Chipotle Lentil Dip

Chipotle Lentil Dip

 Chipotle Lentil Dip recipe that’s smoky and full of flavor.    Use it to dip chips, crackers or vegetables in! Or use it as a spread on a sandwich!  Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Do you snack when you get home from work (or school)? Or do you have the willpower to wait until dinner?  I often get scolded because even if dinner is only 30 minutes away, I usually spoil my appetite just a touch with a snack.   Usually it’s a piece of string cheese, a big handful of almonds, a banana or crackers.  One of my favorite snacks is candied jalapenos on a small slice of cheddar on top of a cracker, but sadly I’m all out of candied jalapenos (weep, weep).   So while I was looking for something to become best friends with my beloved salted crackers I came up with this simple Chipotle Lentil Dip. 

This Chipotle Lentil Dip is smoky, flavorful, and brings a touch of heat. Use it to dip chips, crackers or vegetables in! Or use it as a spread on a sandwich! Either way, you can't go wrong!

This is a type of dip that keeps giving.  You get one taste in your first bite but then it develops into a new taste as you continue.  First you’ll taste the smokiness, then a slight sweetness and finally a hint of heat due to those chipotle peppers.   Some people fear spicy foods so this isn’t a heat overload.  It’s not going to burn your mouth, or even make you wince.  It’s a good middle in the road dip that spicy food lovers and haters can both enjoy.   But if you are a heat seeker, add in 2 chipotle peppers and you’ll get double the kick.    With some major football games coming up be sure you make enough if you have guests coming over or are going to a friends house.   This dip is completely veggie friendly and is a good alternative to snack on instead of those greasy finger goods we all eat while watching the big games.  

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