P.F. Chang’s General Chang’s Chicken


I love Chinese food.  I mean can you tell by my recipe category here?  For the past few weeks I was craving Chinese food so we finally stopped by one of my favorite restaurants and ordered the usual.  It was delicious, I was satisfied, but who wants to leave home when it’s cold out and who wants to pay $22 for take out?  Not me.

Matthew’s favorite Chinese item on the menu is always General’s Chicken.  Actually it’s what he ordered this weekend.  We have a couple busy weeks ahead of us with work that we’ll be staying at the studio until the later hours of the night so I need to come up some simple recipe solutions that will have us fed within 15 minutes of getting home (after we feed the cats of course, they always eat first, spoiled critters).

Let me introduce you to your new favorite weeknight dinner to save you the hassle of cooking from scratch, P.F. Chang’s Home Menu.  Their meal options include bold exciting flavors with quality cuts of beef, white meat chicken breast or succulent shrimp paired with crisp colorful vegetables, tender noodles, etc along with their  signature sauce.  Matthew’s able to get his chicken in while I can enjoy my vegetable mini egg rolls. It’s a win win situation!  Why don’t you shake things up a bit for Wok Wednesday?
PF Changs Chicken and Broccoli_3

I paired the P.F. Chang’s General Chang’s Chicken with some white sticky rice.  I like to add the chicken (and sauce, mmm) on top of the white rice and then give it a mix so the rice is covered and tasty.  Can I also suggest my Lettuce Loving Fried Rice?  Or my Spicy Bok Choy Noodles?  Both are favorite sides to quickly whip up.  P.F. Chang’s Home Menu is available in your grocer’s frozen aisle nationwide so go check out all the varieties and buy your favorite.


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