Tuesday Thoughts

Since many of you said you liked my rambling Thursday thoughts, I thought I’d bring it back for a Tuesday edition.  Thoughts can only happen on Tuesday and Thursday, the others days of the week don’t have that alliteration ring to it I like.

Happy October Friends!  October is the beginning of the best 3 months in my opinion. October means the start of chilly weather (but not today where it’s 80 degrees), apple picking, pumpkin patches, Halloween and my birthday (the big 3-0).  Welcome October!

If you love Halloween and hot drinks make sure to join our October swap this month! Sign up ends tomorrow!

I’ve also been swapping some letters and Halloween treats to other friends around the World.  Pen pals is a forgotten art, don’t you love it?  Sadly international shipping has gotten so expensive, ugh!
I love penpals.  #penpals #finland

The Nightmare Before Christmas is on my headphones playing all the time.  This is one of my favorite soundtracks ever.  Others include Aladdin and Dirty Dancing.  What soundtracks do you love? 

 I love reading but I fell out of it as my nightly bedtime ritual for a few weeks, but now I’m back to it and can’t wait for that time of the night to come.  My last few books I read that I highly recommend are:
The End of Your Life Book Club – this is a beautiful book but will also make you cry.  It’s also full of names of other books so you have a endless amount of new material to read after you finish.
I Feel Bad About My Neck  and I Remember Nothing – I recently became a super fan of Nora Ephron and love everything she wrote.  These books will make you laugh out loud, while your other half looks at you oddly in bed. They deal alot with things that women go through, all written with charm and wit. 
The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story – The women behind the first men in space, full of so many NASA and behind the scenes to the space mission facts I had no idea about.
Defending Jacob: A Novel – this is an amazing book and I stayed up to 6AM one night finishing it because I could not put it down.  It’s full of so many unexpected twists, definitely one of my favorite reads this year. 

I’m currently reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers.  I’m only a quarter of the way in but so far it’s been a great read.  The book follows the author as she spent 3 years in the Annawadi slum of Mumbai and introduces us to the residents, each with their own life goals and stories.   

A serving of Nutella is 2 tablespoons.  I eat 2 tablespoons before I even start baking with it.   And don’t even get me started on late night eating with Nutella.  Nutella is my go to jar at 4AM when I walk subconsciously to the cabinet, pull out the Nutella jar, a spoon and eat too much.  Then I go to back and wake up feeling pure guilty.  But the way I see it, the quicker it’s out of the kitchen the safer I am… until I buy another jar the following day.

Harvest Peanut Butter M&MS are ruling (ruining) my life.  I don’t even look at the serving size.

I’ve been thinking alot about my comment I made in the previous “Thoughts” post about leaving conditioner in for 2 minutes.   Many of you commented that you wash your body and face and shave during this time.  Here’s my problem with this situation.  When I rinse my conditioner it will run down my body, making my body all conditionery (new word).  So that means I would have to wash my body and face again.  This just doesn’t work or me.  I will continue leaving my conditioner in for 30 seconds while wondering what to do.  It’s a very tough situation I have here!

A few days ago I went around our apartment building handing out spinach from our garden.  Multiple people called me the Spinach Fairy when opening their doors so I think I should get a Spinach Fairy Costume made for my next harvest delivery. 

Our internet was down for a solid 2 days and it was a very rough period.  I spent hours on my roof trying to “borrow” internet.   I found a hotspot finally but a inch in movement to the left or right would make me lose it.  Standing while holding your laptop makes for strong arms!
Internet, are you out there?

Matthew gave me a taste test a few days ago from a regular cherry tomato and a homegrown cherry tomato from our garden.  Hands down our garden version won.  There was no contest, I opened my eyes like “There’s no doubt this is ours!”.  It was full of flavor and sweet.  I love homegrown cherry tomatoes.  Speaking of tomatoes, we’re still picking them..

Sometimes it is 11PM at night and Matthew and I realize we haven’t hit our Nike Fuel points yet and craziness ensues.  The Nike Fuel Band is a band that counts your movement throughout the day and without doing a post on how much I love it, I really do it.  Not only has it helped me lose a few pounds but it’s kept me moving on those days where you don’t realize how long you really sit at the computer for.  It has really motivated me to move, dance, run and just shake it.  I have a long streak happening on my Nike Fuel so I’m very cautious of not hitting my daily goal.  Anyways, when we realize we are a few hundred points away, it becomes madness in our house.  We stare at each other and jump up and down, we run through the house, we grab a cat and throw them around our shoulders and dance, we do a move called riding the dog, we a do a move called walking the dog, we mimic each other as we move quickly.  Most of this takes place in front of our windows so we can watch our reflections and laugh hysterically at how ridiculous we look.  I bet our neighbors across the street are constantly wondering what is going on in our loft.

