Enceladus turned 4 last week, and keeping with tradition, every year she tells me what kind of cake she wants and I make it happen.  This year she requested "a dinosaur ballerina cake". So let's bake it!

What you need to make a dinosaur cake: 1. 3 layer birthday cake 2. buttercream frosting 3. sprinkles and dinosaur

This is the buttercream frosting I use for all cakes and cupcakes!

The Dinosaur Ballerina is really the star of this cake.  Making a DIY dinosaur ballerina is pretty easy.  Here's what you'll need ---->

1. A toy dinosaur, 6 inches or bigger. 2. Tutu! Hit up your local fabric store and buy some pink tulle. 3. Hot glue.  Hot glue the tutu to the dinosaur. 4. Want accessories?  Make it special and have fun!

The verdict? She loved her cake, and now the ballerina dinosaur lives on her dresser, alongside clown dinosaur from last year. Making her birthday cakes is really special to me, so I hope you enjoyed reading this post!