanadu
Our Holiday Cards, Cat Pillow, Snowman Shower Curtain and More.. How to Make Customize Gifts!
Meet Wobbert, My Cats New Best Friend – And I’m giving away 2 to your cats!
Bofinkles and Me Are In Love… Looking for your Pet Partner?
We Adopted Our Brother Bear, It’s Time For You To Get a Best Friend Too!
Meet Toes, She’s a Food Monster!
It’s a Furry World I Live In
Spoiling Kitties With KitNipBox
How to Build Cat Shelves That Your Cat Will Love
Get Ready for Goblin’s Furry Legs (VIDEO!)

Breakfast Time With Goblin

Tracking PixelIt’s breakfast time with Goblin! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CANIDAE® Under The Sun®.

Goblin had a fantastic Sunday morning.  It involved chin rubs, cheek kisses,  finally pinning his 12 pound Maine Coon sister (Toes), chasing some plastic and getting to see a bird land on the air conditioner outside the window.  The bird was pretty much the highlight of his year so far and he has been pacing by the windows ever since waiting for the next bird to arrive.   After all that fun, Goblin was hungry so it was definitely breakfast time. 

We have a pretty regular dining schedule with the cats that usually always starts with the cats buttering us up with a leg rub, kiss and plenty of hungry meows.  When putting their bowls down I have to walk slowly as my 5 hungry fur babies circle my feet.  

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A Purrfect Valentine For Your Cats

Show your cat you love them on Valentine’s Day with a tasty meal!

I love our cats so much that I like to make holidays extra special for them, especially Valentine’s  Day.   No, I won’t be sending them flowers or chocolate, but instead I’m going to give them what they really want – a tasty meal!   Toes loves food.  Her favorite hobby is licking gravy out of bowls, while batting her Maine Coon eyelashes at me. One loud purr (she’s really loud) from Toes on my lap, and it melts my heart and makes me spoil her with whatever she wants.  In the morning when my alarm clock goes off, she bursts through the bedroom door,  jumps onto the bed and hops on to my chest purring with morning excitement.  Is she excited to see her Mom? Or is she excited for breakfast?  Well, probably both, so I decided to combine them and give her a great Valentine’s Day breakfast made by her Mom this year.

Show your cat you love them on Valentine's Day with a tasty meal!

First, start out by giving your cat a Valentine.   Hand it to them and watch them either rub their cheeks on it or completely ignore it.  Toes ignored mine, no hard feelings taken.

Show your cat you love them on Valentine's Day with a tasty meal!

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Serving Toes Breakfast (A Post For The Cat Moms)

Do you love your cat? Do you want to be the best Cat Mom ever? Then serve them a tray of food and treats and wait for the kisses in return!

It’s not going to surprise you guys but I love our cats. I really really really love our cats. Xanadu Pluto, FiFi Bofinkles, Brother Bear, Goblin, Toes, Essy (RIP) – I love you guys!  I love you when you’re happy, I love you when you’re angry, I love you when you’re sick. I even love you after you throw up in my shoe (it’s especially funny when you do it in Dad’s shoe!). Because Toes is our baby (of the family – I know she doesn’t look like a baby, she’s a Maine Coon, she’s confident of her womanly body!) and I like to spoil her I decided I was going to surprise Toes with a breakfast fit for a Princess this week.    Toes is somewhat of a food Monster, she lives for eating, so I know she was going to be one happy girl.  Want to know the key to Toes heart? It’s soft food.  Do you love your cat? Do you want to be the best Cat Mom ever? Then serve them a tray of food and treats and wait for the kisses in return!

Do you love your cat? Do you want to be the best Cat Mom ever? Then serve them a tray of food and treats and wait for the kisses in return! Read More

I’m In Love With Brother Bear

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Muse Cat Food. All opinions are 100% mine.

The title is true.  I’m declaring my love for Brother Bear.  

In typical Maine Coon fashion he’s a gentle giant.   Because of his size if he looks at any of the other cats in the eyes, they will run away because they don’t want to wrestle with him (Brother always wins).  But don’t let that fool you.  Brother is a sweet heart, and loves to be cuddled and kissed by his Mom. He’s scared of the smallest of storms and demands to hide in my underwear drawer until the storm passes.  