The Love Glove is the best grooming glove for cats.  Our cats love it.  Xanadu practically lays on the ground passed out, enjoying every rub.  This is fur side by side comparison. Top left: Xanadu. Top right: Brother Bear. Bottom left: Essy. Bottom right: Fifi Bofinkles.
Grooming time.  Top left: Xanadu. Top right:  Brother Bear.  Bottom left: Essy.  Bottom right: Fifi Bofinkles. #cat #grooming #loveglove

Matthew’s family visited from Ohio.  It was the first time his family came out to visit us in NYC!  It was great seeing them, but I’m pretty sure we exhausted them.   It’s hard when family visits because you want them to see everything!  There’s lots of walking.. and lots of photo bombing. 
The Raders.

We also had to share some of our favorite food with them too!
Grimaldi’s, what we think is the best NYC pizza (yeah, I said it!).  White pizza and Pepperoni and Mushroom pizza.
Grimaldis #2.  #pizza #nyc #magicWhite pizza at Grimaldis.  #pizza #nyc

Dough (best donuts!) and Nathan’s Hot Dogs at Coney Island.
DOUGH.Coney Island lunch.

 My favorite donut from DOUGH is toasted coconut, followed by the lemon poppy.  Oh goodness, they are so soft.  Really, they are the best.  I think I’ve talked about DOUGH at least 10 times in posts.  I’m in love.

 Target has their Halloween decorations up.  Run there immediately! They also have amazing wigs which every single person I saw took a selfie with them on. I did too.
Hours of fun in Target.  Halloween has arrived! #halloween  #costumed

Save your juice bottles and do this!

Right now we are watching the Sopranos, we’re about 15 episodes away from the end.  Do not spoil it for me!  Sopranos is such a great show, I needed to watch a few to get drawn in but now I’m totally obsessed and the thing I look forward to most is watching a episode every single night.  If you haven’t watched the show and are into infidelity, murder, violence and good pasta then I recommend you watch it.   Also Michael Imperioli as Christopher is very easy on the eyes.

After Sopranos, we are thinking of watching Breaking Bad. Is it as good as everyone says?

I’ve been busy drying herbs and storing them for the winter.  Expect a herbs post soon!
Herb drying.  #garden

We are still getting a bunch of cucumbers and tomatoes.  My entire bottom shelf of my refrigerator is full of pickles.  It’s honestly out of hand and I’ve run out of mason jars.

Here’s a different angle from the garden.  Look at all the expansion we could do! Also the garden looks so tiny in this big city.
Our garden looks so tiny in this big city.  #garden #brooklyn #nyc

Have you ever unplugged something in your home, forgot, then try to turn it on but it doesn’t?  Then you continue to walk around for 12 minutes wondering why it doesn’t work, saying it’s broken, etc?  Then you remember what you did.  

The cats love their sunbathing.  Here are all 3 ladies enjoying some sunshine. Essy (in the middle) has turned absolutely crazy the last few weeks.  It’s so great to see her 19 year old self so wild and full of energy, but when it’s dinner time, she is out of control. We’re talking tearing garlic bread out of my mouth.  But we love her alot, so it’s ok.
3 ladies sunbathing. #cats #bathingbeauties

FiFi Bofinkles does not want to go camping.
Fifi Bofinkles does not want to go camping.

This pillow is so cute. I could spend all my money on Etsy.

Have you ever accidentally turned on your camera and taken a picture of you from an up angle so you have 7 chins and honestly look nothing like yourself (at least you hope that)?  Then you mope around for the next 4 hours because you think you are now a hideous beast.  

I leave you with a few questions:
What is the last great book you read? I love book suggestions, please give them!
How often do you eat dessert after dinner?  It can be a brownie, ice cream or just 2 M&Ms.  Is it every meal  or only once in a while?
How often do you work out (honestly) and what do you do? 

