What’s Your Wish? Here’s Mine! #WishesDelivered


I have lots of holiday wishes for my loved ones and ones I don’t even know. For Matthew, I want him to get a break.  Matthew works so hard with both our work with our work as well as teaching at 2 NYC Universities.  He’s such a hard worker and sometimes I know he just wants two hours to himself to paint some miniatures or play a game.   With the holiday season coming up, I’ll make sure he puts his feet up and relax!  For my Dad, I want good health.  He’s been sick a bit the last few years and I worry about him constantly. My dad is probably reading this right now and knows I nag him all the time about how he’s doing, but I just want to be sure he’s healthy because he means the wold to me.  And for every pet in the world?  I want to give it food, water and a comfortable home.  And plenty of kisses. Ok, lots of kisses. Especially those furry cats. Goodness gracious,  do I want to kiss those cats.  I think of how fortunate our cats are and then I see some kitties on the street and it breaks my heart.  I want to bring every single cat home with me but Matthew says I’m not allowed to.. can you imagine that?

Seriously how can’t you just take this baby doll home?
Met this little sweetie on the street who liked a good ol ear rubbing. #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #brooklyn #nyc #friend #sweetie #pratt #straycat

Do you have any Community wishes?  Are you going to volunteer at the animal shelter or soup kitchen this holiday season?  Or are you going to donate in a toy drive?  Does your family make it a activity to help during the holidays?  





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