Quick Visit to the Land – Setting up Cameras, Getting Ready for the Fence!

Quick Visit to the Land – Setting up Cameras, Getting Ready for the Fence!

Hope you had a great weekend!  What did you do?
We spent Saturday in the studio working but on Sunday we decided to make a quick day trip to the land to check in on things as it’s been a month since our  last visit.     We wanted to drop some things off to get ready for building!

First, a quick update on Mister Christmas Tree!  We planted him a month ago and I’ve been worried sick about him.  So far he looks good! I don’t think we’ll know until Spring if he’s in the clear, but for now he looks great.  We gave him a great big hug.
On The Land Feb 7 2016_18

I got a bunch of cameras to set up on the land so I can check out the wildlife when I’m not there.   For some reason the deer and bunnies don’t stop and visit me when I’m there.  It really breaks my heart.   The cameras are Trace and Wingscapes  (which are built on Moultrie technology).   I have 2 cameras that are motion activated (wildlife and security) and one camera that will be doing a time lapse on the land.  I can’t wait to use the time lapse camera for the garden once it’s up and running.   I’ll be checking the cameras every time I visit so hope for some exciting animal photos!  Expect full posts on the cameras once I have some photos!
On The Land Feb 7 2016

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