We Planted our Tomato Seeds!

There’s no beating around the bush, the title says it all.. we planted our tomato seeds!  There’s lots of “firsts” of the season but this is always one that really pushes along the garden season to appear closer.  

So on Saturday night, March 22, the tomato seeds were planted! High 5’s all around.  Last year, they were planted on March 14 but we decided to push it back a week as we sometimes feel they grow too big inside before we can transplant outside, so this adds a few days of cushion.

What seeds were planted?
Tomatoes – Beef, Roma, Cherry
Peppers (Bell)
Pepper (Jalapeno) 

This is the first year growing Jalapeno peppers so hoping for good results so I can make this mac and cheese and cornbread all summer long. 

I took a few pictures below that documents planting our seeds.  We usually always do this late at night, around 11PM so there’s no pretty natural light, sorry.

 Planting Tomato Seeds 2014
First we start off with potting mix in our cups.   We really love using the Self-Watering Seed Starting Kits that Burpee sells. 

Planting Tomato Seeds 2014_1
The we gather our seeds, here are all the tomatoes and peppers.

Planting Tomato Seeds 2014_2
Then we plot out what seeds are going where in the tray.  This is where you have to decide how many plants you’ll grow.  For tomatoes, we’ll grow 4 roma tomato plants, 3 cherry tomato plants and 2 beef tomato plants.

 Planting Tomato Seeds 2014_3
And because we’re super professional, we use a Sharpie Marker to make the holes to put our seeds into. 

Planting Tomato Seeds 2014_4
Then the moment of excitement comes, the first seed goes in.  It’s always amazing to think about how this little seeds grows into one big plant.

Planting Tomato Seeds 2014_5
How this turns into a 7 foot tall plant full of delicious vegetables is magic.  

Planting Tomato Seeds 2014_6
After the seeds go in, then we cover them up.

Planting Tomato Seeds 2014_7
Our tomato and pepper seeds will grow under lights until they move outside in a few weeks.  We put the plastic on top to keep the moisture locked in.  When the seedlings emerge, then we’ll remove the plastic sheet.

 Do you grow your tomatoes from seed? 
Tell me what you’re most excited about growing!


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