Time to Pick Radishes! They’re quick!

Radishes are a quick producing vegetable which makes them always a great beginner plant to grow.  After planting your seeds you only have to wait about 30 days before they’re ready to pick.  Don’t you love that quick producing turnaround?

I hope you guys got your seeds planted after the How To I posted.   I wanted to show you the harvest that we got that was picked from that very post.  I am totally in love with these Radishes and have been including them in almost every single pasta dish we are eating.  Who doesn’t love a radish as a snack too?

Radish Picking May 2014_1

After a few weeks your radishes will begin to pop out of your container. They will just get bigger and bigger.  Most radishes are ready to pick at around 30 days so once they’re popping out, just yank them up!
Radish Picking May 2014

For radishes I will usually start by picking 1 or 2 to enjoy as I need it and then I’ll just clear the entire container and pick them all.  Radishes store well so you can enjoy them for a few weeks after harvesting.
Radish Picking May 2014_3

Radish Picking May 2014_4

Radish Picking May 2014_2

And then immediately after they were picked, a new bunch of seeds were planted!  I’ll keep on doing this process until Fall.Radish Picking May 2014_5

Did you guys plant radishes?  
Tell me about it in the comments! 


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