Who Else Needs Some Tea To Battle a Cold?


Sniffle Sniffle.  Sneeze.  Please don’t be alarmed, you can stay in this thread.  I won’t get you sick.  I promise.  Well I can’t promise, but I shouldn’t get you sick.  I mean there are screens between us, that will protect you, right?  You might have read in last week’s post I was feeling a cold coming on.   A few days later and I thought I was feeling better, I was able to eat a entire bowl of soup!  And then suddenly on Saturday I started to feel it again.  The sniffles were in high gear and both my ears started hurting. The one hurts so bad that it sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night.  It’s quite a bummer.    So want to have some tea with me to discuss how much you hate Fall time colds? There’s a few reasons why colds aren’t cool.  Exhibit A:  I look gross when I’m sick.  Have you ever saw someone and they’re like “Are you sick? You look sick?”.  Well thanks.  You might as well just say I look terrible. I guess wearing a cute skirt can’t combat the sickness.  Ignore me while I throw on 3 additional sweater layers and roll my socks up to stay warm.  Bigelow Tea _1

Exhibit 2:  You can’t eat.  Food disgusts you.  Just the smell of it and you have to leave the room.  Which means when I made these delicious tacos a few days ago to surprise Matthew with, I was able to eat 1/2 a taco before calling it quits.   1/2 a taco.  That’s very depressing.   I might as well go cry in a corner. With tissues. Slow Cooked Salsa Roja Tomatillo Chicken Tacos_9

Exhibit C: Have you tried working with a cold?  Multiple times this week I just stopped what I was doing, crawled to the couch and stayed there, mumbling for my cats to come here (this is weird because there are no cats at our work office space, I just always mumble for cats).  But seriously, I have no concentration when I’m sick.  I just want to close my eyes and the last thing I want to worry about  is.. well, anything.     If you’re able to, don’t work when you’re sick.  Stay in bed, roll around in blankets, mumble for cats, you deserve it.

Bigelow Tea _4

Which leaves me to my best friend when I’m sick, tea.  Tea is there for me in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.  It’s there when I have my socks on that have the big holes in the toes (I can’t get rid of them), it’s there for me when I wear those horrible flannel pajamas, and it’s there for me to see what I look like in the morning when you wake up with a cold (run!).   It soothes me.  It warms me up.  It makes my throat feel better.  It gives me some energy and then makes me want to take a nap because it’s just so comfortable.  This week I’ve been drinking multiple cups of Bigelow Green and Peppermint teas for my cold.   I’m a big green tea fan  so I love that Bigelow has a decaffeinated version because caffeine and me don’t do well together, especially when I’m feeling groggy.    Bigelow Tea _2   

So with a busy work schedule the beginning of October, I’ll continue to struggle with this cold, tissue box in one hand a hot cup of tea in the other.  If you see me though, don’t tell me I look sick.  Tell me I look fabulous.  We all need a little positivity when sick, you know? Bigelow Tea _5

Enjoy your tea and I hope you are feeling good.   If you’re coming down with a cold, here’s to hoping you get better quickly. In the mean time, thanks to my Goblin for trying to cheer me up.  Furry snuggles also always makes me feel better. :D) Bigelow Tea



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