Weekly Round Up

Happy weekend everyone!  I hope you all had a great week and will have a greater weekend!
My Windows Phone finally got a  Instagram app so I’m back on it! Make sure to follow me and say hi, I promise many cat and cauliflower pictures! My userame is pamelaz. 

Let’s celebrate!

Recipes I shared:
photo.JPGbraised lettuceIMG_2828bean dip IMG_2732cake batter cats IMG_2692

Overnight Blueberry Maple Oatmeal – great for summer.
Braised lettuce – great for leftover lettuce.
White Bean Lentil Garlic Dip – be the favorite person at a party!
Cake Batter Cats – it’s cats and cake batter, does it get better?

Recipes I pinned that I can’t wait to try:
Creamy Garlic Shells – Going to add some vegetables to this, can’t wait
Slow Cooker Meatball Sub – I love a good meatball sub. 
Soft Pretzel Tots – Perfect snack for sport watching!
Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls – Perfect Worlds Combined!

Fun things to share:
VSL:  VSL stands for Very Short List.  My friend Karyn is a editor at VSL and I love what they’re doing there.   They send out emails that are each curated by a different person who shares some favorites.  It’s like a Friday Favorites, but not Friday all the time and usually they have really interesting curators.  You’re sure to find some hidden gems such as great links, art, food, apps, etc.  

Game of Thrones LOL: Someone showed pictures of Game of Thrones characters to their dad and asked him their names.  The results are golden.  Favorites:  Nedder, Lord Buccaneer, King of the Guys.

 Dogs Vs Citrus.  Dogs are crazy.

Cats Vs Citrus.  Cats don’t care.

Now the past week and a half in pictures…. Lots of them!

First – has anyone tried this? I saw it at Target for the first time.

The summer time is for pig tails and cute accessories.

Cars, Trucks, School buses that park like this so they’re practically in the crosswalk so you can’t see around it make me very angry.  

Outsides of houses should always be decorated with cuter inner tubes. 

Sometimes Blinky our Roomba does crazy things like pushes a cat bed across the entire loft.

I’m back and forth with my beloved breakfast sandwich and overnight oatmeal. I love them both so much!

Animal Crossing New Leaf came out.  Is there any Animal Crossing fans in the house?  I downloaded it at midnight.  The game is great.  If you’re a Animal Crossing fan you have to try it!

The finale of Game of Thrones happened.  Thoughts? I felt kinda underwhelmed.   I mean I guess you have to feel that way when the episode before blew your mind and left you mumbling obscenities.  Game of Thrones – the best show ever? Possibly.   Can you believe we have to wait until April for the next season  Agh.   Who’s your favorite characters? I really like Jon Snow, Bran, Arya, ok I really like the Starks (or what’s left of them).  I also love Tyrion.  I love the Hound too.  And Hodor wins at everything.  Then there’s Jamie who I like alot now too, I hope his friendship (or more?) with Brienne continues.   I have high hopes for Gendry too!  Tywin is evil but he’s also amazing.  Can I say that that Daenerys is boring me, when is something going to go wrong?  If you like Game of Thrones I highly recommend this long video where almost the entire cast, George RR Martin, and the directors talk about the show. 

Also Game of Thrones was taco night.

And afterwards I tried a chile pepper kit-kat from Japan.  YUM  I love spicy chocolate so I’m in love with them.

Cat Talk, my favorite kind of talk:

I met these cats out in the hallway on the way to the garden.  I love them, they’re so friendly, especially that one up front.  

Xanadu loves a lazy morning.

Brother Bear loves a lazy afternoon.

photo 1.JPG
Essy love a lazy evening.

FiFi Bofinkles love a  lazy.. whenever.

WP_20130602_012 (1)
This is a hole that a air conditioning tube goes into during the summer.  When it’s  not inside, Xanadu uses it as a door.  She walks through it about 8 times in 10 minutes. She’s very unpractical about it.

Brainstorm meeting, or not.  #bofinkles
Bofinkles doesn’t believe in brainstorming meetings.

I wake up to this little baby doll under my blankets every single morning. 

Xanadu jumped off the ladder, hoping to make it onto the sea turtle and the tall wall where she could reign over. Unfortunately she overjumped the sea turtle, over the wall and landed on the bed on the other side of the wall. Good job.

photo 2.JPG
FiFi Bofinkles loves me like noone else.

My 2 boys, Brother Bear and Matthew.

We changed the cat’s hard food this week since their beloved Natural Choice brand changed and the ingredients aren’t the same and the reviews aren’t good.  So we are easing them into this Purina ONE brand.  From the first taste.. it seems to be a hit.

And one minute later, it continues to be a hit.  Do you notice though 2 cats switched places? What just happened?

Not a cat, but I met this dog outside on the street and immediately after I took this picture the dog tried to kill me.  Which leads me to say again, cats rule.

Friends <3

Our friends Lia and Will got engaged although noone was surprised because we all knew they would.  So happy for them!  So they threw a celebration engagement party.

