What I LOVE: My Carhartt Full Swing , A Work Jacket Actually Made For Women!

Can I tell you how annoying it’s been trying to work find clothes for working on the land that actually fits me?  We went to a outfitter store a few weeks ago to buy work clothes and the store should have been called “Made for Men”  Matthew had no problem finding overalls, jacket, boots and everything else. Their women’s section had dresses, scarves, exercise pants and cashmere sweaters.  Ok, that’s real fair. 

They had no women’s overalls.
They had 2 jackets.
They had 3 pairs of women’s boots while Matthew had 2 walls filled.
I had to try on men’s jackets and overalls which weighed 10 pounds.  How was I going to swing my ax with this extra weight?  Ok maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.  Maybe there will be no ax swinging in the near future, but how was I suppose to move with this extra 20 pounds on me?  

So I became frustrated and didn’t buy anything.  

I threw Matthew’s overalls on at home, sauntering around like weighed down zombie, mumbling how nice he had it in life.     

I have no shame in saying this. Not only do I want work clothes that fit me, I want them to be pretty too. Yeah, take that.  Give me purple.  Give me blue. Give me pink.  Let me match my nails to my overalls.   It’s like they’re saying that if you want to work hard then you need to dress like a man.  Whatever.  I have an ax.  

When I was seeing darkness finally there was light! There she was, my Carhartt Full Swing Sandstone Winn Jacket! It was nice looking.  It was light.  It actually fit my body correctly.  It wasn’t going to make me sink to the bottom if I fell into a pond.  I was in love.

carhartt coat review

First of all, the arms on this jacket are amazing as they have freedom flaps under the arms as well is made from flex stretch material to let you move.
You can see the flap by the arm in this picture. That puts the “Full Swing” into the title of this jacket.
carhartt coat review_2

carhartt coat review_8

This lets you grab, bend and get down and dirty without any restrictions.
By the way, this looks like I’m in a horror movie.  A very muddy one.
carhartt coat review_11

carhartt coat review_1  

And because it was freezing Upstate I’m happy to tell you this is warm! It’s sherpa/fleece lined.
carhartt coat review_6

But if it gets a little hot out or you don’t want the hood on, all you have to do is unbutton it off.  Also bonus points on this being a deep hood so it protects the front of your face.

carhartt coat review_7

On the otuside and inside it’s filled with pockets to keep your tools… and your phone!
carhartt coat review_5

So for all my working ladies out there that need flexibility and style in a jacket, look no further! 
carhartt coat review_4      

carhartt coat review_9

Hope you enjoyed reading about my new obsession. 🙂



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