Day In The Life of Brother Bear

He’s a quiet boy, doesn’t really like cat toys or treats, instead just likes to lay near you (never on you) to protect.   When I go to sleep, I stand with the bedroom door open, knowing that he will show up in a few seconds to go to sleep near me on the floor.  When I wake up in the morning, he will jump off the dresser and follow me out.
Day In The Life of Brother Bear_2

He’s a shy boy to strangers and likes to sleep in the bedroom if we have friends over.  As soon as he hears the front door close and knows his Mom and Dad are alone again, he’ll make his way out and rub his head all over us.  

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A Day In the Life of Toes

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Muse Cat Food. All opinions are 100% mine.

Toes,  she’s kind of the best.  In July we’ll be celebrating her 1 year Anniversary with us and I can’t really express in words how much we love her.   She’s brought energetic, loud purring, full of kisses, love into our house.    Since she’s youthful (vet think she’s around 2) she’s brought a playfulness that Goblin needed.   Goblin is a wild  man, so he needed a partner to be wild with (Xanadu is wild, but she will also judge you if she’s not in the mood).  Toes acts like Goblin’s Big Sister, cleaning his head and ears every single day, dragging him back to her if she’s not done.   You’d think Goblin would hate this, but he loves it.  If I could jump into Goblin’s brain when he’s being cleaned by Toes I imagine hearts bursting all over.   

Toes, she’s a good girl.


Toes is pretty shy around strangers (in typical Maine Coon fashion of being a gentle giant), so I thought I’d e-introduce you.  Here’s a look at a day in the life of Toes.

Good Morning Toes!

Toes knows how to party on a Friday night

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Happy Birthday Xanadu!

Today is Xanadu’s 10th Birthday!  
Happy 8th Birthday to Xanadu Pluto! 8 years ago she came into our lives and it's never been the same since! Love you Xany! #cat #cats #siamese #siamesecat #whitecat #xanadu #birthday #happybirthday #catsofinstagram #cake

Xanadu joined our family when she was 3 months old.  She was a handful from the start.  Everything you read about Siamese cats being cunning, intelligent and vocal are all absolutely true.  This was our first Siamese cat and I remember being shocked by how chatty she was, how her meows sounded like baby cries, and how good she was at problem solving (or starting problems).
Here she is minutes after joining our family.

Xanadu has seen us go through so much with work and life.  She took care of Essy in her last days and has welcomed 3 other cats into her home (clarification: she does not welcome FiFi Bofinkles into her home – they will never get along).
Xanadu and Goblin_1

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Sunday Snuggles With My Crew

It was a lazy Sunday and I was at home alone.  I had work to catch up, emails to write back, and a recipe to make but somehow I couldn’t stop watching Big Love on HBO Go.   Also I couldn’t psychically get up because I was surrounded by my crew, you know, the furry cuddly ones.

Yup, my best buddy cat crew: Brother Bear, Goblin, FiFi Bofinkles, Toes and Xanadu

Xanadu is the Queen of the house. She lets everyone know by crawling onto my lap, glaring at anyone who looks at her and swiping a paw at them if they try to take her place.

Queens deserve good chin rubs.

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Interview with FiFi Bofinkles About Meow Mix®

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Meow Mix®. All opinions are 100% mine./em>

*This interview is true. Nothing has been fabricated.  FiFi Bofinkles really told me these statements And yes, I use a kitchen tool as a microphone.  We are very professional here at BFG.*

Hey FiFi Bofinkles. You are looking good today.  Can I get your thoughts on some new food?
“Thanks Mom.  Did you mention food”?
FiFi Bofinkles and Meow Mix_4

Oh I did. I wanted to get FiFi Bofinkles opinion on Meow Mix® Heart Healthy + Oral Care food because she’s kind of a food expert.  She’s spent her last 15 years eating lots of food, and then asking for more food. She’s spent those years bullying cats to be the first one at the bowls (and the last).  There’s not a can of food or a treat that FiFi Bofinkles doesn’t like.  Ok, she doesn’t like lemons.  She wanted me to tell you that.

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How Can Cute Cats Be So Stinky Sometimes? Investigative Reporting!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step at Target for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I hope my cats don’t read this and think I’m disrespecting them. Cause I’m not. It’s just a question I often wonder…. How can my beautiful angelic little furry cats be so stinky sometimes?  Happy I'm home from work! #brother #mainecoon #blackcat #love #catlady

If you have cats you probably know the situation.   Everything will be perfect at home.   It’s a great day.   You’re on your computer winding down, a cup of tea in one hand, when suddenly the smell hits.  You glance around the room.  Then you hear it. Scratches in the little box.  Scuffle of paws on the ground.  Then you see a cat burst out of the litter box, throwing litter everywhere.  They run away, leaving you in the now stinky area of the house.    Suddenly all the cats are now teamed up, glancing at you, making it feel like you caused the smell.  

