Heart Toast For Valentine’s Day Breakfast

A heart is made with a cookie cutter on a slice of bread, and then toasted with jam.  The result is a cute piece of heart toast, perfect for a Valentine breakfast!

Banner With Dots


Banner With Dots

cook time

Bread Raspberry Jam Sprinkles (optional)

5 minutes

Step 1.  Gently press a heart cookie cutter down on the bread.

Step 2.  Brush your favorite jam into the heart.  Visit the blog for more tips on how to fill in the heart.

Step 3. Place the toast in the toaster oven and bake until toasted

Step 4. Remove and serve to your special valentine! For an extra treat, add heart sprinkles on top!

What kind of jam is best? Use any type of red jam that you like. Personally, we love raspberry preserves, but you can also use strawberry jam, strawberry peach, cherry preserves, watermelon jam, etc.