Chicken And Asparagus Skillet

Quick 30 minute Chicken, Asparagus and Mushroom Skillet recipe, all made in one pan. Serve over rice for a healthy dinner meal.

easy, fast chicken recipe

Make the butter sauce in the skillet by melting butter and olive oil together, along with minced garlic, lemon juice, white cooking wine and seasonings.

How To Make:

Brown chicken in the skillet, cooking until the chicken is fully cooked inside.

How To Make:

Add asparagus and mushrooms, continuing to cook until asparagus turns bright green – about 5 minutes.

How To Make:

Serve and enjoy!

How To Make:

We like this meal served over rice or barley. You can also serve it next to mashed potatoes for an easy chicken, mashed potatoes and vegetable meal!

How To SERVe:

This is a great chicken recipe to make if you’re following a keto diet! Chicken breast and fresh vegetables are great foods for a keto friendly lifestyle. They contain low carbs and are high in vitamins. Asparagus has a low-carb count, about 2 grams net carbs in a serving.  Mushrooms are also a keto friend! They are low in carbs, sugars and packed with fiber and vitamins!