Weekly Round Up

Happy Friday Friends!

This post should really be called the last few weeks round up because I have been slacking, sorry!   Some of my favorite posts on blogs are the more personal ones where we can see inside their days and lives besides the yummy recipes and gardening tips they create, so I’m going to try to do this more often.  They really are some of the funnest posts to make, not to  mention I take so many pictures every single day!

Can you believe it’s August already?  I really can’t.  It seemed like we were just planting broccoli seedlings in March and now suddenly it’s time to do it again.   In the world we work in, August is pretty  much vacation time for many, but unfortunately not us as we’re in high editing mode for a film we’re making with a soon to be due deadline.  Then there’s a few more projects in the works so we’ll have to begin pre production on them.  Then September hits and we teach a few digital photography, gif animation classes at The School of Visual Arts.  Then our work work goes into high gear until the end of the year.  Go, Go, Go. 

Here are some of my goals I hope to get in before the end of the summer:
Picnic in the park.  Do nothing but eat fancy cheese and bread while laying on a blanket, reading, and occasionally snuggling noses with Matthew.
Grill something.  Anything.  Please.
Go to the beach in complete 100SPF, hide under a umbrella, eat sandwiches, occasionally run into the ocean, eat a funnel cake, read, do nothing. 
Go to a baseball game, Mets or Brooklyn Cyclones

I’m not sure if all those are going to be possible because empty days are hard to spare, but I’m going to try!
Do you have anything left on your summer wish list?

Now some pictures..

We were lucky enough to see 2 amazing films in the past month, 2 favorites.  We’re lucky enough to live near BAM Theater which is usually showing amazing films and has delicious popcorn.

 About to go on a Kubrick adventure.
First up, 2001: A Space Odyssey.  An amazing film that always makes me question the plot and then makes me feel insignificant with my own work.  Thank you Mr. Kubrick. 

And then we had a Friday night date for The Land Before Time where there was a entire audience of adults all crying and cheering at the same time.   Speaking of crying, I cried about 14 times during this.

New York beautiful sunsets.

New York beautiful sunsets with a basket of garden goods. 

And then sometimes you will be out talking a walk, round the corner and see this.  Then just have to sit down and stare.  Oh New York, you beautiful place.

Some Brooklyn greenery while walking around my neighborhood.

Hi Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.  HELLO BROOKLYN.
Speaking of Brooklyn, any basketball fans in the house?  We renewed our Nets season tickets so we’re excited for the next NBA season, especially with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett now on the team.  The games are so much fun, and it still blows my mind we can walk to a NBA basketball game in 15 minutes.    As a kid these were all day events to travel to get to one, and now it’s like I’m baking some brownies, let them cool, go to a basketball game, come home and eat them.  It’s wonderful.  Go Nets.  

On to food, I took Matthew to his first fine dining experience at Ikea.   The funniest part, Matthew hates seafood, talks so bad about how gross it is.  Then there was this soup and he was like “What is it?” and I was just like *shrug* even though the seafood smell was so great.  He took a bite and his eyes lit up, “potatoes, this is really good”. I chuckled inside knowing that the sign up above the soup said “Seafood Chowder with Clams and Salmon”.   And then he continued to eat the entire soup, dipping his meatballs in it, and eating every single bite.  After he was finished I was like “I have to tell you something…” Busted.  I love moments like that.