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The Best Cat Bed Ever (Seriously) – ComfyCat Cat Cave

Let’s just get to the point.  This is the best cat bed/cat cave ever. Seriously.  I don’t usually proclaim things “the best” but we’ve never had a cat bed that’s performed this well with all of our cats.  Every single one immediately went to sleep in this bed, as well as lounged and wrestled for it.  We only have one bed, and I think I need 3 now because there’s a waiting line outside of it.  I feel like one cat will stay in there for as long as they can until they either have to eat, or another cat tries to be brave and fight them for it.  

Cat Geeks Cat Cave_4

Cat Geeks Cat Cave_3

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Traveling with a Happy Toes.. and a Mad Xanadu

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Feliway® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last, last weekend we went back to Pennsylvania we went back to visit my family.  This is my annual pilgrimage to Pennsylvania where Dad feeds us calories to last us a month, while I poke around in picture books and share memories of where I grew up with Matthew.  Since my Dad hasn’t been up to NYC in a while that means he hasn’t seen his favorite Meowza girl, Xanadu.   My dad has a sweet relationship with Xanadu and Xanadu loves being spoiled by him.  Since he was missing her, we decided to take Xanadu back to Pennsylvania with us. She’s done this road trip before so we figured she’d be fine again.  We also took Toes because my Dad hasn’t met her yet and she’s a awesome girl.

Not to tell you the outcome of the story this quick but Xanadu didn’t like her road trip.  Actually she really hated it.  She didn’t like any part of it, except when we left my Dad’s a day early to come back to NYC because of how sad Xanadu was.   Something upset her during this road trip and she didn’t take well to the car ride there, or his house.  On the flip side, on the car ride back to NYC she was purring and kissing me like a baby, so maybe Xanadu just used her Siamese powers to get what she wanted and tricked us all.   This was on the trip to Pennsylvania….. and these were her subtle meows.


A video posted by Pamela Reed (@pamelaz) on

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Our Holiday Cards, Cat Pillow, Snowman Shower Curtain and More.. How to Make Customize Gifts!

We try to make as many things as we can.  Matthew is a handy man so that means our dinner table, bed, living room tables and more were all made by him.  On our walls are photos we’ve made or illustrations we’ve commissioned artists to do.   Even my favorite sweatshirt has sweet Goblin’s face on it.

Goblin Sweatshirt

When it comes to the holidays for gifts and decor I’m all about customizing as much as I can.  I hand stamp the wrapping paper.  I made the gift tags. For our greeting cards, we always like to personalize them as much as we can to make them stand out and cause the recipient a smile.

For this year’s cards I decided to try to dress Goblin and Xanadu up… and you can see it went great.  So instead of scrapping the idea, why not use the failed photos for a laugh?
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_1
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_4

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Meet Wobbert, My Cats New Best Friend – And I’m giving away 2 to your cats!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Friskies for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wobbert brings all the boys to the yard.. and the girls… and the yard is my house.. and Wobbert has treats in his belly.. and this isn’t exactly a Kelis song but the beginning of this post was too good for me to pass up. La la-la la la.

You guys, Wobbert.  Life is all about Wobbert right now.

Remember when Tickle Me Elmo was huge and your parents stood in line for 8 hours for you so you didn’t cry on Christmas morning? I feel like if your cats find out about Wobbert, it’s going to be like that. This is honestly one of our cats favorite toys ever. How much does Toes, FiFi Bofinkles, Goblin, Brother and Xanadu love him?  I made a video so you can see.

Here were the first impressions:
Toes – a master at food in general.  Took her only a few minutes and she was throwing it down and eating up those treats.
Bofinkles – thought she could headbutt Wobbert down but eventually she got it.  She really likes eating the ears.
Goblin – rather confused by this all, didn’t really like anyone watching him,  but gave it a try. Brother, Xanadu – they were sleepy, so they were upset that Mom was dragging them out of their bed to try Wobbert.

After first impressions though it was all love. 

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Bofinkles and Me Are In Love… Looking for your Pet Partner?

This post brought to you by PetSmart Charities. The content and opinions expressed below are that of http://brooklynfarmgirl.com/.

Did you read my post last week about Brother Bear? I hope so. I’m back with another adoption post… this one to get you to PetSmart for National Adoption Weekend.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that me and my FiFi Bofinkles have a special relationship, some even say romantic because we kiss so much. Yeah, we really love each other.  