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  • this is suchhh a coool post!!!!! πŸ™‚ Honestly, the only books I’m reading currently are my college ones and trust me, i WOULDN’T RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE EVERRRR!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Nutella???? You can never get tired of eating that thing! Lovingggg this post!!!! πŸ™‚

  • So excited for October…AND for your DRINK SWAP!!! Yay!!! Haha, Nate loves the Nightmare Before Christmas and he sings it aloud in a deep voice like Jack πŸ™‚ I was thinking this year of doing a Nightmare Before Christmas themed jack-0-lantern? I don’t have any other ideas.
    Oh my gosh, my cat loves to be brushed. I’ll have to take a look at the Love Glove.
    I’d be happy to take some of those pickles off your hands πŸ˜‰

    • I can’t wait for the Drink Swap either Amy! Oh goodness, that would be the best pumpkin – I have to see pictures! Pickles – feel free! πŸ™‚

  • I love these Tuesday thoughts posts. I read defending Jacob and LOVED it! Have you read Gone Girl? It’s sort of the same as Defending Jacob, all suspenseful and twisty and keeps you guessing (well, it kept me guessing). I have to say that I read Gone with the Wind a few years back and I LOVED it. If you haven’t read it, or read it a while back, re-read it. It was so good. After that I read some other great classics like Jayne Eyre and Rebecca, and those were great. I also just read another great book called Orphan Train and Those who save us. Check any one of those out.
    My fave afternoon pick-me-up is a spoon full of Nutella and peanut butter together. So, good! πŸ™‚ Yes, I have dessert every night, like real dessert! Love it and I totally believe in moderation with food.
    I work out 3x a week! I run in the redwoods on Thursdays. This is by far my favorite way to exercise. I work out with 2 of my fave peeps, we share a trainer and she is amazing. We do a lot of body strength training and stuff like that. As I type this my legs are super sore from the workout she put us through yesterday. I also bike Eli to school most days, so that’s sort of a workout or at least staying active, right?
    Ok, I’m writing a novel here girl! Have a great day! xoxo, Jackie

    • Hey Jackie, I read Gone Girl and absolutely loved it! I read that first and then got the recommendation to read Defending Jacob – both are great! I’ve never read Gone With The Wind, although it’s on my classics list to finally read! I love Jane Eyre – one of the best!

  • I walk every day…for about 40-60 minutes. Nothing more and nothing less. I’m simple and consistent, I guess! The last good book I read was Sweet Tooth. I loved reading these Tuesday thoughts. Your musings make me smile!

  • Thanks for sharing your latest reads with us! I will have to look into them. I’m currently reading the Time Traveller’s Wife because I’ve only seen the movie and my best friend told me that that is completely unacceptable.

    I pretty much always have to have something sweet after dinner. Usually it’s a raw coconut macaroon, or a popsicle, or fruit, or fro-yo….and tea!

    I try to work out 4 times a week in whatever way I can- yoga, a walk, a run, lifting weights, but I’ve been sick lately so I haven’t worked out in about 8 days. Oh well!

  • I had a great time reading your “Tuesday Thoughts” – it was like a nice visit from a very cool and interesting friend !! I don’t eat dessert every night. In fact, since I’ve been widowed, I don’t seem to do very much “regularly”. I just eat what I want – when I want. Well, actually, that sounds a bit like you with your Middle of the Night Nutella Forays !! ‘ o )
    I’m outside right now trying to enjoy every last second of this gorgeous day – I’m going in to make two versions of Snackin’ Cake, which is made right in it’s 9 x 9 pan. And I was thinking… Snackin Cake can, in fact, be 1. made & baked in the pan & 2. eaten right out of the pan !! And – if you spread it with Nutella, then you could eat Snackin’ Cake at 4:00 am and get your Nutella fix !!

    • Hey Cecile, thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to see how the Snackin’ Cake turns out…. love that it’s eaten right out of the pan, especially with that spread Nutella on it!

  • I can’t even begin to comment on all the awesomeness here. But I DO need those pillows!! And your garden is just amazing. I’m still getting tomatoes too, and I have been caled the tomato fairy by several people. The kale fairy also.

