Weekly Round Up

I hope everyone had a great week.  For me this week started on the chilly side wearing a hat and a coat to the store, while it ended sitting on the roof in short sleeves basking in the glory of the sun.  Speaking of the sun, I always forget to bring my sunglasses to the roof and then I can’t see for the next few hours.  I have sensitive eyes, you blue eyed people know what I’m talking about.  I bought these super cute sunglasses in Disney World in 2011 that I fell in love with and wore them every minute outside, but last summer they took a fall and cracked in the middle.  In the next few weeks a friend is visiting Disney so I have her on the lookout for them, if she finds them I will cry.

One sure sign of Spring is seeing one of our rhododendron plants opening up.  I love watching it’s slow progress.

Seeing sidewalks and parks full of blooming flowers is another sign.  Today I walked by the most beautiful display of tulips in front of a apartment building but I forgot to take a picture.

Today we planted potatoes that went bad.  We try this every year and sometimes it works great, sometimes not.  This is our annual experiment.  But besides that, how pretty are these potatoes?

We also are planting radishes for the first time this year.  I buried the seeds today.

Peek-a-boo! The first green bean is breaking it’s way through the soil.

The greenhouse came off the broccoli and cauliflower!

Every year the garden expands a little bit more.  This is the basic layout for this year.  

On the food side this week..
I had some delicious salted cabbage and pork soup.  This bowl was giant and I regretted eating the entire thing, but at the same I don’t regret it because it was so good.

M-Shangai in Brooklyn has some of the best soup pork dumplings you will have.   If you are ever in NYC, please go here for lunch or dinner.  You will fall in love!

A friend got some chicken lo mein.  Their noodles are always so thick here.  I usually get this but with shrimp, it’s also delicious.

For lunch one day I got a slice of pizza from Vinnie’s.  Vinnie’s is known for making crazy and creative  pizza.  They sell everything from BBQ chicken/bacon pizza, Macaroni and cheese pizza, pico de gallo/spicy chicken/tortilla chips pizza, black beans/avocado/feta pizza, eggplant/marinara/ricota pizza.  They sell lots of kinds of pizza!  On this specific day their special is “Greenpoints Finest” and since Greenpoint is the Polish community of Brooklyn it’s cheese and potato pierogie, caramelized onions, cheddar and sour cream pizza.  All 3 friends I was with got this slice but I can’t deal with sour cream so instead I got a garlic/pesto/tomato slice which was super delicious.  

Matthew has been begging for fried ice cream the last few weeks.  He ate it at Chi-Chi’s as a child growing up and has been craving it, so I found a copycat recipe and made it.  He loved it. I loved it.  We ate this in about 1 minute.  I plan on making a full post  on this delicious dessert soon.

I made chocolate chip granola bars.  We ate them all.  I’m making more tomorrow.  I’m also making some for friends and am going to wrap them real pretty. 

My beautiful friend Jessie was visiting from Florida so we spent a afternoon eating dumplings, trying on rompers at a vintage store and just gossiping.  I’ve missed her dearly.  She should move back to NYC!

We watched our cats play a game on our iPad.  Eventually Brother scored 100 points and it made a scoring sound and he got so scared he ran away.

I woke up for one minute, came back  to sleep and this is what I saw.  Xanadu already stole my side of the bed. 

#helloplayoffs BROOKLYN!
We went to the first playoff game in Brooklyn as we’re big Nets fans.  We’re season ticket holders for the Nets and the games have been really fun this year but there was amazing playoff energy.  Unfortunately the Nets are currently down 2-1, so hoping they come back so we can go to more games.  I’m not ready for my nightly chocolate/caramel/cheddar popcorn to end.

We’ve had some full moons this this week too. I took this picture during the night half asleep, I was worried I never hit the shutter button. 

Have a great weekend everyone! Pick some flowers from your garden, or buy some from the corner store.  You deserve it!


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