#TastefullyCrafted With Green Mountain Gringo Salsa


Have you guys tried Green Mountain Gringo Salsa?  It’s delicious and is all-natural made in Winston-Salem North Carolina.  It’s gluten-free vegetarian salsa is made of only all natural ingredients, meaning no additives or non-natural preservatives.  


Their slogan “Just what it needs and nothing it doesn’t” is a pretty great way to approach recipes, especially when it comes to fresh bowls of salsa.  Their ingredients include hand-picked vegetables, hebs and spices  – everything it needs.  How do you think it should be served? Over Green Mountain Gringo’s all-natural non-GMO tortilla strips of course!  Wouldn’t this make a great snack or a appetizer for taco night?


Green Mountain Gringo is holding the Green Mountain Gringo Tastefully Crafted Contest #TastefullyCrafted contest which is giving away a trip for two to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver!  All you have to do is submit a photo of what Tastedfully Crafted means to you by either uploading it to the Green Mountain Gringo Facebook wall or posting it on Instagram (I did that!).   The Festival is already sold out so make sure you enter to win.  There’s also a bunch of prizes for you to win too!   The photo with the most originality, aesthetic appeal, and best interpretation of the theme wins! Bonus points if you Green Mountain Gringo salsa jar/strips are included!

What does #TastefullyCrafted represent to you?

For me it’s these black beans.  This year we’ve grown black beans for the first time in the garden.  I spoke in past posts about trying some new vegetables this year so we were both excited to see if we could grow bush beans in our 4×4 boxes.  And now let’s high 5 because we did it!  This past week we cleared the box out and picked a whole basket full of both black and yellow beans!  I’ll be doing a whole post on these beans soon so I can’t wait to share them with you!  These beans fit the idea of #TastefullyCrafted to me because they were grown with love, hard work and will be enjoyed for months to come!  I love being able to perserve our garden treats to enjoy on a Snowy day.




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