We went to Ikea to look at cabinets for our kitchen as it continues to grow into my dream. When we first moved in here our kitchen was tiny but it’s turned into my paradise and mama needs more cabinets.    Funny story.  We looked at these forever, back and forth.  We built a 3D design of it on the computer (see above).  Then we finally left the kitchen section and Matthew ventured to see if they were in stock while I picked up some new plates/towels for food pictures.  Then I went to stand in line for about 40 minutes.  Matthew came and told me you have to special order the cabinets upstairs.  We didn’t plan on buying them anyways that day. So then I continued to stand in the line that never moved. Then I got up to the register and the employee told me I could not buy my mint green plate because it was a display plate.  Didn’t I see on the bottom where it says “display” in small letters next  to the price tag?  So I asked him out of all 140 plates, I randomly picked one that says display therefor I cannot buy it? That’s correct.   Considering that was really the point of standing in line, I was kinda peeved.  Peeved as in I did nothing about it and continued to buy my towels.  Anyways, we get outside and are waiting for the bus and we talk about the cabinets again (while I am still slightly crying internally about my 1 $2.99 plate).   When are we going to get the cabinets? How? Order online? Order at the store – that means we have to come back to Ikea – who wants to do that? Delivery is only $60 from store, online it’s $200.  Oh well then we should order them right now. So then we go back into Ikea, order the cabinets, which are completely out of stock and would be about 2 months. So they offered us darker ones instead which are actually much better, we thought they were more expensive but somehow they came out to be less.  Anyways, it worked out.  They arrive next week! They are slightly blackish and match our island countertop.  I will have so  many cabinets.  I will have a entire shelf just for tea! Maybe even 2! It’s going to get wild!

My Mom came out  to visit so I took her to some New York must stop by food places, including Nathan’s Hot Dogs at Coney Island. I also took her to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory where you must go if you visit.  You must! I had the green tea ice cream and it was AMAZING.  

We got the best donuts in the world from DOUGH.  I think I say this all the time, but if you visit one place in New York you come to Brooklyn and go to DOUGH. And you let me know because I’m a few blocks away and I will treat you to a donut that will change your life. 

We had a slice of New York pizza and my mom ate it with a fork.  Worst, she made me ask the guy behind the counter for a fork… for pizza.  Oh the embarrassment! 

Oh by the way this is me and my mom.  And yes she has purple streaks in her hair.

We went to the New York Aquarium at Coney Island (in Brooklyn).  Hurricane Sandy hit the coast  pretty hard and with the Aquarium being right there it didn’t do too well.  I’d say about 75% of the aquarium is currently closed, but they are building to be bigger and better in a few years! I love this place.   

Woah guy, hi to you.

And hi to you too.

For the many years I’ve lived here I’ve never gone on a ride at Coney Island.  Maybe one day…

Then we sat on the beach and ate cheese fries.

When we were about to leave we found a candy store which sold the biggest boxes and packages of candy and treats.  Can you believe this? I love America.

At another place I saw these.  I am regretting not getting one!

This is Essy Bear, the old lady in charge of everyone. If she meows, you come running!

This is FiFi Bofinkles laying in my arms at night.

This is FiFi Bofinkles waiting to lay in my arms.

This is FiFi Bofinkles asleep.  

This is also FiFi Bofinkles asleep not caring that she just laid in the middle of everything.  I can only imagine her saying “Find another table to work on!” in mid dream.  She’s sassy.

This is Xanadu laying in a silly way on a hot day. She’s my baby girl.

And this is Brother Bear just looking like a elegant man.  He sits like this all the time, I think it’s a Maine Coon thing. 

Piñata is a #coolguy
This is one of our stuffed animals, Pinata.  He looks like a real cool guy here.

As I mentioned we are busy working on a film we’re making.  There’s lots of intense editing going on… 
Bird's eye view.  #bravenewworld #coming soon
This is a top down view.

The circus is coming to town. #bravenewworld
And this is another view.. our circus is coming to town (your computer screen) soon!

We’ve had multiple shooting days for this project because of the scale and the amount of characters.  This is one day of shooting clowns. These 2 guys are our friends who graciously and excitedly wanted to become clowns for a day.  I know some people are scared of clowns but I absolutely love them.  I have a dream of wanting to go to clown classes and be a weekend clown. I am totally serious.

~Reed + Rader~ #brooklynresearch
In other work news, we got a official workspace where we get to swipe a card and our name comes up on the door.   Time will be spent here editing, it’s really good to get out of the home as distractions here are high with the cats, the garden and me singing like I’m Drake every 5 minutes.

There is also a astronaut suit in the workspace.  That’s pretty cool. 

