Creamed Potatoes and Peas

comfort food recipe

Potatoes and Peas cooked in a simple cream sauce in 30 minutes. Creamy New Potatoes are a classic, old-fashioned inexpensive meal that my family loves!

What kind of potatoes should I use? You can use any type of potato that you have on hand – Idaho, Yukon, New Potatoes and baby red potatoes all work good!

What are New Potatoes? This dish is great to use with new potatoes! New Potatoes are small potatoes, harvested when the potatoes are young and small. They are simply dug up earlier in the season, and because they are younger, they taste sweeter, with more tender skins than their older potato siblings.

How To Make

Boil potatoes and peas in a large pot until tender. Drain. You can use either frozen or fresh spring peas. 

How To Make

Make the cream sauce in a skillet.

How To Make

Season with turmeric, salt and pepper (to taste).

How To Make

Add cooked potatoes and peas in and stir to fully coat them in the cream sauce. You can use frozen or fresh spring peas.


Allow to cool for a few minutes before Serving. This not only cools it down but thickens up the sauce.  Enjoy this comfort food meal!