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Being located in NYC, we know a few things about protecting our garden from rats. I wanted to share all our methods because every garden is different in size, location and what you personally are ok with.

top 10 ways to protect corn in your garden

There’s traps, fencing, cages, water bottles, socks, spray – and so much more! Here are 10 ways that might help you!

1. Socks. Put a sock on them.

2. Plastic Bottles. Save water bottles and put a water bottle on each ear of corn.

3. Cage. This is a great method but it’s both timely and more on the expensive side.

4. Spray. Get rodent repellent spray and spray it on the ground surrounding the corn.

5. Cat. Probably one of our favorite ways to keep rats out, befriend a neighborhood cat (or even better – cats).

6. Traps. Whatever your feeling about rats, traps work. Set traps up near the corn and you will be surprised with the results every morning.

want more ideas?

Visit my blog to get the rest of my top 10 tips! Hope you liked this gardening post and good luck with the corn!