Our workspace is in Pfizer’s old pharmaceutical factory   The building is amazing as Pfizer left alot of their equipment there. Who doesn’t want a computer with a big red button?

Also who doesn’t want.. this machine that I have no idea what it did.

Soon it will  be Fall so the garden planning is in full gear.  Many seeds were planted in June, July and this month.  

Some of the seedlings have already moved outside to harden off.   Here is a baby kale plant.  We are planting 6, but we have 4 growing already, so possibly 10 kale plants.  Life is going to be great, I’m kale obsessed right now.

The amount of peppers we have right now is insane.  It’s wild.  It’s crazy.  Pepper recipes? Leave in comments – please!

And there’s probably about 40 more to pick.

Who doesn’t like Dino chicken shapes by the way?

Lots of new fresh recipes coming soon.. like these watermelon popsicles! Oh my, oh my!

And chocolate goodness…

And pumpkin macaroni and cheese.. are you ready for this?

I leave you with one of hundreds of pictures I have like this.  These are happy accidents, I take a picture with my phone and either it’s in a bag, my hand is in front of the lens, or I move it so quickly.  Then colorful magic happens!

Have a great weekend everyone – do you have anything planned? What are you going to cook/bake this weekend?
See you Monday!

PS.  Don’t forget  to sign up for the Peanut Butter & Co Giveaway – it ends on Monday!

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  • You are reeeeally making me miss New York today! Your view is unbelievable. I’m so jealous! Also: I am putting in a request now for lots and lots of kitchen pix after the new cabinets are installed. Pleaseandthankyou.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Love all your crazy pics and adventures but have to comment on the blanket your seed packets are laying on. My grandmother used to make those! 🙂

  • Ahh this post is so fun! First of all…land before time = best movie!!! Your mom’s hair is great…I have purple streaks in mine too hehe!

    New York looks awesome! I have got to go there one day!

    The cats are sooo cute! I would like to kidnap Essy Bear.

  • I really enjoyed reading about your week – it interesting to find out about other peoples’ lifestyles which couldn’t be more different to your own. So envious of all your peppers (I have two at the moment) haha! Have a good weekend.

  • I love the sneak peaks into other people’s lives!

    I had dino chicken nuggets this week too.

    I love the bright colors of Coney Island. That blue sky is a perfect backdrop.

    Have a lovely weekend Pamela!

  • I really enjoy your few weekly round ups. 🙂 So much fun. hm…I wonder why my local Ikea doesn’t offer seafood chowder! 😛 That must be tasty for a seafood hater to finish the whole bowl.

    NY is really beautiful, you captured the gorgeous scene perfectly. I love the view with your goodies from the garden. What a great harvest you’ve been getting. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to make with those veggies. 🙂

  • What a fun read! I too I’m so behind with posting of garden stuff, and we also have tons of peppers, we especially love Aruba, and Berta- it is so big. Lots of them turning red now.
    As for what to do with all the peppers, if you can wait let them turn red and make pepper paste, I have a recipe on the blog. It is really really awesome, you can also make pickled peppers with oil and vinegar, recipe is on the blog too. I really adore your posts and btw. I think I think I said hello to the same seal a while ago.( or is it sea lion, I can’t remember now) We just planted peas last week , and they are about 5 inches above ground or little more. Tomatoes are over 10 ft, I think but yesterday we almost lost one plant, we had a strong storm come through the area and one tomato plant collapsed to the floor..it was so heavy I could barely hold it upright, but we were able to rescue it and hopefully it will survive.
    I love the picture with the veggies on the balcony. You are amazing. We watched the video you posted and I can totally understand the work that goes into your garden. Lots of muscle work! When we first started we only had small containers and such, and carried bags and bags and more bags from home depot..it was a never ending task. I totally enjoy your blog! Thanks for writing it and keep doing it, please.

    • I know what you mean, I have so many garden posts to do to the point of sometimes it feels too late! But I hope to get some written out this weekend…..*fingers crossed*.

