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Does anyone have issues with Target?  And by issues I mean crazily in love.  I have a Target 2.1 miles away from my house which means it’s a quick walk.  It’s also a dangerous walk because by the time I get there I have already typed into my phone anything I could possibly remember to buy.  Here’s how the situation goes:
*Goes to Target to pick up Prescription*
*Block 2 walked – adds “vitamins” to the list even though you bought vitamins 3 hours prior*
*Block 5 walked – adds nutella to the list*
*Block 7 walked – adds chocolate chips to the list*
*Block 11 walked – adds iron waffle to the list*

Gets  to Target. Buys:
Sea Salt
Chocolate Chips
Diet Orange SodaStream (x2 because why not!)
Coconut Almonds
Mozzarella Cheese
Ricotta Cheese
Egg Noodles
Graham Crackers
4 pairs of underwear

Things I almost bought:
Waffle Iron (cheaper on amazon, I checked)
Donut Pan
Quiche Pan
Pepper Grinder
Vitamins (I talked to myself out of them because I bought vitamins 3 hours prior)
Carrot Cake Luna Bars (they were all out, I crawled through the bottom shelf ripping it apart but there was no left)

And then when get you get out of the store you worked up such a appetite, you walk for 4 block with a box of graham crackers in your hands instead of holding a umbrella.


Speaking of snacks, does anyone else remember McDonald’s cookies?  Back in the day these were my favorite.  I randomly thought about them a few days ago and found out that some McDonald’s stills sells them, you just have to ask for them. I haven’t been to a McDonald’s in a very long time, but now this is a good reason to visit. 

This week we made Chinese Takeout Chicken and Broccoli.  You probably won’t ever order takeout again when you learn how easy (and yummy) it is to make yourself! 

I shared one of my favorite lunches, Quinoa Stuffed Peppers!  Does lunch get better than this? 

Here are some recipes I pinned this week:
Summer Corn Chowder:  How fresh for summer does this look?
Grilled Beef Meatball Subs: Meatball subs, always a hit.  If Matthew sees this, he’s going to cry from happiness.
Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cups: Birthday cake – nothing else to say!
Nutella Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies: Nutella + Peanut Butter, yes please!
Pull Apart Pizza Bread: I would eat this for lunch if I didn’t have self guilt.

I made a few batches (help me) of homemade peanut butter cups this week inspired by Baking Joy.  I will be posting a chocolate and white chocolate version next week! Your life will be changed.

Does anyone else use NatureBox?  Basically it’s a subscription service that sends you snacks every single month.  You can be surprised or tell them what you want (they have alot to choose from).  We’re kinda obsessed with it as they have the best roasted kettle corns and cheddar pub pretzels.  It’s a great deal as if you went to a store to buy these kind of products, you know the price.  They have a great selection of dried fruits, granola, baked goods. 

We’ve been picking so many cucumbers.. so homemade pickles have been being made and consumed often and quickly this week!  Half Sour pickle recipe coming soon!

I’ve been having a pretty hard time eating breakfast the last few days, I’m not sure why.  I wake up and I’m just not hungry, but I force myself to eat a oats bars and a banana (and my 2 vitamins).   This makes me sad as you know how much I love breakfast.   

I made kale pesto with shells this week and it was a big hit.  I will be doing a recipe post on this soon too!

I revisited spinach cupcakes this week and used up our last spinach leaves of the season.  All I have to say is don’t knock these guys until you try them.  You will be shocked by how good and sweet these are and will ask yourself “Where is those 5 cups of spinach I put in?”.  This is a great recipe to get kids excited about their greens!  One of my favorite garden recipe discoveries….

Here’s the garden this week, in full explosion mode with all this heat (I’m melting, I’m melting).  I will be doing some more focused posts on the garden soon.

We also started tomato season.. IT HAS BEGUN FOLKS!  Get ready for tomato insanity. 

Seriously, it has begun.

We planted seeds for our fall Broccoli and Cauliflower!  Always have to be planning ahead… 

I found this picture online a few days ago and swooned at it’s beauty! Don’t get those old tree trunks hauled away, grab a chainsaw and use it as a planter!  Now I just need to find a tree on the roof…

July showers that end with beautiful light….


I completely agree!

Pamela selling turnips on set.  #animalcrossing #nintendo
We shot a new project this week, very excited to share.. but it will be a bit of time as post production is super intense.  Here I am onset in between shots looking like serious business, in reality I was playing Animal Crossing and trying to sell turnips. 

Clothing on set.
Here’s some of the clothes that were used for the shoot! 