A video posted by Pamela Reed (@pamelaz) on

Bofinkles is my babydoll and this month she will officially be with us for 6 years.  We adopted Bofinkles when she was already a senior cat at 9 years. Now she’ll be turning 15, some might call that a old lady, but Bofinkles would swat you if she ever heard you say that.  Bofinkles story is interesting. She was born in South Carolina, so she’s a Southern Belle with drama.  Ask Matthew, he can’t touch her without her biting me. But me? Oh no, I can do anything to her and she will drool happily.  We’re BFFs.

My baby Bofinkles. #iminlove

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We Adopted Our Brother Bear, It’s Time For You To Get a Best Friend Too!

Tracking Pixel
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step® litter.  All opinions are my own and my cat love is forever. 

Can I tell you guys about our loving boy, Brother Bear?  He’s the best.

Almost 6 years ago to the day Matthew rode the subway to the last step in the Bronx.   It’s a long ride there, but there was a treasure there waiting to be brought home.  We were about to adopt Brother and give him a forever home.    We first saw Brother online on a adoption site and fell in love with him.  It didn’t take much persuading to quickly make this a 3 cat home  (at that time it was only Essy and Xanadu).  With vet papers in hand, pink carrier in the other (sorry Brother!), Matthew took the subway back home to Brooklyn where I was waiting for him at the door like the super excited cat lady you all would imagine.  

Happy I'm home from work! #brother #mainecoon #blackcat #love #catlady

First funny story, the Vet papers called him MIKE.  Seriously, a cat named Mike.  That’s hilarious and horrifying at the same time.  Everytime I look at his papers I laugh.  Mike! Unbelievable.  Thankfully Brother agreed that his name was horrible so he happily approved of Brother (or Brother Bear for his Mom and Dad to call him).  

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Meet Toes, She’s a Food Monster!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MyCatMyMuse#CollectiveBias

Oh, Toes, our beautiful girl.  You’re such a food monster.  
Need evidence?  Enjoy a feeding session with Toes (and Bofinkles!).

Eating With Toes The Cat_3
(The girls love their Purina Muse® Natural Cat Food!)

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It’s a Furry World I Live In

I live in a furry home.  
This is the sign that you see when you walk into our house:
Cat Hair

And this is probably true, so deal with it. My kids have paws, fur, tiny little toes that pitter patter when they chase balls, and they cuddle with purrs.  My kids rule.  Most of you who read this blog or follow me on Instagram know I’m a #catlady.  I love cats, I love them all, the entire cat population is my best friend.  

Did you know we have 5 cats?  You might have thought we had 4, but in July we adopted a new girl who needed a immediate home.  I’ll do a entire post on her because she’s awesome. Her name is Toes and she’s a sweet heart x a million.
New Girl_6

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Spoiling Kitties With KitNipBox

I love our cats.  A whole lot. So it might not surprise you I like to spoil them.

The cats have a big container of toys, to the point of whenever we’re at a pet store and I see something new Matthew is like “They have so many toys!”.  Well, yes, they do.  But they don’t have THIS! And I know they’re going to love for this for a whole 8 minutes, so just let me get it.

With work busy, I wanted to spoil the cats with a new boxing ritual.  We would receive a box in the mail once a month full of new toys and treats, and then we would all sprawl out on the floor and play the heck out of those toys.  That’s what we did last week.     There’s subscription boxes for clothes, beauty products, books, food and dog toys.  But for some reason I have never heard of a cat box.   I found out about KitNipBox while searching for a monthly subscription service and immediately fell in love. 

For May’s box they teamed up with Noah’s Animal House of Las Vegas to bring love and cheer to kitties in need.   Noah’s Animal House is a veterinary and boarding sanctuary , providing shelter for pets of domestic abuse victims.   A portion of May proceeds with be donated to Noah’s Animal House to keep our fur families safe.  So this is great cause too. 


This month the box was full of toys and a bag of treats.  If you add up the prices of the toys then it was well worth the monthly subscription price.   Many of the toys were catnip scented which our critters love.   Two of them were “crinkle” toys which the cats love to drag around the loft to hear the sound.   


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How to Build Cat Shelves That Your Cat Will Love

If you have a cat your goal in life is to probably wow them.   If it isnt, then you should get on it right away.  There’s a cat waiting!

