Time To Decorate For The Holidays… And Dance!

Yesterday I begged Matthew to climb up the ladder and get all the Christmas containers down from the loft.  I’m not good on a ladder so I leave the dangerous chores to him. After passing each one down to me I dragged them to the other side of the room.  Then I coughed because goodness, it’s crazy how dusty this place can get in one year! 

The lids came off the containers, the snowmen were released from their plastic homes and then Mariah Carey came on Spotify.  And then I danced.  And then the cats stared at me as they usually do when Mom is one of her dance moods.  Check out that flip dance move on Bofinkles.  Also apologies to my neighbors but this song is on replay for the next 24 days. 


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It was a dusty time opening those containers and poor Penguin, he was dirty! I felt like a bad Penguin Mom.
Cleaning up For The Holidays_2

After we finished dancing (I’m lying, I never finish dancing) then we started pulling all the decorations out of their boxes.  We have one container dedicated to snowmen. It’s so big it carries over to another container.  We are a snowman loving home.  No snowman left behind.
Cleaning up For The Holidays_3

And all the towels come out… I only need one towel for the kitchen but somehow I have 12.   This flour sack towel with Santa’s Sugar Cookies recipe on it is one of my favorites.  I put it in the kitchen but I can’t bring myself to ever use it.
Cleaning up For The Holidays_4

The stockings will be hung over the weekend.  I have a new one coming… T for Toes!  This is her first Christmas!
Cleaning up For The Holidays_15

With all the decorations it starts to get cluttered in here real quick.
Cleaning up For The Holidays_8

My elves (Mama’s Elves) aren’t exactly helpers. Instead they like to pull ribbons out and run with them.
Cleaning up For The Holidays_6

I do have a helper this Christmas though and that’s my Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Upright Vacuum! Guys it’s cordless! That’s like wireless!  A cordless vacuum is life changing.   Have you plugged your vacuum in and it gets tied around your ankles? Or worse, the cord only reaches half way across your room, so you have to stop your rhythm, put the vacuum down and then plug it in again?   The frustration! And have you tripped over a wire before?  Well that type of language is not proper for the holidays!
Cleaning up For The Holidays_14

The vacuum comes with 2 batteries so you can always have one ready.    Hoover has a bunch of products so it’s great that the battery is interchangeable with the Hoover cordless line.  The line has 3 vacuums and a hard floor wet cleaner so it covers your hardcore cleaning days and your quick fixes.   LithiumLife batteries have double the capacity of standard 18-volt lithium Ion batteries which means longer runtime and fade-free power.  
Cleaning up For The Holidays_12

Once it’s charged you just throw it into the battery spot on the bottom of the vacuum and it’s ready.
Cleaning up For The Holidays_13

Are you ready for this Penguin? It’s bath time!
Cleaning up For The Holidays_9

That feels good on the belly doesn’t it, Penguin?
Cleaning up For The Holidays_10

The vacuum has Windtunnel 3 technology which is powerful suction to lift dirt right up.    These containers were covered with dust.
Cleaning up For The Holidays_11

After cleaning up it was back to decorating… Bofinkles get out of the bowl, stop looking grumpy and help me!
Cleaning up For The Holidays_5     

Have you started decorating? Do you dance with your cats too?  Tell me in the comments!


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