Winter Fashion 2015 – Staying Warm In The City!

It’s 2015 you guys and we’re ready to start the year, but we need to look fashionable while doing it, right?  Of course!
No matter if you’re running errands in the city, going on a date night or planting seeds in the garden, I always feel that fashion adds confidence, so I love playing around with it.  Below are some of my favorite Winter 2015 fashion pieces, perfect for staying warm!

Winter Coats
Probably the most important piece for your Winter closet is a good Winter Coat.   First, the coat needs to be warm and protect you from the elements.  Second, the coat needs to be warm… oh did I mention that already? It’s important for NYC Winters!  Third, it needs to look good! Coats come in all lengths, all materials and all colors so I wanted to give a good variety.

 The Sporty Everyday Look
The North Face perfects the combination of comfort, warmth and style.   I wear my North Face for everyday wear to work, to the grocery store, to the garden and almost everything in between.   I love my Thermoball Parka because it’s the perfect length. Short coats don’t keep me warm enough in the Winter, so the extra coverage is important.  Besides that, it has a hood (must have) and comes in my favorite Winter color – black.  Is it warm? You betcha! Thermoball synthetic insulation has the warmth equivalent of 600-fill down.  It’s incredibly lightweight but yet retains the heat, meaning it’s my favorite coat in the Winter! And for social media lovers, it has a internal media pocket, perfect for slipping your phone in.
Winter Fashion 2015_16


Matthew loves colors.  He’s all about brights for his coats and his shoes.  Want to talk about a warm coat?  Matthew wears his Thermoball Hoodie while biking to Manhattan in the Winter.  Can you believe this coat is only 13.23 ounces?  But yet it’s insulated and retains warmth (even in rain!).     He’s always raving about how warm this coat is!  It comes in many colors, but Matthew wears the Valencia Orange.


To keep my legs warm I love the Uniqlo Heattech Leggings.  I wear them under dresses or skirts, or for super cold days under pants.
Winter Fashion 2015_18

Showstopper Coat
I like to call this my showstopper coat because whenever I wear it someone tells me they love it. This Faux Fur “Shaggy Teddy” Coat in Ivory made by Kenneth Cole makes me want to take a nap in it, it’s that soft.    It’s button closure, lined in animal print and is pretty much perfect with anything.  Wear this with a long dress, or dress up some jeans.
Winter Fashion 2015_2

Winter Fashion 2015_5

Winter Fashion 2015_3

In this photo I was either calling for Goblin or singing…! I love this coat because it’s playful but still perfect for work or dinner.  
Winter Fashion 2015_1

To stay warm all day long, I pretty much live in my Uniqlo Heattech turtle neck t-shirts.  I wear them under dresses, blouses and sweatshirts.  Not only do they keep me warm when I’m outside but also keeps me cozy warm when I’m inside too.  These are so soft too!
Winter Fashion 2015_4

Perfect Winter Clothes

Did you wake up and it’s a Winter wonderland?  Remember as a kid you’d look on television for your school to be cancelled so you could spend the entire day outside sledding while wearing your pastel pink snowsuit?  Well who says you can’t be a adult and wear a snowsuit!  I love this Women’s Snow Bib because it just yells “Let’s make snow angels!”.  It’s perfect for playing with your kids (or without!), shoveling snow, or just playing dress up in the Winter.   On super cold days, wear this to work and then change into your clothes.
Winter Fashion 2015_8

If you can’t build snowmen, then you can wear it inside and pretend you did! 😉Winter Fashion 2015_7

Winter Fashion 2015_9

Isn’t Winter the best time for a cup of hot chocolate and cuddling with your cat?  Me and Xanadu think so.  Pair the snowsuit with a Uniqlo Heattech turtle neck and cat earmuffs.  It’s purrrrfect!
Winter Fashion 2015_10


I love this Y-3 Bowling Bag so much.  The faux fur is a vibrant purple color.  It has a big main compartment along with a outside pocket perfect for storing your Metrocard.  It’s also the perfect size for traveling with Goblin. :D)   

Seriously, I’m in love with this!
Winter Fashion 2015_19

These elbow length Y-3 Mohair Gloves are made with both leather and mohair.  You can roll them down to tuck in your thumb or wear them full length.  I love the different ways you can style them.
Winter Fashion 2015_13

If you need to stay warm, then you need to protect your head!  Did you know we lose 30 percent of our body heat through our heads?  So either with a hood, or a hat (or both!) keep that head warm.  Grab your Uniqlo Heattech knit hat, or your North Face Vagabond beanie or on more extreme occasion, like biking across the blistery bridge at night, wear your QuietWear Black Knit-and-Fleece Patented Mask.  

Gloves are a perfect way to add a pop of color in your wardrobe!  They come in every color possible, so pick something bright and fun!  The Uniqlo Heatttech Faux Leather Gloves in Purple are my favorite and what I wear!

No fashion post of mine would be complete without some pretty sweet kicks right?  These Y-3 ZX Zip sneakers have a neoprene tongue and faux fur near the heel.  They are bright in color and will stand out on a snowy day!
Winter Fashion 2015_11

Winter Fashion 2015_12


Hope you liked this Winter Fashion feature.  
Have a warm weekend everyone!


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