Super cute monster lollipops made with red jolly ranchers for Valentine’s Day. From start to finish, the lollipops take about 30 minutes, without much cleanup, so I hope you try making them soon!

Banner With Dots


Banner With Dots

cook time

1. Red and Pink Jolly Rancher Candy (there is a pack called Awesome Reds that comes with just red and pink) 2. Lollipop Sticks 3. Eyeballs and Heart Sprinkles 4. Parchment Paper

4-6 minutes

Step 1.  Place 3 jolly ranchers together, making sure they are touching (so they melt together).

Step 2.  Bake in the oven until jolly ranchers are melted. (visit the blog link for temperature)

Step 3. Immediately add a lollipop stick into each lollipop.

Step 4. Use eyeball and face candies, along with sprinkles to transform the lollipops into monster faces

SO CUTE! Allow to cool for around 30 minutes, before eating or placing in bags to hand out. Visit the blog for more step by step photos.