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I’m pretty excited to tell you in the next few weeks I hope to expand the new category of Art & Fashion of Brooklyn Farm Girl.    These two worlds are a big part of my life as it’s my job but I think I do a lackluster job at posting about it!    These are things I hope to post more about:

Fashion – I like wacky, colorful clothes and I love wearing sneakers.  Sometimes I just want to babble on about that pastel dress I saw and can’t stop thinking about.
Beauty – I’m 30 and I just started wearing lipstick.  That’s a big step!  More makeup, beauty reviews and advise on how to make your hair rainbow bright if you’re feeling up for it!
Art – I went to the recent Mike Kelly show at PS1 and because it made me smile, I need to share it with you.   I’d like to feature gallery shows, films, books and plenty of cool things happening around the web.
Personal Art – I really want to tell you more about what Matthew and I do for a living, especially because some of you have asked me!  I document everything, from beginning to start so I think it would be a great spot to show you how we product projects from inspiration, to working with our team and picking out clothes/models, to behind the scenes on set to the long part: post production.   I’d love to show you how we do it all, with screen shots along the way.  I’m pretty excited for these posts.

To kick it off, I wanted to review the new book “The World of Urban Decay” by Photographer Martin ten Bouwhuijs published by Schiffer Publishing.

The World of Urban Decay

After receiving this book I already bookmarked (as in real life bookmarks, weird, I know) a few pages for inspirations for our own projects.   If you’re into texture art, this book is going to be a dream for you and inspire you so much.

Living in NYC lots of people except the city to be new and pretty, but honestly New York is pretty old and at times not so pretty.   I don’t mean that in a bad way, I mean that in a great way because I personally appreciate those walls that have paint chipping off, the buildings that haven’t been touched in decades and the factories that people just got up and seemed to disappear.   All that and more is shown in this book.   I think lots of people will appreciate this book.  Those of you who love archicture will enjoy this book.  Those of you who love seeing the beauty in the ugly will enjoy this book.  Those of you who have snuck into a building or through a hole in a fence to take photographs to be kicked out by police (wave your hand proudly if this is you!) will really love and respect the photographer for these images.

Throughout this book you will see the photographer’s regular urban exploration missions throughout Western Europe thhat have culminated in this collection of haunting images made in abandoned hospitals, morgues, monasteries, power plants, schools, factories, swimming pools, and castles. Each location is described in a brief history, so you’ll learn how the building was used and more quick details. 

The World of Urban Decay_1

The World of Urban Decay_2

The World of Urban Decay_3

The World of Urban Decay_4

The World of Urban Decay_5

Do you love these pictures and locations as much as I do? I especially love the last one.  We have a upcoming film coming up we’re directing and I’m totally dreaming of that location for a specific scene.   It’s just beautiful to me.

Hope you liked this review and enjoyed the beautiful world of urban decay!

You can find more details about this book at Amazon if you’re interested in picking up a copy. 
Credit goes to Schiffer Publishing to allow me to post these pictures and review.


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  • I’m 31 and I just started wearing lipstick! Kind of… light colors. I still look like a child playing dress up with anything too bold.

    I totally thought this post was going to be about Urban Decay, the makeup brand!! But that book does look pretty awesome 🙂

  • I love this idea, and can’t wait to see what you have to share. This book looks amazing. Such beautiful images. But if I’m being honest, the thing I am most excited about is learning more about what you and Matthew do for a living!

  • Love those photos. And I’m 29 and still don’t wear lipstick.
    Love the new direction your blog will be taking. I look forward to reading it all! (by the way, I’m on Tumblr now, I got sick of my blog)

  • I started wearing lipstick in my thirties.

    The book looks great! Sometimes things and places that are considered old in disarray are the most interesting.

  • I’m 30 and just started wearing lipstick (occasionally) too.

    I love this book so much. Growing up in northwestern Iowa exploring abandoned family farms are a popular haunt when you finally get your license. It is so curious to me that some of the properties I explored looked like the people up and vanished. Dishes at the dinner table, clothes for the next day draped over chairs in the bedroom, magazines and unopened mail on the coffee table, etc. Barns full of farming equipment all just abandoned, coffee cups and thermoses sitting on tree stumps outside of the barn, planting schedules scribbled in open notebooks, etc. So much wonder and beauty in abandoned things.

    • I love your description Jamie, you described it perfectly. We recently moved to a new work place that used to be a factory and many of the lockers in the women’s bathroom are still completely full, down to shoes and floss and diaries. I love how these discoveries make you think about the people before.

  • This book looks fantastic and the photography is just stunning! I love the character and beauty of these images! Looking forward to your new topics and learning more about you and Matthew’s work too 🙂

  • I’m 34 and just bought my first tube of mascara YESTERDAY. I haven’t worn it yet though….and unless you count tinted Burt’s Bees lipbalm, lipstick is about as far out of my comfort zone as you can get.

    I love that you are branching out! But gardening is coming up, and you best be still blogging about that!! 😀

  • Thanks for sharing this awesome book with us! I was a history major (why did I do that) and seeing lovely old objects intrigues me to no end.
    I’d love so see some crafty things from here. I have few on the back burner myself, and keep getting distracted by recipes.

  • I’m a huge fan of abandoned buildings- I love thinking about what went on there, what happened to make everyone leave, and why! It’s sad, but it can be beautiful at the same time. This book sounds like a wonderful coffee table book!
    I’d love to see more crafty things and style posts! I already love your mix of gardening and food posts and it’s wonderful that you want to expand more!

  • I love leafing through books like this one! Can’t wait to learn more about what you and your husband do for a living and I need all the help I can get when it comes to learning about fashion, especially when it comes to color. When I go shopping with my daughter, she won’t allow me to buy anything black. She says that’s all I have in my closet!

  • This is awesome Pam, I’ve always loved visiting your and Matthew’s site but it’s awesome to hear some more of your perspectives on art and culture etc. This book is AMAZING. Aaron and I are a bit in love with old, crumbling and dilapidated buildings… rust, flaking paint, moss-covered wood… so I totally get you! Thanks for sharing this with us. Looking forward to your hair and makeup tips 😉 Oh, and I’m 30 and I’ve still never worn lipstick! xx

  • Thank you for sharing my book on brooklynfarmgirl! Also thanks to all of you for all your positive comments: very nice. Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures and tekst. Kind Regards, Martin

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