This is happening backstage.
Just something you see while walking by on set…

2 troublemakers who play innocent.  Brother Bear the boy who does nothing wrong is seen here to the left pretending to be a angel but in reality seconds before this picture I saw him put FiFi Bofinkles in a head lock.  To the right the woman in charge of us all, queen of the household, 19 year old Essy Francis waiting behind the refrigerator door to give you a yell if you don’t hurry up with her food.

Speaking of Essy, I believe she made this graphic.

I walked by this store and almost went in, but I had self control.  The self control will not last. 

I am 100% trying to do this with my  nails this weekend! 

I love everything about this house.  I also wish it existed with balloons like this.

I am totally stealing this idea, it’s a great idea to keep track of things you need and medicine schedules.  I’m going to do a “home” post soon where  I show some things we’ve fixed up over the past months…. you will know I love chalkboard paint! 

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! This picture was taken when the fireworks were on the East River, not the Hudson River like they have been for the past few years.  City officials have been trying to talk Macy’s into letting the Fireworks off on the East River every other year so all boroughs (like Brooklyn – look at the view we get of them!)  and Eastern Manhattan can actually see something instead of little specks in the sky.   Maybe next year.  

Have a great weekend friends, I hope you get a little time to relax!
Next week I will have some fun recipes and garden posts! Look forward to talking to you then!
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  • Haha *raises hand up* I feel the same about Target, I always seem to buy more than only the few items I intended on going there for:)

    Such a fun post, love those nails and the cute house!

    Thank you for the pin sweetie and hope you get to try making them:)

    I know I say this everytime but I really really LOVE your garden and so glad tomato season has started and can’t wait to see more!:)

    Have a great weekend Pamela:)

  • Such a fun post! I was just thinking how I need more cat pictures in my blog. I love the picture of “cat logic.” I’m excited you’re entering tomato season, your watermelon vines are impressive and I’ll be waiting of the pickle recipe! I have about 5 cucumbers to pick today, and I’ve yet to decide what to do with them…

  • Interested in spinach cupcakes, because I always like alternative flavored things. You need to go to Lula’s Sweet Apothecary in the East Village and get 1) The Birthday cake ice cream on a cone and 2) The lavender. You will freak out if you haven’t already. And then you can learn the recipes. And then you can make them for me. Also, you should get the cook book from Angelica Kitchen in the East Village and use some of your garden gems to make the recipes. I too have a Target problem as you know because I bought you a frog head key topper which you already have. We need some sort of group therapy. PS great now I’m starving again (every time I look at your blog)

    • You should try the spinach cupcakes, I think you would really like them. Next time you visit, let’s bake them!

      I need to try Lula’s!

  • When I go to Target, my cart is ever-evolving. Its kind of like a holding tank – I drop stuff in that I want or maybe want and then have to re-assess the longer I’m in the store. On a good trip, nothing that was in the cart during the first hour remains when I check out. 🙂 It’s actually a blessing that the closest one is an hour away.

    I ate a fresh tomato yesterday and it was pure heaven. From someone else’s garden, alas. but it’s coming, I can feel it!

    So many things to comment on in this post, I’m all giddy here! The Mr. Messy mug? Awesome (I have Little Miss Chatterbox). The half sour recipe, the kale pesto recipe, the garden posts?!?! CANT WAIT!!!

    • That’s a good idea. I get a hand shopping basket to carry so I know when it weighs too much (to walk home with) I need to stop. But sometimes I overestimate my strength.. 😛

      Love the Mr. Men books, they are my favorites, I want to collect them all. 🙂

  • Target is so dangerous for me, omg. I end up getting things I just want and never get what I actually need and went there for.
    Our Tomato plants are blooming and I’m so excited! Our herbs and lettuce have exploded from the heat too!

  • Target is dangerous! I always end up with things I really don’t need. Ha! Your tomatoes are flourishing! I’m so jealous!!! I bet they taste absolutely heavenly. No organic tomatoes from the stores can compare, at least that’s what I’m told. 🙂 Have a great weekend Pamela!

  • Hey girl! Target is a total wallet sucker. I seriously could spend hours there, and I never leave without spending at least $100, scary!
    So do you truly recommend those spinach cupcakes? Like, are they as good as a piece of chocolate cake? Be honest here 😉
    Ok, you have to post that kale pesto recipe. It looks amazing and so green and lush. I can’t wait to give it a try. We love pesto here 🙂
    Have a great Sunday girl! xoxo, Jackie

    • The spinach cupcakes are really good! Really, Really, Really good! Anytime I take them anywhere no one believes me they are made out of spinach.. I say give them a shot! Let me know if you do. 🙂

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