Toes, let me spoil you!

Today I’m spoiling Toes with Today with Meox Mix Simple Servings and showing you all the ways we love her!  This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

This past July our baby (the furry one) turned 2 years old.  Can you believe that Enceladus was born on Toes birthday? How’s that for knowing our cat family is aligned with some type of animal magic in the world!  Looks like July 2 will forever be the day where we throw a birthday party filled with presents, cake and Meow Mix cat food.
Today I'm spoiling Toes with food! She loves Meox Mix Simple Servings!

We never planned on adding a 5th cat to our family, but in typical cat family fashion, it just sorta happened.  A neighbor found Toes in a restaurant’s back yard.  Toes is a long haired beautiful Maine Coon, so she isn’t your standard “street cat”.  The woman put up “found cat” signs in the neighborhood and online.  No one claimed her.   The woman was going to take her to a shelter that didn’t give high hopes, so I stepped in and said we would take her and find her a new home.  By finding her a new home I didn’t think it was going to be our home, but after I met her for the first time, I came back to our apartment in tears and told Matthew we had to save her, we had to adopt her, we had to love her, we had to spoil her, and she was meant to be in our family.  So that was that. The next morning Toes arrived at our door and along with her came the biggest loving heart you’ve seen in a cat.   How did this cat that immediately jumped on my lap, purred, and head butted my chest end up on the street? I don’t know, but I’m sure glad we were able to save her.

Today I'm spoiling Toes with food! She loves Meox Mix Simple Servings!

So how do we spoil Toes? That’s easy!
Food (see below! Toes LOVES food!)
Today I'm spoiling Toes with food! She loves Meox Mix Simple Servings!
Toys – Toes likes simple toys like balls and springs.  Springs are big in our house and whenever we move the couch we find a few dozen under it!

Bed – Toes love to lounge.  Even though she’s very comfortable upside down on the floor, I prefer to see her in a comfy bed.  Right now one of her favorite beds is actually Enceladus’s lounger… I told you Toes was spoiled! But her ultimate favorite bed? Our bed! Every night you’ll find Toes curled up on one of us in our bed.

Snuggles – She loves cuddling.  She vocally demands kisses.  Give her love and she’ll purr all day long.

Let’s talk about food.  Our cats are currently obsessed with the new Meox Mix Simple Servings with Real Chicken and Turkey in Gravy, Simple Servings with Real Tuna, Shrimp & Whitefish in Sauce, and Simple Servings with Real Tuna and Salmon in Sauce.  Right now Toes’ favorite is Real Chicken and Turkey in Gravy, but she also can’t get enough of the Simple Servings Real Tuna and Salmon in Sauce.  As a cat mom I love it too because right now time isn’t on my side with a new baby and feeding wet food usually means a mess and leftovers.  With Simple Servings I’m giving them a delicious, pre-portioned single serving in a convenient cup that I can clean up immediately after they’re done.  Easy! I can even do it with one hand (big bonus for moms).   I found these cups at Walmart if you want to buy some for your fur baby too. Make sure to check out  to enter the sweepstakes and win a $500 Gift Card! Think of all the food and toys you can buy your cat baby!

So go ahead Toesy… eat your food, play with your toys, nap in your bed, and then come over to mama for some snuggling! I’ll be waiting for you!


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