Homemade beef stroganoff made with a sour cream mushroom gravy and juicy beef. 

SERVE OVER: Beef stroganoff is best served over egg noodles, but you can also serve over rice or mashed potatoes too!

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cook time

beef chuck roast or beef sirloin steak salt & pepper butter minced garlic sliced onion beef broth cornstarch button mushrooms Worcestershire sauce ground mustard sour cream

40 minutes

YUM! Look at how good this creamy beef and mushrooms look!

Serve over a plate of egg noodles. Add parsley to garnish if desired and an additional dollop of sour cream on top.

What’s the best beef for beef stroganoff? 1. Boneless Sirloin Steak 2. Boneless Flank Steak 3. Boneless Rib Eye 4. Beef Chuck Roast