The Great Big Bacon Picnic in Brooklyn

After you attend a picnic called “The Great Big Bacon Picnic” you say things like “What a ride” afterwards.  You’re in a different state. You’re not the same person you were when you walked into that picnic.  Your taste buds are going wild.  You tell yourself you can’t eat anything else.  You need a nap.  

Brooklyn’s FIRST bacon festival, The Great Big Bacon Picnic, happened May 16th and May 17th.  The event featured three different sessions of inspired bite-sized bacon dishes with the best in craft beers and local craft spirits, giving bacon lovers a truly unique culinary experience.  Also, The Great Big Bacon Picnic had the FIRST EVER “Bacon Bar” – yes, a bar supplied only with different varieties of bacon.  I won’t tell you how many times I stopped by that bacon bar.  

(This is 1/3rd of the bacon bar!)

There was even a “Boss Hog” awarded to Bareburger who received the highest percentage of Licks (votes) for all the sessions.  Other awards went to Streets who had a Tuna-Bacon-Truffle Roll With a Roasted Jalapeño- Avocado Creme Fraiche and a Kimchi Aioli. Goodness, that was good.  For Creativity URBO won with their Smoked Bacon Stuffed Oreos which was well deserved.  I wanted to go back for Oreos every 2 minutes but I feared they would tell me “no more!”. 

Now let’s get to the food… it’s why you’re here!

Here’s the winner of the event, Bareburger:

Glad I got a few vegetables and herbs in with all this bacon to make it a healthy afternoon. 😉

S’mores bacon on a stick.

Bacon Sweet Dream Praline

The Praline was made by Johnson Truck who all wear fabulous glasses. 

This was Whitman’s burgers that had potato crisps on it.  YUM!

I give that burger a big thumbs up.

Some more bacon burgers, there was alot of them!



Here’s more bacon bar food porn. Grab a plate and grab as much bacon as you want! It was fun getting to try all the different kinds, but it was hard keeping track of them all!

Hello beautiful. 

Am I going to eat all this? Yup.

This is Matthew’s post bacon face.  We both need a nap right now.

We thought the event was only outside and then we were told  it was inside too.  But we just ate a bunch of burgers.. and the bacon bar! Hope there isn’t much bacon inside..

WRONG! The majority of the vendors were inside.

Bacon pretzel bites.

A bacon scone from Tip of the Tongue.

A mac and cheese, bacon deviled egg with scallions on top from Northern Bell. 

Another bacon scone (this one cheddar) from Ovenly. I might have put this in my bag and took it home, shhhh.

The Tuna Bacon Truffle Sushi Roll from Streets was probably my favorite.  Not only did it taste amazing, but look at the presentation at a bacon picnic!


Streets also served a tomatillo cilantro bloody mary with bacon crisps.  I don’t drink alcohol but I love tomatillos so I gulped this down.  The tomatillo taste was strong, I was in tomatillo heaven.

This is when I started to go into food coma and stopped writing down all the places of who made the food, I’m sorry!  Too much bacon!

This was a cute little mini takeout box of noodles and bacon with scallions and plenty of other vegetables.

Brussels Sprouts lollipops with bacon, AMAZING.

Another Bacon Oreo photo because they’re that delicious.

This was ice cream that was semi melted but still 100% delicious. Vanilla ice cream with bacon crisps is a genius idea.  When Matthew and I tried this we just nooded at each other at the end. Ice cream magic love connection. 

Are you ready for this beauty?  Valrhona chocolate brownie with bacon, hot chile pepper sprinkled on top and bourbon whipped cream.


Heirloom tomato smoked bacon panzanella salad from Midwood Flats. 

Ok, we’re almost done.. PS. Matthew wore pants on the event, just not in this photo.  Just kidding. 

One bacon cheesecake cup for the road (was amazing).


One more bacon slider for the road just  because the chef was so nice and it smelled so good.

Goodness gracious, roll me home and tuck me in!





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