Weekly Round Up

Another week has ended and now it’s May!  Today I was outside with a short sleeve shirt on, it always makes me feel slightly uncomfortable going from winter to  short sleeves. I feel so…unprotected, short sleeve insecurities is what I call it.

This week I’ve had a flux of feelings dealing with life, work, future.  These are some words I tell myself, sometimes they help.
-Everything is going to be ok. Breathe.
-Remember as a kid you thought adults had it all figured out? Turns out adults don’t have it figured out.
-Keep doing what you love. It will pay off.
-Save = Security.
-Hugs can quickly turn a bad day around.  
-Take some time for yourself.  If that means sitting down with a cup of tea and reading a magazine for 20 minutes, then do it.  Everyone needs this time.
-Sleep more.  

In recipes this week I got you covered for Cinco De Mayo. I made:
Cilantro + Lime Basmati Rice
Fried Ice Cream
Tortilla Soup
Crockpot Chipotle Chicken Tacos

In recipes that I saved to hopefully make soon: 
Creamy Shrimp and Rigatoni with Sweet Peas and Peppers
Avocado, Mozzarella, and Jalapeño Chimichurri Grilled Cheese
Sweet Coconut Popcorn
Spaghetti with Pesto Trapanese
Stir Fried Shangai Noodles with Ground Pork and Cabbage
Chili Cheese Dip (plan on making this for Sunday afternoon of watching basketball playoffs)

Garden Update:
This week has  been about general upkeep and starting a regular watering schedule.  The broccoli and cauliflower are finally able to handle a full afternoon of sun as we have been protecting them with fabric.   All the hearty greens such as the kale, sprouts, cabbage, lettuce and spinach have showed large signs of growth!    The radishes I planted a week ago have all started to appear above the soil.  We also planted some herb seeds both in pots on the roof as well as in our loft in a hydroponic system we have.    I will have a few more indepth garden posts next week.. including.. TOMATO PLANTING!

Things I ask you:
What are some things I can make with 2 apples ready to go bad?  It needs to be delicious and easy.
What are your plans for the weekend?

And now I share you with snapshots from the past week:

A friend is thinking about starting a garden so he invited us over to get some vegetable advise.  I spotted a few garden flamingos which made my day.  Who doesn’t love garden flamingos?

Here’s some eye candy I spotted around my neighborhood that are true signs that it’s May.


One of our Rhododendron plants bloomed. I’m in love.  Every single day we go up to the roof I shout out “Look at it!”.

Weekly cat round up:
Essy has been rowdy this week.  Essy is our 19 year old queen of the household.  

Xanadu continues to fight NBA players for the basketball.

Brother Bear continues to just look at me and I melt right away.

Speaking of Brother.. a few days ago I was sitting at  my computer while Brother and FiFi Bofinkles were sleeping nearby.  Suddenly 2 pigeons landed on our air conditioner in the window and started to flap their wings.  Brother and Bofinkles woke up and immediately formed a Private Investigations team where they vowed they would get those pigeons.
“Brother, did you get them yet?”

“Bofinkles, did you get them yet?”

And then both just sat staring out the window, waiting.  The pigeons never came back.

We shook out our comforter cover that had a comforter inside that somehow got a hole in it.  Let’s just say we weren’t expecting a feather apocalypse.

This is a new magazine that I have been following online.  Matthew surprised me by getting me the first issue.    I love it!

Matthew turned 30! 

Is there anything more exciting than watching someone open up presents you got for them?

I commissioned an artist on Etsy to make Matthew these ceramic plates for his birthday.  Jolly and Jolly’s Brother are stuffed snowmen we have that love pizza.   I think I made him cry a little when he opened up this gift…



I made a few little snack gift bags for a friend who deserved it.

I started Book 3 of Game of Thrones.  Anyone else crazily obsessed? When Sunday night is over I cry inside because I have to wait an entire week for the next episode.  

My one doctor I go to has a waiting time of about 2 hours after your scheduled appointment time.  It’s brutal waiting, but he’s a great doctor.  Thankfully he has a aquarium full of fish so I just watch them and smile as everyone is creeped out by me in the waiting room.

In food time this week..
I made homemade pumpkin pancakes for breakfast over the weekend.  You can find the ultra delicious recipe here.

Powdered sugar, always a must!

For Matthew’s birthday, I made a slow cooked pot roast, creamy mashed potatoes and biscuits.  I will be posting the recipe for the pot roast and potatoes soon.  This dinner was thoroughly enjoyed!

Do you know about Momofuku Milk Bar? There’s a few locations but there’s one close to me in Brooklyn.  To put it into a few words, it might be the best place in the world.   They are famous for their cereal milk specialties which is exactly what it sounds like.  Ever have a bowl of cereal, finish the cereal but then you have that sweet milk left over that you sip?  Well they sell that in jars! And in soft serve ice cream! And in shake! OMG THE SHAKES.  They have a pretzel cake shake which has pretzels completely ground up so the shake is salty delicious.  It will change your life, I’m not kidding.  I got one. I swooned.  I do it all the time.

One of their other specialties are birthday cake truffle balls which causes me to go weak in the knees.   They are balls of sugary cake. They are the joy of my life.   If you ever visit, get the cake truffles and a pretzel shake,  please please please.  

Have a good weekend!


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  • 1) I am a special friend because i got guava candy
    2) It should be illegal for you to have pretzel shakes and cake balls without me
    3) I will take all of the food, all of the kitties and all of the flowers.

    • Your name got me so excited when I saw it in my comments.

      Pretzel shake next time you visit, it will be magical! With unicorns!

    • MMM cinnamon apple crumb cake sounds delightful, definitely going to be trying this soon! SWOONS! Thanks for sharing!

  • I live pretty near Momofuku in Brooklyn and I am ashamed to say I have never been there, my bad. That pretzel milkshake sounds so good. How can I follow your blog, I couldn’t find how to do it? Would love to get your posts.

    • Hey Suzanne! You have to try Momofuku, I can almost guarantee that you will fall in love! Tell me if you go, I want to hear about the magic…

      You can follow by clicking the “Subscribe” button up top where you can enter your email address for daily posts. It also lists the RSS feed, twitter and facebook links.

  • Your kitties are so cute!!!
    I always like to bake with the fruits that are about to go bad. I have a Apple Cinnamon Streusel Muffins recipe on my blog if dig muffins.
    My husband is taking me to the wine country this weekend to celebrate my birthday so it should be really fun. 😀
    If you do make the Chili Cheese Dip, I hope you’ll enjoy it.
    Enjoy your weekend Pamela!

    • Happy Weekend! Have a great time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE!!

      Going to check out your muffins recipe now.. I definitely dig muffins! 🙂

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