Weak Arms and Cat Litter

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Litter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hi y’all.

I have weak arms.  We’re talking totally weak arms.  We’re talking you might think I’m joking when I tell you it’s hard for me to drain a pot of noodles because the pot weighs so much.  I’m trying to get stronger though by lifting 2 pound weights.  Hey, we all have to start somewhere.

Weak arms + lots of cats sometimes equals a problem.  No, not picking the cats up, that’s easy, I just get magical powers when it comes to lifting up all my babies, even if they don’t like it. šŸ™‚
Brother being ok with this picture, Goblin trying to kiss Xanadu, Xanadu shouting out not to kiss her, Bofinkles on the floor beacause she did not want to participate in this family photo. #cats #cat #catlady #goblin #cats #cat #persiancat #Persian #fluff


My problem is living in a city (that usually means no car) and having to transport cat food and cat litter home.  It’s hard work.   I’ll huff and puff and drag that bag of litter home and then I’ll take a nap because I’m so tired after.    And then last week something came in the mail.  It was a mailer from Fresh StepĀ® introducing their Lightweight Extreme Litter, available at Target. Woah. Woah. Woah.

Want to know the extra kicker? The mailer was cat nip scented.  I’m not kidding.  Have your cats ever stole your mail and not given it back? This was Brother’s reaction to the mailer, he liked it.  He still has it. I’m never getting it back.  @FreshStepLitter sent me a coupon in the mail.  It's printed on catnip scented paper.  WELL PLAYED! Now how do I let my cats have it back?  #FreshStepCats #catnip #cats #cat #crazy #catlady #furry #catsofinstagram #blackcat #whiskers #mainecoon #mainecoon

So I headed to Target to test this out.  Look at the stand set up!  They put it on a weight to show the difference.  Already my arms were beginning to fall in love.

What makes Fresh StepĀ® Fast Acting Cat Litter amazing and awesome?

-30% lighter making it easier to lift, carry and pour

-Still provides odor control, absorption and clumping performance that you need

-Strongest odor control by a lightweight litter

So I grabbed a box and headed to the checkout.   Come back in a few days and I’ll tell you how it’s going with it.. and I’ll tell you how my arms are doing too!

photo 3  

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  • Wow, a never thought of you having to lug around those heavy boxes. I can barely lift them into the cart and then into the trunk let alone lug them across a city,!!!!

  • Having dogs I don’t have to lug around cat litter but I definitely can relate to this post regarding weak arms, lugging in NYC is a chore. Very different from other states where everyone drives. Impossible here really.

  • I have strong arms. In fact, I embarrassed my husband once (at a bank picnic) by arm wrestling a guy… a guy who knew karate…. and I won ! And – after owning a farm for eight years, I developed what I call ‘Farmer Arms’ from lugging around chicken feed, hay and straw…oh… and pig feed etc. etc. etc. One French Canadian farmer told me I was stronger than he was. So – I was just about to volunteer to move in with you so I could be there to carry home your cat litter. But now,.. with the 30% lighter ‘Fresh StepĀ® Fast Acting Cat Litter’, I guess who don’t need me now. That being said, I’m very good at gardening!! ; o ) (Hey, ask ‘Fresh Step’ if they want me to write copy for them !! LOL !! )

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