Fudgy Confetti  Cake Batter Brownies

These funfetti brownies are moist, fudgy and so ooey gooey good! This recipe uses a box of confetti/funfetti cake mix, along with other simple ingredients to make the best fudgy brownies ever!

Let’s get started!

You want to use a boxed cake mix for these brownies, the Funfetti or Betty Crocker’s Confetti variety.  I used Confetti.

Mix cake mix, oil, egg and milk together in a bowl.

Add your white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles.  The white chocolate chips are what helps make them so moist and fudgy so don’t skip them!

Mix until sprinkles and chocolate chips are fully combined in the batter.

Pour into baking dish and bake. You want to keep them in the oven just until the edges are very slightly brown.

If you want ooey gooey Confetti Cake Batter Brownies, your baking dish size matters.   I used a 11×9 dish (you can also use 11×8) and I feel this made them just the right amount of soft and gooey that I wanted.

And soon these gorgeous cake batter brownies will appear! Let them sit for 15 minutes so they can set in the dish.

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