We went to Toronto.. and now we’re back!

Well this post is well overdue!  We visited Toronto and I have been meaning to post it! It’s been at the top of my notebook for weeks, but somehow Pancakes,  Jelly Donuts and Twix Popcorn got posted first.  Can you tell my stomach decides the order of posts? šŸ˜‰ 

But first I wanted to alert you guys that during this weekend Brooklyn Farm Girl will be going through some design changes.  I’m hoping on Monday you’ll see a all new pretty design but with that comes the fun of switching themes and making everything look good.  The site will still be up over the weekend if you need to find any garden details or recipes but it just might not look very pretty.  Wish me luck!

Now back to Toronto.  Matthew and I headed to Toronto to talk at the FITC.  It’s a conference dedicated to Future, Innovation, Technology, Creativity.  We gave an hour long talk that I think went pretty well.  It’s always good when people in the crowd laugh at your jokes and clap at the end of videos, right?  Anyways, it was a blast and we got to meet some amazing new artist friends.  Everyone at FITC was so nice and accommodating, making this a great trip.   During our time we were in Toronto, it was NBA playoff time.  More specifically our Brooklyn Nets were playing the Toronto Raptors.  Of course we had to represent our home team so we wore our Brooklyn gear and even went to the Raptors arena to take some fan pictures.  Thankfully the police offers are super nice in Toronto so they thought it was hilarious we were so excited and took pictures for us.  Lastly, we had lots of great food, including burritos 3x.  We became a bit obsessed with this burrito shop near our hotel.

Below are pictures… hope you enjoy the trip! 

FITC Toronto 2014_69FITC Toronto 2014_4

Hey, that’s me and that’s Matthew.
FITC Toronto 2014_66

This was the name of our talk.  We were in the main room and filled it up, there were hundreds of people.  From a girl who used to stay home from school when I had to present a school report in front of 8 classmates to talking about ourselves in front of much larger crowds… it always makes me proud of us. FITC Toronto 2014_47

That’s us on stage.
FITC Toronto 2014_51

The talk went well.  This was a thumbs up in the hotel room afterwards. FITC Toronto 2014_62

Then Matthew turned into a male model. 
FITC Toronto 2014_64

Then this happened. I can’t remember why and I think its’s best that way.
FITC Toronto 2014_63

You might know this already, but you might not.  Matthew and I really love stuffed animals.  We have a ton. I mean a ton.  Like many.  These are the Grandpas, they’re 2 frogs who have been with us since 2003.  They are our travel companions and we take them on every single trip.  They’ve been many places but they enjoy spending their time on trips sleeping in hotel rooms. šŸ˜‰ I love the Grandpas. 
FITC Toronto 2014

The first day we explored the city. This was after 1 hour of sleep the night prior.  This is my last go at trying to be energetic. I crashed quickly after this.
FITC Toronto 2014_8

Then we stopped by The Power Plant gallery to see the Mike Nelson show. 
FITC Toronto 2014_15

We went to The Air Canada Centre to support our Brooklyn Nets! Yes,we brought a foam finger.  We were prepared. 
FITC Toronto 2014_25

I saw the Khalsa Day Parade go by.  Beautiful, isn’t it?
FITC Toronto 2014_31

Now let’s get to the food.
I had some amazing suggestions from some blog friends so thank you guys!

Kelly suggested we go to Asian Legend.  We went there and devoured some soup dumplings! One thing I noticed is that hardly anyone accepts the Discover card in Toronto which is a bit of a bummer as I love my Discover It card.  
FITC Toronto 2014_1

FITC Toronto 2014_3  

Let me introduce you to our Toronto obsession, Burrito Boyz.  This burrito joint was dangerously close to our hotel.  We went here not once, not twice, but three times.   And every single time it was delicious.    I loved the chicken burrito but I super loved their bean burrito.  YUM!FITC Toronto 2014_19

FITC Toronto 2014_30

I love jalapeno peppers so I always get them on my burritos.  These ones had a bunch of seeds on and boy were they spicy.  We were eating this in the shop one afternoon and my mouth was on fire.  Even though it was hot, boy was it delicious.  I’m craving one right now.
FITC Toronto 2014_29

Then we went to Smoke’s Poutinerie for our first poutine experience.   It was delicious, yes, absolutely.  Was it filling? Oh goodness, yes.  I couldn’t move afterwards.  Seriously.  Way too much.  But it was so good.  But way too much.  But oh so good.  

Matthew got the Stroganoff Poutine.
FITC Toronto 2014_43

I got the bacon Poutine.   I’m such a bad girl. Seriously. 
FITC Toronto 2014_45

I made this banana a few hours before we left Brooklyn and it was the perfect quick breakfast every single morning in Toronto.  Banana bread is always a winner.  I’m always going to bake bread for trips now.  Also, I brought my giant electric tea kettle with me because I’m insane.  
FITC Toronto 2014_22

This was at the group artist dinner one night at Ocho.   
FITC Toronto 2014_33

FITC Toronto 2014_34

FITC Toronto 2014_35

FITC Toronto 2014_37

I realized on the last day of the conference there was a green room for the artists to eat breakfast and lunch in.  Why did I only find this out on the last day?  Check out my awesome lunch.  This jerk chicken was amazing!  Also the chili shrimp was out of this world good.
FITC Toronto 2014_52

I went a little over the top with lunch.  I mean there was just a cake sitting there.. someone had to go take a big piece of it!
FITC Toronto 2014_55

Our flight was a bit delayed on the way home so we hit up this restaurant at the airport.  It was pretty good, the fries were great. 
FITC Toronto 2014_75

I hope you guys liked this virtual trip to Toronto for FITC!

 Have a great weekend!


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