Tea & Hot Chocolate Swap Interest?

Hi Friends,

This is a quick post but I’m looking for interest on this idea…

I love food swaps, craft swaps, sticker swaps… basically I love spending time to make a gift special to a old or new friend.  I have participated in many Holiday, Foodie and Tea swaps, but I thought wouldn’t it be cool to host a Swap here on Brooklyn Farm Girl?

The Fall and Winter  are some of my favorite months for the best hot beverages: Tea and Hot Chocolate.  How many cups of tea do I drink a day? Many!  I’m not even going to tell you.    If you remember I went to Twinings in London last year and I basically asked them if I could move in (they declined, but they did give free samples to the crazy American girl who won’t stop talking about how much she loves them).  I love my tea.  I also love hot chocolate! During the winter I often have a cup as soon as I come home from a freezing day where I can’t feel my toes.  Hot chocolate is also the absolute best after dinner dessert in the winter time.  

So if you love hot beverages during these upcoming months – would you be interested in a swap?

It would work like this:

You would submit your name/email address by a certain date.  Then I would randomly hook up every single person with a partner, you both would swap with each other.   You would ship your swap package out by a certain date, and the other person would magically fall in love with your kindness! 

I love doing swaps like this, so I just wanted  to know if you did too?
This could potentially lead to other holiday swaps… Halloween and Christmas are my favorites. 

Any interest – let me know in the comments below and if there’s enough people into it.. then I can set it up to run in about a month!

Here are some swaps I have sent out in the past or received.  They really do just make your day!  If you are in love with giving gifts and spending time to make everything special, swaps are a super fun experience.  

This was a tea package I sent out, with a Brooklyn postcard.  I sometimes try to include a tea accessory too, like a spoon or coaster.

This was a Tea Advent Calender for Christmas that I sent out.  Each day up to Christmas you would open up a little package with a tea bag inside.  Some of them also included little treats and notes to make your day.

I found these tea cards  that I often use.. aren’t they the cutest?

This was dark chocolate and black tea that I received from a Australian swapper who eventually became a friend and now we write letters to each other. 🙂

This was a UK-USA swap. I sent her USA goodies, she sent me UK goodies.  I ate every single thing. 

This was a Christmas baking set swap I sent out.

This was for a Colorful Kitchen swap I sent out.

This was a Ugly Christmas Sweater swap I sent out.

This was a swap I received for Christmas Cats.  My cats were in love. 🙂

So anyways – let me know if you would be interested in swapping and any ideas you have – tea, hot chocolate, holidays, baking supplies, etc.


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