Crunchy corn nuts just like you buy at the grocery store, but now you can make them in your own kitchen! 

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cook time

White Corn coconut oil or vegetable oil sea salt sugar

40 minutes

Here’s why we love making homemade corn nuts.Easy. Besides soaking the corn overnight, these are quick and easy to make. – Cheap. A 16 oz bag of corn runs about $2.50 in the store, other ingredients like seasonings I always have on hand. – As healthy as possible. Instead of vegetable oil, I use coconut oil.

Step 1.  Soak the corn overnight, around 12 hours. Rinse and drain and you’re ready to go.

Place in a bowl and add salt and sugar.

Pour in coconut oil.  You can use vegetable oil or sunflower oil if you’d like here instead.

Place them on a baking sheet.

And bake until crispy.

Store in a mason jar or sealed bag. Enjoy!