    I love reading! You should be on Goodreads if you aren’t – I rate all the books I read and write reviews there. And I read while working out – it’s like a double whammy of greatness. I walk, ride my bike (outside if weather allows, inside otherwise) and lift light girly weights for an hour a day. Keeps the Dr. away. πŸ˜‰

    • I’ve been thinking about joining Goodreads for a while but for some reason I just haven’t. I always check it out for recommendations. When I ride my bike inside I always enjoy reading along with it, the time goes by so quick! Thanks for stopping by tomato fairy! πŸ™‚

  • I love October too for all the same reasons – great month to have the big 30 birthday:) My hubby’s birthday is in October too πŸ™‚
    Wow, Dough’s donuts look and sound amazing! Next time we visit NYC, I’m definitely asking hubby to take me there πŸ™‚
    Hehe we all have a sweet tooth so we usually have dessert almost every day too πŸ™‚ Running after my 2 year old during the day and taking him to the park is usually my work out hehe – if I have time, I like to try to sneak 20 minutes of yoga poses at home about 4 – 5 times a week πŸ™‚

  • Two things. First of all – I can completely relate to your Nutella binge-eating. Actually, whenever I have something unhealthy in the house, I will actually think to myself “well, it’s better if I eat it because the sooner I eat it, the sooner it’s gone.” And then, as you say, I just buy more of said unhealthy thing. My rationale sucks. Secondly, YES. Breaking Bad is as good as everyone says. I am currently halfway through season 3 and I cannot be stopped. I average 2-3 episodes per night (thanks to Netflix) and have been going to bed way too late because I want to keep watching. Do it!

  • I enjoy posts like these. You cats are adoreee.
    Your garden has always been my favorite…can’t wait for you to expand and make us all a bit more envious..:)
    Wat’s with the nutella right, bought one on Thursday and it’s over…then again, 3 of us at home love it a lotttt.
    Reading Maya Banks ‘RUSH’….and Sashi is my workout hero too. I just started mixing swimming in with my runs, and I’m loving it.

    • Thanks for the book recommendation, I’m going to check it out. I wish I could swim more, I’ve always felt it was one of the best workouts and generally fun!

  • I always look forward this kind of posts, you’re hilarious! And your cats are all so cute! And those pillows and oh gosh all that food, I’m drooling.
    You should definitely get yourself one of those spinach fairy costumes, I’d love to see that ;-))
    Same here with the nutella jar, I can’t have that stuff around, it’s so dangerous!
    I usually eat dessert at weekends because I don’t have the time to bake in the middle of the week. But I do workout about 1-1:30 hours everyday: running, cycling, swimminfΒ‘g, aerobics… I love the stuff so much πŸ˜‰

    • Swimming is lots of fun, when I belonged to the local gym I would swim every single night, it’s such a great workout! Especially for all that nutella snacking. πŸ˜‰

  • Your kitties are so cute!

    I am reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed… it’s a great read.

    My kids would love dessert every night but it depends on how much sugar they have had during the day and if they ate enough of their dinner.

    I either ride my bike with my dog or walk her everyday. I don’t do a lot of cardio or weights although I should.

  • Love those juice bottle ghosts!
    I am currently reading The City of Bones – which, even though its teen lit – it has me HOOKED!!!
    Isn’t dessert part of dinner? I make these cookies with a nutbutter, egg, choc chips and a teeny bit of sugar that last me a whole week sometimes and I usually munch on them.
    i workout pretty much 6-7 days a week – running, Insanity, P90X, TapOutXT, weights…for me theres nothing like a good ol sweat session to save my sanity πŸ™‚

  • These posts are the best! Please keep doing them! The best books I’ve read recently are Randy Alcon’s Ollie Chandler series … I’m not usually a homicide detective type girl, but the plot was so amazing in these. I ALWAYS have dessert:) sometimes its ice cream and cobbler, sometimes its a muffin, and sometimes its a Larabar. I have to have a “real dessert” once a day though or I go crazy:)
    Haha, I’ve wondered who made the serving size anyway?! I’ll have to try those peanut butter mnms. Last thing, for working out, I run a couple miles and then do some leg and ab stuff, usually every other day, or off days in between volleyball.
    P.S. that wig is too funny!

    • Thanks Mary Frances, glad you like these posts! Great book suggestion, definitely adding to my ongoing list of what to read next! Those peanut butter M&MS are DELICIOUS! πŸ™‚

  • We usually have some dessert treat everyday, a lot of the time it’s pre dinner. We eat it take the dog for a walk and then eat dinner. I just read the pioneer women’s story black heels to tractor wheels. It’s the story how she met her husband. I really enjoyed it. For exercise, I walk the dog twice a day. Depending on mood, it is from 1-4 miles. Btw I totally don’t let my conditioner stay in for 2 minutes. That is crazy πŸ™‚

  • I love October too – it’s such a good month! I just finished reading MWF Seeking BFF for the book club I’m in. I really liked it – if you’ve ever moved to a new city you can definitely relate to it! And I eat dessert after dinner a lot … I need something sweet!

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