      Definitely checking out your pepper paste, thanks for the tip!

      The wind is our worst enemy (especially on a roof) so I hear you with dealing with plants falling over and trying to save them. It always breaks my heart!

      Have a good weekend Hani!

  • I’m so envious of your life in Yew York…there’s always something to do, see, or eat! I hope you get around to that picnic in the park eating fancy cheese…what a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

  • You are such a talented photographer! Those scenery shots are fab! All the food looks great too. I so wish it wasn’t already August – we’ll just have to continue cherishing summer while it’s still here.

  • I love this post. It kind of shows everything that I love about you. I used to eat those Dino chicken nuggets like every week. Your work space looks rad and very inspired by Stanley kubricks 2001 a space odyssey- funny coincidence! I have never been to DOUGH so you know where we’re going when I’m in town!!!

    • What, you’ve never been to DOUGH? I’m beyond surprised. Ok we are going there. Get ready for your life to be changed.

  • Oh my gosh so many things going on here, I don’t know what to comment on first! I’m totally with you on loving the posts that let you get to know your fave bloggers a little more, so I love this post 🙂 Nate and I have totally said we want to do a picnic too. You should go to Governor’s Island for that! It’s so pretty there.
    Hehehe, love that you told Matthew after he finished his soup! What was his reaction?? So excited for your new kitchen cabinets!! I didnt realize you owned your apt. Super cool! I hope you’ll share pics when they’re installed.
    I love the Lychee ice cream at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. Your kitties are so cute!!! FiFi Bofinkles has a very similar shaped/proportioned face to my kitty, L.C. Love her sleepy kitty mouth. My cat also sits in that brother bear pose and Nate always touches her hanging paws and tells her what “dainty hooves” she has.
    Wow, what’s your film about?? Nate does film too! Did you go to NYU? Are you making the film for work or just on your own? Sounds awesome 🙂
    Ok, I’m done talking now…

    • Governor’s Island is actually a great idea, thank you! I think that might just be the perfect spot!
      Matthew just kept a sly smile but I think inside he was thinking “im so busted”. It was a pretty great moment.
      I love “Dainty Hooves”. Brother Bear doesn’t let anyone touch his paws, it’s the one part that is completely off limits, but sometimes I can get a few kisses in when he’s sleeping.
      Matthew went to grad school at NYU, at the ITP program. We both are trained in photography but haven’t done still photos in years, everything is now film/gifs/interactive projects. (www.reedandrader.com if you want to see our work) I can’t wait to share the film! Think.. Circus! 🙂

      Have a good one Amy!

  • Epic post!!

    Like you, I love the little glimpses into the lives of my fellow bloggers. I don’t read many blogs that don’t do that at least occasionally – too impersonal. August is also go-time for me, too. Classes start in a few weeks, so now is my time to plan ahead so I don’t start the semester behind. No vacations for me in August!

    The Land Before Time is my favorite kids movie. When it came out, I was convinced I was going to become a paleontologist. Have you seen this: http://pinterest.com/pin/60798663691629820/

    This –> Can you believe this? I love America. I’m still laughing. Thanks for this glimpse into your life!

  • Wow! That’s an awesome weekly round-up write-up! I wish I can do that, but it requires writing events down and remembering what I’ve done lately! New York looks amazing, I haven’t been there for ages! How cool of your mum, having a purple streak, I wish my mum can do that, but she hates when I dye my hair into different colors. I was once a blonde, brunette and a redhead. I love all of your kitties, they are fabulously cute! ^____^

    • Thanks Rika! I’ve been known to have every color of the rainbow for my hair but now I’m boring and my mom has taken over with the exciting hair! 😉

    • This is only the 2nd year in Brooklyn.. so now you have to make it there! The arena is beautiful and the food is delicious (get a slice of chocolate cheesecake!).

  • Oh my lovely! There are too many good things here. From classic childhood movies to delicious donuts to that sweet as can be cat. I’m just smitten. Thank you for letting us into your world. It truly is a beautiful one!

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