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End of July update on what’s growing in our Brooklyn NYC garden! We finally got tomatoes!

Hey guys!

It’s the end of July, so I thought I’d check in and show you what’s growing in our Brooklyn garden!
Remember my goal of wanting to grow 100 pounds of vegetables this Summer?  Well we’re moving slow, but my fingers are still crossed!

Brooklyn New York Community Garden


This is the first year we’re growing Anaheim peppers and we’re blown away by how well they’re producing!   The peppers just keep coming!  Looks like I’ll have some pepper recipes coming for you very soon!  

Anaheim Peppers

And speaking of peppers, this week we’ll start picking our bell peppers too! There’s a lot waiting for us!

Bell Peppers


We have 2 boxes of carrots growing this Summer.  This week we’ll be picking all the carrots and then planting more seeds to try for a 2nd carrot season in the Fall!


Finally! It’s tomato season!  Our tomatoes just started turning red which has us so excited!  Last week I made a delicious tomato soup that my entire family loved – should I share the recipe on the blog?  

We are dealing with some blossom end rot on our tomatoes (grrr) due to the weather, but hoping this is going to clear up soon!  Our tomato plants are about 6 feet high right now!


Kale always grows great in our garden, no matter what season it is!  I continue to eat kale every day for lunch (this is my favorite kale recipe!).

The majority of all these vegetables are grown in sub irrigated planters.  If you missed the post on how to make your own, check it out here.

Well that’s it for now…. time to get in the kitchen and cook with some of these veggies!

Tell me what you’re picking (and eating!) in the comments!

Happy Gardening,

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  • Picking zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers. First cherry and dingos tomatoes coming in along with larger slicing and plum tomatoes. Also peppers, eggplant and pole beans. I processed twelve pints of bread & butter pickles and froze seven large and four mini loaves of Morning Hlory Zucchini bread. This week. Also, we are eating one and I gave two others to family and neighbors.

  • YES to your tomato soup recipe, please!
    Those peppers are amazing. You just do so well with your garden. I look forward to the time where I do not have to travel for work. It will be so nice to put some of your info to work for me, too.
    In the meantime I will be home next week, where we have some great vegetables, even if they have not been grown in my own garden. Where I am right now, in northern Canada the vegetables are few and far between, and they are mostly very poor quality.Really missing my quota of veggies.🤐😑😐

    • Hey Carol, I’ll definitely make a post for the tomato soup recipe! We were craving a tomato soup that didn’t need cups of cream and this one was delicious! The freshness of the tomatoes really stands out! Even the little one loved it! Hope you’ll get some fresh veggies next week – enjoy!

  • I have zero luck with peppers, which drives me nuts as I try every single year. This year I put them both in the veggie garden and also in the herb boxes up on the deck. I get flowers, and tiny peppers, but maybe our growing season is just too short here….or I need to start them earlier indoors. Grrrrr. Cherry tomatoes are still green here, beets are coming out of the ground and going in this evening’s salad. Lots of salad greens, the last of the peas, the start of the beans….and baby cukes and squash everywhere. The garlic has scapes (need to get out there and cut them off) and the basil keeps trying to bloom, but I pinch it back. I love summer!

    • Hey Debbie, what varieties of peppers have you tried? The Anaheims are growing great for us and I believe they could grow equally well in your growing season! Also this year we’re trying a different type of bell pepper so fingers crossed – maybe I can share those with you too? Jealous of your garlic.. wish I could trade some for peppers!

  • Picking tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, peaches, and the mulberries are just starting to get ripe. Making a lot of pickles, tomato sauce, cowboy candy, and jam. I slice and freeze the bell peppers so I have them all year long.
    I am so impressed with your garden-you must work very hard to keep it looking so good!

    • Peaches! That would be the ultimate treat Susan! This year we didn’t grow jalapenos so enjoy that cowboy candy! YUM!

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