There was grilled vegetables and meat. No meat is pictured here.

There was also alot of yummy food here, including  marinated pork (mmmm). I brought Cake Batter Squares.

Then there was a going away party for our friends Paul and Cliona who are moving to London.   They will be missed a whole lot.

There was lots of yummy picnic treats, but check out those cupcakes…

William has been promising cupcakes for the past year and finally he did it.  Here’s my custom cupcake that was made with edible markers and paper on top.

Here is William, me and Matthew.  I have no idea what the boys are doing. Matthew also looks like he’s going to pick up that little boy.

This was all bittersweet though because William and Lia, 2 of our best friends not only got engaged but they also are moving to Seattle today.  Weep Weep.  I cried last night. I want to be selfish and keep them here because I love them so much, but they are going to do great things in Seattle and I’m really happy with them.   But I’m  also very sad.  You know how it goes.   So last night on their last night in NYC we made a rainy dinner at Fu Run in Flushing, Queens, home to some of the most authentic and yummy Chinese food.

There was so much to choose from, and also alot of unknowns.  

I went with the shrimp and broccoli because you can’t go wrong with it.  It was yummy and I was so full afterwards.

Other deliciousness at the table was fried eggplant, pork and chives dumpling, fried fish, chicken and broccoli, and wong lo kat which is a herbal tea (and incredibly sweet).

A big highlight was the Muslim Lamb Chops which are spicy and covered in cumin,  black and white sesame seeds and chile.  The portion is super big. 

The restaurant also had a random dinosaur so you know it is cool. 

I’m really going to miss these people.   ALOT.  

After we said our teary goodbyes on our rainy street, we came home and had a rootbeer float to remember all the good times we had with them.  And to think of all the good times we will have with them in the future. πŸ™‚


It has rained here so much in the last week which is horrible for pollinating cucumbers, but is great weather for the broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, etc.  Even in the rain we harvested some cauliflower.

Lots of cauliflower, onion, sugar snap peas, spinach, lettuce harvest going on.  I’ll have a cauliflower post coming up soon with some recipe to go along!

The tomatoes got their 2nd cages on top.  It’s just wild how big these guys grow!


We did a video for Snapple to recreate one of their facts: Fact #685: Dogs can make about 10 sounds, cats make about 100.  It went live last week and we were super excited to share it.  Snapple has some great behind the scenes pictures up here too.

We’ve also testing lots of new technology.  We’re really into somehow incorporating the Microsoft Kinect, and building virtual worlds.  Those are important future goals, especially the virtual worlds.  

We’ve been sharing some experiment videos on Vine this week:


So that’s the weekly round up!  Let me know if you’re doing anything fun this weekend.. hope you have a good one! πŸ™‚


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  • Cute Snapple vid.

    Totally jealous of your cauliflower. I tried growing it last year and it didn’t do anything but get humungous leaves. Trying for some broccoli this year instead.

    The Mr. and I are headed out on a date tonight –pretty jazzed about that. It is the first time we are having a babysitter. Woo!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thanks Jamie! This season we’ve had the biggest cauliflower we’ve ever grown so we’re excited about it! Good luck with your broccoli!

      Enjoy your date night! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for the delicious recipe! Plan on making them for the basketball game this weekend! Sugar snap peas are yum, can’t stop snacking on them! πŸ™‚

    • Meow! πŸ™‚ A friend brought them back from Japan.. you might be able to find them at your local japanese grocery though maybe? I found a few websites and amazon sells a few japanese varieties too. They are so good!

  • Looks like it was a busy but fun week:) Sorry to hear about your friends moving, it’s sad when people you care about move far away:( On a happier note, your garden looks great as always and I love the sound of fresh snap peas and cauliflower! Can’t wait to see the recipes and hope you have a great weekend Pamela:)

  • Love your cat pics so much! GoT is totally the best show on TV…April?! That’s really bad news. I love Tyrion πŸ™‚ Your GoT names made me laugh so much, that’s exactly what I was like up until a couple of weeks ago. I kept saying to my husband ‘you know, that dude. No not him, the other dude.’ πŸ™‚

  • What a lovely round up for the week. I am so jealous of your asparagus and cauliflowers. They look so beautiful! You can’t get any fresher cauliflowers than that πŸ™‚

    • The asparagus wasn’t from us, that’s one thing we don’t grow. πŸ˜› The cauliflower though is delicious! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I went out and bought a 3DS on Saturday because my sister was making me so crazy jealous with Animal Crossing. Send me an email if you want my friend code! I’m also crazy jealous of your garden’s success, but I don’t think I can go to Target and pick up a green thumb. Bunnies ate all of my broccoli and lettuces. Still hope for the tomatoes!

    • My code is 2707-2033-7735. Please add me and stop on by! Share yours if you’d like to. πŸ™‚ The game is amazing, I’m kinda crazily addicted. Actually I think I’m going to play now and shake some trees for fruit to get more bells.

      Good luck with the tomatoes! Bad bunnies! πŸ™

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