Ways to wow them? You can try:
Singing and dancing to them, or even better with them. Most likely they won’t be wow’d at all and will ask you to put them down.
Buying them a new toy.  They might get wow’d, but most likely they are going to like the box it came in better.
Buying them a new bowl.  They don’t care, it only matters what goes in it.
Dressing up like a cat. Ok, I did this over the weekend and the cats were just weirded out by it.

Mom and babies.

What I found is that the best way to wow them is to make them feel special.  Rub their bellies when they provide it, rub under their chin for a few seconds longer than expected, or next time you’re reading snuggle up with your cat and let them sprawl out as big as they want.

What else do they love? Entertainment that doesn’t involve a human.  Sure, they love when you play “chase the fly” with them but you aren’t always home.   They love to sleep while you’re going (so they can store up all their energy for when you’re trying to sleep)  but they also love to play by themselves.   Instead of a cat tree, we decided that we were going to build cat shelves on our wall.  This would be a spot for the cats to climb, sleep and let the cats show each other who’s boss (answer always: Xanadu).

The outcome is a series of brightly colored shelves for our kitties to climb up.  Goblin loves relaxing on the shelves.  He’s a little guy so he doesn’t go very high.
How to build cat shelves your cat will love! This is a easy DIY project that will be done in 30 minutes!


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Get Ready for Goblin’s Furry Legs (VIDEO!)

In this post you’re going to see some furry legs.  I’m talking really furry. I’m talking Chewbacca style.  Whose legs? Goblin’s legs! If you can’t handle the cuteness overload, head to another post now (but I hope you don’t).  For everyone ready to gush, here it comes. Cats Pride_6
I hope this picture made your day because whenever I’m feeling down I look at this picture and laugh hysterically.  Look at his legs!  Look at how small his upper body is!  Look at his Cat’s Pride lab coat!  “Paging Doctor Goblin, please come here to your mama.” Doesn’t he look like he might be Chewbacca’s son?
Woah, breaking news!
I can go on for days about Chewbacca’s and Goblin’s likenesses but I’ll stop (sorta). Why’s Goblin dressed up like a doctor?  Because he was in charge of testing out Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® Ultimate Care™.  And because Goblin is very professional, he wore this coat.  Want to learn more about Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care?  

  As you can see the litter was a hit in our home!  Here are some key facts about Ultimate Care I talked about in the video:  

  • Ultimate Care uses high absorbing clay (the same they use to filter impurities out of cooking oils and absorb moisture from major league baseball fields), not fillers like paper or wood chips that other brands use.


  • Fresh & Light Ultimate Care doesn’t use heavy perfumes to control odor which is great because cats are highly sensitive to scents!  Rather than mask odors with scent, Ultimate Care absorbs and eliminates odors.



  • Ultimate Care comes in Scented and Unscented Hypoallergenic, which is great for sensitive or allergic cats and family members. 



  • The litter forms super hard clumps that don’t fall apart – which means easy to clean and scoop! No litter falling on the floor!



  • Ultimate Care is 99.9% dust free which makes it easier to breathe for cats and owners.  Plus it means no dust storm when putting it into the litter box.



  • Cleaning a litter box is not a glamorous job (!) but Ultimate Care makes it easier, not to mention you’re buying only the best for your kitty patrol. 



Cats Pride

So head to the cat aisle of your local pet store and look for the magenta and teal labels for the Ultimate litter experience. Give it a try for 10 days! Now, let’s get back to looking at Goblin’s full body shots as a litter testing doctor. Goblin really liked the coat and just ended up laying down and enjoying head rubs with it on.
Cats Pride_2

Goblin sits like a human very often, it’s pretty comical.  I have  quite a number of lazy sitting pictures of Goblin.  Does it get any cuter? Cats Pride_5

Watch out, Monster Goblin is here!
Cats Pride_1  

Mama’s so proud of you!
Cats Pride_3

Now back to normally scheduled events… sleep time!
Cats Pride_9    

GIVEAWAY! What’s the most important quality for you and your cat when it comes to choosing a litter?  Leave your answer below in the comments and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!  Entry Instructions: No duplicate comments. You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods: 1. Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post 2. Tweet (public message) about this promotion; including exactly the following unique term in your tweet message: “#SweepstakesEntry”; and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post 3. Blog about this promotion, including a disclosure that you are receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post, and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post 4. For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry. This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older (or nineteen (19) years of age or older in Alabama and Nebraska). Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 2 business days to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected. The Official Rules are available here. This sweepstakes runs from 3/3/2015 – 4/12/2015 Be sure to visit Cat’s Pride brand page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

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