The Best Baby Sleeping Bag – From Sleep to Play!

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I am OBSESSED with this Baby Sleeping Bag that goes from sleep to play!  It’s so smart and easy!  This is a must have for babies and toddlers! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ergobaby.

Hi! I’m back with another favorite baby product to share!  This is one of my favorite fall products that I’m going to continue to love through winter and I think you are going to love it too! 

Let me show you why this  Ergobaby On-The-Move Sleeping Bag is the best.   It can basically be summarized in 2 photos.

It goes from this:

To this:

GASP! I know, right?

Yes, that’s right! It goes from sleep to play, which means Enceladus can go from sleeping in her sleeping bag, to immediate playing when she wakes up! I love it!

Best Baby Sleeping Bag

Now, officially a toddler (!!) Enceladus is on the go.  When she wakes up in the morning or from a nap, she’s very impatient to continue playing where she left off.  That’s why I love this sleeping bag that allows me to just pick her up from her crib, push her legs through the 2 holes and she can run out of her bedroom in a hurry!

She has very important things to do – like build block castles and play with her dinosaurs – she has no time to waste waiting for mom to unzip her sleep sack and then get her dressed!

The Ergobaby On-The-Move Sleeping Bag is a 2-in-1 versatile sleeping bag with convertible feet for when your child begins to walk.  Enceladus is a tall girl, so I love that it adjusts to grow with her – all you need to do is adjust the straps and legs!

You can also easily adjust the straps at the shoulder for sizing, and to easily dress them if they are going through the “Nothing goes over my head, Mama!” stage.     

The sleeping bags are made with ultra-soft 100% premium cotton and you can definitely tell on first touch. These hold up in the laundry and come out just as soft as they went in!

Each On-The-Move Sleeping Bag also has a seat belt slot for easy travel in stroller or car seat.  In the fall, you could easily use this as a blanket if your little one is going to nap in the stroller (right now that’s our favorite spot to nap!).  As you can see from the picture below, I love that I could remove her from the stroller after a nap and let her run into the park (with Dada!)!

Best Baby Sleep Sack

And it gets better! It also has a two-way zipper for easy middle of the night diaper changes. Last week, I changed her diaper in the middle of the night without waking her, so I’m feeling like you all should high five me! #momskills

Here’s the two-way zipper up close for you to see!

It comes in 3 prints – Heart to Heart (blue hearts), Silver Moons (our favorite!) and Windsong (purple florals – see above).

Hope this post helps you if you’re looking for a sleep bag! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some snuggling to do!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ergobaby.


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